Spoiler Alert!! We win your business by the time you are done reading this…

A typical day at Custom Box Solutions is something like this….. Our team comes in to work to the sound of some Hip Hop tracks on the floor, help themselves with a cup of tea / coffee and sit in front of their workstations to impact the lives of our customers by simply being awesome!
We do not believe in hiring a dedicated Quality Assurance team since your Sales rep is very much capable of making the lives of our Production team pretty difficult if the final product is not how he promised it would be.
Our Production team members get at least 1 phone call a month from our competitors in an effort to have them switch to their company… If only company culture could be bought!
Our Shipping team comprises of people who have worked with Courier companies all their lives and have the experience to actually open their own courier business yet they choose to work with us! 

All in all we’re a bunch of happy people who come to the office every day not because we Have to but because we Want to. Work with us and you’ll get to know why.