If painting and decorating nails were an art, then women would be the Picassos of it. There is no doubt that nail polish is as important to ladies as their shoes, hair, or lipstick because they cannot compromise on their beautiful nails and hands. Although some women can rock plain hands, this is not the case for every lady. Women love to experiment with nail polish, which means putting on some vibrant colors or thinking creatively about design. This challenges nail polish businesses, as they must keep up with the trends to stay in this gigantic nail polish market. As a nail polish business owner, you must know the importance of packaging and its impact on your business, not only in the cosmetic niche but also in any other business. Custom nail polish packaging from Custom Box Solutions is an essential marketing tool that can significantly enhance sales. Our packaging is unique, eye-catching, and tailored to the target audience’s preferences.

Why Does Your Business Need Custom Nail Polish Packaging? 

In order to attract customers to your brand and increase sales, it’s important that your nail polish boxes stand out by being unique. Custom packaging can help achieve this goal. A survey conducted in the US found that 72% of Americans are influenced in their purchase decisions by product packaging.

Creative Nail Polish Packaging Design Ideas for Your Business

Color Scheme

Nail polishes usually come in one color. Therefore, it’s best to use minimal colors when designing their custom nail polish packaging boxes. The packaging design should feature a color that matches the nail polish, and it should be prominent in various ways. For example, if the nail polish is red, the packaging design should use a maximum of three colors. In this case, red and white could be used, with red as the background color and white for typography and designing edges on the box corners. The packaging box should make it easy for customers to recognize the nail polish color without mentioning the name.

For a high-quality packaging box for red rose nail polish, three colors – red, matte black, and gold – could be used in the packaging design. Black would be the most prominent color for the background, while gold would be used for typography and box edges. To highlight the red color, an underscore line in red color could be added between the brand name and logo. This single line would be enough to showcase the nail polish color. In the first case, red was the most prominent color; in the second, it became the least used but still prominent color. In both cases, red would be easily recognizable. The colors matte black and gold are used to showcase the luxurious quality of the product, thereby enhancing both the product and the brand value.  When designing custom nail polish packaging boxes, it’s essential to keep it simple. This means avoiding the use of design patterns and more than three colors on the packaging box.

Design Material

Luxury nail polish brands require high-end packaging and printing material that is both durable and has a refined texture. This includes cardboard and Kraft paper, mostly used for such packaging, adhering to high-end material standards. The printing ink used must also be of high quality, with a deep ink color that seeps well into the packaging. Texture systems and printing techniques such as CMYK and PMS can be utilized to create a concrete print of images or logos and enhance their outlook.

Plain and Simple 

Trends come and go, but one thing that never goes out of fashion is simplicity. Keeping things simple is key, but not so simple that it goes unnoticed. Big brands like Louis Vuitton understand this and don’t go overboard with their product packaging. You can hire a professional designer if you need more confidence in creating attractive packaging. An eye-catching logo and name on sophisticated nail polish packaging can be like a magnet for customers. It’s important to use top-quality materials for your packaging to avoid scaring away potential customers who are skeptical about the quality of your product.

Have Sufficient Colors on the Packaging 

Simplicity doesn’t mean boring. You can still create an attractive design with a few colors. It may require some expertise to pull off but don’t be afraid to experiment with color combinations until you find one that is simple, sleek, and appealing to the eye. If that means using four or five colors, then go for it.

Same Color Packaging 

It’s a great idea to have the packaging of your nail polish product the same color as the polish inside the box. You don’t have to create thousands of color combinations for nail polish colors. Instead, you can divide the nail polish packaging into four exact parts, color one of the parts the same color as the nail polish inside, and use your custom packaging. This way, you can save your customers’ time and create an image of your brand that cares about their needs. Otherwise, your customers might get frustrated if they can’t find the color they are looking for.

Matte Black Color for Your Nail Polish Packaging

Black is popular, but matte black is different because it develops a sense of luxury. Customized matte black nail polish boxes can assist you in creating a luxurious vibe around your brand because they are simple, effective, elegant, and luxurious. You can use these properties of the matte black color to design an appealing nail polish box for your business that doesn’t scream for attention but still catches the eye.

Finishing Touch

The color scheme and design material are important when designing nail polish packaging. Still, the finishing touch is what really sets it apart and gives it a high-quality look. There are several finishing options, such as gloss or matte lamination, embossing and foiling, spot UV, matte UV, gloss AQ, and gloss UV. These options can provide a unique and high-quality appearance that is essential for creating attractive nail polish packaging boxes. You can implement these innovative ideas on nail polish boxes to build your brand.