Custom Rigid Boxes

Discover the perfection of custom rigid boxes when you buy from us! We specialize in providing an extensive range of customizable rigid boxes in the United States.

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Rigid Stock

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink, Magnetic Flaps

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


Budget-friendly Custom Rigid Boxes that perceive luxury

Undoubtedly, you want to improve the brand’s presence in the market. Therefore, a custom rigid box will expose the brand to new customers and markets. The best option is sustainable and eco-friendly which offers long-term use. Rigid packaging displays the products beautifully so your item is distinctive. Its elegant representation will win customers instantly. It grows a strong bond with the company.

Clients can choose from some of the best materials at Custom Box Solutions. We ensure that luxurious and expensive items are packaged accurately to enhance their features. The custom rigid box packaging has an additional layer for international transport. Custom Box Solutions meets international standards to please customers. At the same time, the boxes are presentable so the customers remember the brand.

Personalized Rigid Boxes improve brand presence

Rigid gift boxes are an ideal customization packaging solution. The boxes advertise luxury products because the material is unique. The boxes are made from durable boards with an additional layer of fabric or paper. The additional components add style. The products are easy to carry too. As a result, the items reach the target customers timely.

Personalized Boxes improve the appearance

Packaging is the first thing the customer notices. Therefore, Custom Box Solutions offers a wide range of features such as size, color, and dimensions to captivate the consumer. It promotes a retail environment. Let our designers add value to the packaging of items with innovative ideas. The custom rigid boxes are worthy of investment when used the right way.

Increase your sales and branding with custom boxes

Custom Box Solutions ensures that custom rigid boxes add value to the items. Our packaging will deliver luxury to the customers in a lavish manner. We offer rigid boxes with all shapes, finishes, and sizes to fit the product needs. Contact us today to take advantage of 24/7 customer support.

Use rigid boxes for gift-giving

Personalized rigid boxes are growing popular in gift-giving. When looking for custom boxes USA retail manufacturers ensure they maintain customer interest. The manufacturers use printed rigid boxes on holidays and festivities. For example, custom rigid boxes use skyrockets on New Year, birthdays, weddings, Christmas, and other holidays. The brands can also add beads, bows, ribbons, embellishments, tags, and even custom stickers.

Contact Custom Box Solutions today

Rigid boxes establish trust between the business and the customer. They come with lamination and customization that is long-lasting and durable. Furthermore, rigid boxes also ensure that the product reaches its destination safely while the quality is maintained. We add class, elegance, and sophistication to your rigid packaging boxes. Email Custom Box Solutions today for free advice about rigid box packaging.

Greet Custom Printed Rigid Boxes with Spectacular casing

Are you a self-aware brand that seeks durable packaging with a luxurious presence? Custom Box Solutions is your destination for trendy, durable, and engaging printed packaging.

Affordable and excellent quality rigid boxes

Custom Box Solutions offers high-quality rigid boxes at affordable rigid boxes. Our team brings the designs to life and closely associates the packaging with the brand. Custom Box Solutions understands that packaging is crucial in logistics and business development. Therefore, environmentally friendly rigid box material results in easy usability. When clients order in bulk, they receive discounts to save massive costs.

Custom Finishing options

Customized rigid boxes are exclusive to the brand, which adds to the appeal. Custom Box Solutions can add inserts to the packaging to create windows. The feature allows the products to see the products without ruining the packaging. Custom Box Solutions also offers different forms of laminations. The clients can pick between CMYK and PMS printing. The look of the packaging is amplified with matte and gloss lamination. The clients can also emboss and foil.

High-quality equipment

Custom Box Solutions uses top-quality inks to showcase offset and digital printing. The company keeps its promise of client satisfaction. Custom Box Line uses diverse materials to ensure the packaging is durable and can withstand the bumps in the logistics. The customers will not complain about lost or damaged items. Personalized boxes are perfect for heavy and fragile items.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Custom Box Solutions is dedicated to eco-friendly and sustainable practices. The use of biodegradable packaging has increased all over the world. Therefore, the company ensures that rigid boxes offer naturally friendly packaging. The material is not wasted to benefit the surroundings. The clients can rejoice that their business packaging is made from recyclable packaging. As a result, the customers feel proud about contributing to the environment. They are more likely to shop more.

