Ornament Packaging Boxes in the USA

If you run a business that frequently ships out large numbers of Christmas ornaments, you know that these fragile decorations are one of the most commonly broken items in America. Glass and Christmas tree ornaments are also popular for Christmas gifts. Still, their delicate nature makes them challenging to ship. However, there are ways to minimize the risk of damage during transportation. Custom Box Solutions offers custom ornament packaging boxes designed to ensure the safety of your fragile Christmas ornaments. Our boxes are specifically designed to keep your ornaments intact during shipping so that your loved ones receive their gifts in the same condition they were sent. Choose Custom Box Solutions for a stress-free and safe shipping experience.

Individual Packaging

When shipping your Christmas ornaments, it’s vital to separate them from each other to avoid them bumping and damaging one another. You can use corrugated partitions or egg cartons to achieve this, but the safest way to ensure each ornament’s safety is to put each one in a small box and then arrange all the small boxes in a larger box for shipping. To pack each ornament, find a sturdy cardboard box that’s a few inches larger than the ornament, allowing enough space for cushioning. Start by crumpling a packing paper and placing it at the bottom of the box. Next, wrap the ornament with several layers of tissue paper or bubble wrap. Be sure to make it snug but not too tight, as this can cause it to break under pressure.

Once the ornament is wrapped, place it inside the box and surround it with packing peanuts or other filler material. The box should be full enough to prevent the ornament from moving but not too full that it bulges. Shake the custom ornament packaging box a little to ensure nothing rattles inside, and add more filler material if necessary. At the end, tape the box shut with at least two layers of packing tape to ensure it stays secure during shipping.

Selecting the Right Shipping Box

When shipping Christmas ornaments, it is important to take special care to ensure that they arrive at their destination safely and undamaged. After packaging each ornament individually, they should be placed in a shipping box a couple of inches larger than all the smaller boxes combined. This will allow enough room for cushioning to protect the ornaments during transit. It is crucial to use a sturdy box for added protection.

Flat-rate shipping may seem cost-effective and convenient, but it may not be the best option. Flat-rate boxes have fixed sizes, which may not be suitable for your items. Using a box that is too small or too big may result in damage to your ornaments. If you’re lucky enough to find a flat-rate box that is the right size, go for it. However, paying a little extra for a properly sized box is better to ensure that your ornaments are safe during shipping. When placing the smaller boxes inside the larger ones, make sure that they fit snugly. If there is any empty space inside the box, fill it with packaging materials to prevent the smaller boxes from moving during transit.

Use Adequate Packing Material

Protect your ornaments by using ample packing material. Ornaments are extremely delicate items that require careful handling. If you have ever broken an ornament while hanging it on a tree, you know how easily it can shatter. Hence, using the right packing material, like custom ornament packaging boxes, to protect your ornaments during shipping is essential.

To properly pack your ornaments, wrap them in at least two layers of bubble wrap. Then, line the bottom of the box with cushioning material such as packing peanuts or air pillows. Place the ornament on top of the cushioning layer so that it is suspended in the middle of the box. At the end, fill any remaining space in the box with additional packing material. Be sure to leave at least two inches of space for the packing material. Before shipping, test the box by shaking it or tossing it in the air. It is properly packed if you do not hear or feel the ornament moving around. If you hear or feel movement, add more packing material until the ornament is secure. Remember, when shipping fragile items, it is always better to use more packing material than too little.

Control Movement during Shipment

Ensuring that the ornaments are not moving around too much during shipment is equally important. This can cause cracking and breakage, which can be avoided by checking the size of the cells in your interior box packaging and ensuring that the ornaments fit snugly in each cell without being overly squeezed. If your ornaments have too much room to move within their cell, chipboard partitions can lower the risk of damage during shipment.

Avoid Pre-Packaging Clay Ornaments

For those who make a living selling Christmas ornaments and have a popular style, it can be tempting to pre-package a large number of items to get orders filled more quickly. However, ornaments made of clay have a tendency to absorb the moisture from cardboard packaging, causing a buildup of mold if left alone for too long. In order to avoid this, it is important to keep your ornaments hygienic by avoiding packaging ornaments made of clay in advance of purchase. By taking these precautions, ornaments can be shipped safely and securely to their destination, ensuring they arrive in perfect condition.

Labeling as Fragile

When shipping fragile items, it is important to label the package as “fragile” on all sides and ensure that the label is clearly visible. While there is no guarantee that the package will be handled more carefully than non-fragile packages, it is still worth a try. Remember, always ship delicate items in custom ornament packaging boxes.

Consider Shipping Insurance

It is also recommended that you purchase shipping insurance to cover the value of your items in case they get damaged during shipment. Since Christmas ornaments are not typically high-value items (unless they are vintage), the cost of shipping insurance should be reasonable. Paying for extra protection when sending out Christmas gifts is always a good idea. Choose Custom Box Solutions for the shipment of your Christmas ornaments, as we use custom ornament packaging boxes to transfer your valuable items.