Why pick Custom Box Solutions?

Custom Box Solutions is a leading packaging manufacturer. The prices are affordable, with the primary objective of customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Email for details.

Stylish, Custom Luxury Rigid Boxes for Jaw-dropping presence

Luxurious products require luxurious printed rigid packaging to make the items look appealing. Since most expensive items are fragile, rigid boxes protect them from temperature changes, jolts, and careless staff. Here are a few types of rigid boxes Custom Box Solution offers

Jewelry Rigid Boxes

Custom Box Solutions presents exclusive and premium packaging design with modern designs. The box layout will present the jewelry elegantly, showcasing the intricate handiwork.

Deluxe items

Custom Box Solutions also offers custom rigid boxes for deluxe items. The box is manufactured with long-lasting and thick cardboard with vibrant colors.

Watch Boxes

Lavish watch boxes are excellent for gift-giving. The luxury rigid box packaging creates a wow presence while protecting the delicate glass surfaces. Moreover, the brand also stays safe from scratches.

Game Boxes

Avid gamers appreciate custom rigid luxury boxes that preserve the design, colors, and corners. It entices the players to engage with the games.

Rigid boxes for candle packaging

Affordable candles become expensive with unique prime line packaging and budget-friendly design. It makes the candles and the scents stand out among the competition.

Magnetic closure boxes

Custom Box Solutions also offers rigid boxes with magnetic closure to present the product securely. The option is popular among luxury brands with fragile products.

Why are rigid personalized boxes essential for luxury brands?

A unique design to captivate the audience

Brands have realized that the secret to increasing sales is packaging products with exclusivity. Luxurious rigid packaging tells the audience a lot about the product. It shows that the item is valuable and must be protected. Magnetic and lid enclosures protect the boxes in transit. The items stay safe from humidity and transactional shock.

Rigid boxes house a variety of products

The most engaging thing about rigid boxes for luxurious goods is that they can encapsulate various products. On the other hand, retailers can showcase beauty, clothes, and fashion items. Rigid boxes are appropriate for perfumes and skincare too. Custom Box ensures perfect customization techniques like the packaging size and color fit the client’s requirements.

Contact Custom Box Solutions for a packaging quote.

Custom Box Solutions – A leading custom rigid box manufacturer

The market is filled with retailers that sell affordable, luxury, or high-end products. Regardless of the price and the industry, the shops are searching for a wholesale custom rigid box manufacturer. The term “custom” is essential and the center of Custom Box Solutions. We let clients choose the packaging’s material, color, and design. Furthermore, the rigid boxes also have credible exposures to ensure the products are not loose. Here are a few more reasons to hire Custom Box Solutions

How does Custom Box Solutions benefit your brand Identity?

Use custom rigid packaging as a present

Retailers use gift-based packaging to enhance the product and the connection with the brand. Customers perceive the item as high-priced when they see the packaging. Custom Box Solutions builds allure so the luxury product is marketed effectively.

Rigid Boxes with a closure

Custom Box Solutions offers rigid boxes with many varieties. However, the most common form of rigid boxes is with a lid. Most companies prefer the design because it is helpful in numerous scenarios. The retailers can shut and open the lid quickly, which saves time. The product passes through the inspection easily.

Safeguarding the product

The designers at Custom Box Solutions ensure that the items inside the custom packaging stay safe. Even if the product is heavy, the packaging must protect it. Custom Box Solutions’ design and thoughtful to sustain shipping shocks and not break from bumps. The company uses reliable packaging and practices the latest standards for custom lid boxes.

 Customize size and shape

The company offers rigid packaging in different designs, shapes, and sizes. The design factors in the weight and the shape of the product. Customers are mesmerized by the text, font, color, and dimensions when they open the box. The boxes are easy to carry too. Custom Box Solution boxes are also collapsible to save space and you get a perfect unboxing experience.

 Outstand customer experience

When searching for a manufacturer who sells custom rigid boxes wholesale clients worry about the customer representative. Custom Box Solutions updates the clients regularly so the brand increases customers. It expands their business. In addition, the packaging presents the items well and convinces the customers to purchase from the brand repeatedly.

 Brand value in the market

Brands witness an increase in sales when they use custom printing packaging. Custom Box Solutions offers different looks and designs to captivate customers. As a result, the buyers understand the brand. Thus, the brand value increases.

 Why hire Custom Box Solutions?

Custom Box Solutions is an innovative and leading provider of personalized rigid boxes. We have years of experience in understanding and foreseeing market trends. Talk to our designing experts today via email.

Custom Rigid Gift Boxes celebrate joy with friends and family

Each product has a separate requirement for its packaging. However, sometimes the individual must study the requirements of the event/occasion. This is where customized rigid packaging matches the demands of a special evening. For example, a rigid red box is appropriate for Valentine’s Day or Christmas. Custom Box Solution is a proud manufacturer that offers different customization options for custom rigid boxes for different milestones. You can wrap the high-end products present in customized small rigid gift boxes to win the heart of a special someone. The personalized rigid setup boxes also look elegant. Custom gift boxes allow the item to look more special. Hire Custom Box Solutions to make the event more special.

 Add appeal to the product

Ordinary packaging is disengaging. The retailers or individuals cannot catch the recipient’s attention with plain, brown packaging. They must fascinate the audience to build interest. Therefore, luxury rigid gift boxes with custom sizes and colors are appropriate for premium items. Custom Box Solutions offers gift packaging in different sizes for all your needs.

Customize the rigid box with your handwriting

It is crucial for the brands that the customer understands their products. It can build a long-lasting economic relationship. Otherwise, they will not purchase from the company if they do not trust the brand or do not get the perceived value. Therefore, personalized rigid packaging is an excellent opportunity for the brands to write a short sentence for the buyers. They can print it on the boxes.

Becoming proactive

A smart brand understands what is going on around them. They stay updated with the trends and the times to withstand the competition. And prime line  Packaging is an intelligent component of studying the buyer’s needs. The brands can predict changes and apply the findings to custom rigid boxes.

Create your gift box with Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solutions lets clients pick their material, size, shape, dimension, and finishes. You can customize the luxury box and impress the market with elegance to boost sales. Email Custom Box Solutions to find out why we are the best option for custom rigid boxes.

Sturdy, Distinctive Custom rigid setup boxes to capture the market

Do not look beyond Custom Box Solutions for custom rigid set up boxes. The smart interface has all the requirements to cater to the products. The experts keep the product, customers, and retailers in mind before sending the packaging to production. Custom Box Solutions is well-known for fully customizable packaging with fine print, luxury experience and long-lasting colors. The customer can also enjoy add-ons and different finishes and affordable rates.

Custom Printing for rigid boxes

Custom Box Solutions designs celebrate artwork. Even though there are many different printing forms in the market, the company stays with digital and offset printing. The technology does not ruin the design and ensures the message is communicated.

Pick an array of colors

Other than a custom size, Custom Box Solutions is also committed to offering the best colors to improve the item’s appearance. It will make the customers curious about the product. Custom Box Solutions uses PMS and CMYK coloring to print unique colors. The user can also personalize colors with their identification code.

Custom Add-ons

After the client completes the initial size and color requirement, Custom Box Solutions encourages add-ons for further customization. These harmless add-ons result in more engagement. The client can from debossing, embossing, stamping, window paneling, and UV coating.


The last element before the custom mock-up is complete is deciding the matte finish or shiny finishes. The topmost layer is essential in rigid boxes because it protects the product. Custom Box Solutions offers soft-touch, matte, gloss, and varnish finishes.

Custom Box Solutions will tap into the customer’s brain

A regular customer goes through different phases of thinking and decision-making before purchasing an item. The packaging guidance that Custom Box Solutions provides will jump-start your sales and give you leverage over the competitors. Moreover, it will also benefit your digital marketing strategies as our turnaround time is also quick. Custom Box Solutions will provide custom rigid boxes to grab the customer’s focus instantly. Visit our website to learn more about the company and packaging solutions.



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