Bakeries and the cottage food industry play a significant role in the local food economy. If you love hosting holiday dinner parties, the cardboard pie boxes are the perfect addition to your party supplies. These boxes are great for handing out leftover pie slices to your guests, so you don’t have to waste any slices. Custom Box Solutions offers custom pie boxes, a unique and effective way to showcase and protect your baked goods. Instead of using standard gift wrapping, investing in these specialized pie boxes ensures a secure packaging solution tailored to your products. These boxes are perfectly crafted to meet the precise needs of your business, ensuring that your pies remain fresh and secure while enhancing their visual appeal.

Materials needed for your cardboard pie boxes:

  • Pie Box Template
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Patterned Paper
  • Glue Gun
  • Baker’s Twine
  • Wax Paper
  • Glue Sticks

How to make cardboard pie boxes?

Here are the steps to make your pie boxes:

Step 1: Print two pie templates (one for the bottom and one for the lid) on solid cardstock. Cut along the solid lines.

Step 2: Fold the templates along the dotted lines, then glue the three small folded flaps and press them inside the box.

Step 3: Cut a circle slightly larger than the box from the patterned paper. Glue it to the top of the lid.

Step 4: Line the bottom of the box with wax paper, add a piece of pie, and cover with the lid. Then, wrap it with baker’s twine and secure it at the bottom with a glue dot.

These cardboard pie boxes are adorable and perfect for sending home leftovers for your guests, as favors at a party, or for delivering holiday treats to your loved ones.

Tips to make cardboard pie boxes

Size of the Box 

Before making custom bakery boxes, it is important to determine what type of product you need the boxes for. Do you need a box for cake packaging, cookies, pies, muffins, or chocolates? Each product type has different size requirements, manufacturing processes, and handling methods. If you need boxes for cupcakes, you should measure each cupcake and decide how many you want to place in a single custom cupcake box.

The Prototype

Some believe a digital mockup is sufficient for creating custom sized pie boxes. Still, it is recommended to have a physical sample before starting production. A prototype can give you a better idea of the finishing details and help prevent errors.

The Material of the Box 

When choosing packaging solutions, it is important to remember that custom cardboard pie boxes are unsuitable for every product. Consider using thin cardstock or a combination box of cardboard and corrugated materials to make your bakery stand out.

Adding Inserts 

Using inserts in your boxes is important if you’re selling bakery products. These inserts are necessary to keep your desserts in good shape while they’re being transported. You can choose from cardboard, cardstock, or corrugated inserts.

Adding Windows 

Consider including a window to make your boxes more attractive. This will allow your customers to see what’s inside the box without opening it. It’s a great way to showcase your products and potentially increase sales.

Style of the boxes

When it comes to the box itself, trying different styles and structures is a good idea. Your box can be simple or complex, but it should be unique and innovative.


Colors play a vital role in our daily lives. The Creator has given everything in this world a unique and distinctive color. These colors have a voice of their own. Choose a color representing your brand if you want your bakery to stand out. Every business has its own specific color, such as red, yellow, orange, and pink, which are popular in the bakery industry. You can select a color that is similar to these.


The logo is a crucial aspect of your bakery or home-based confectionery. It represents your brand and is how people will remember your enterprise. It’s important to create an attractive logo for your company and add your products.

Embossing and Debossing 

You can make your logo stand out even more by embossing it. This effect raises the logo from the cardboard pie box’s surface and looks pretty amazing. You can also opt for a debossed logo, a “pressed” expression that looks great.

Foil Factor

If you want a royal look without spending too much, try foil printing! This is a cost-effective option that gives a regal and shiny effect. It is also known as block printing and is available in various colors such as gold, red, green, blue, etc.


Color printing allows for various digital images on custom-printed pie boxes. You can also choose from different Pantone shades for your boxes. For single-colored boxes, screen printing is also an option.

Why Lamination?

Many people believe that lamination is not necessary for cardboard pie boxes. However, it is recommended that a gloss or matte lamination is applied to all food packaging boxes. This is because most bakery or food products contain butter or oil, which can make the boxes greasy. Without lamination, the oil, cream, or other food ingredients can also cause waxy spots on the boxes. Lamination helps to protect the boxes and keep them looking their best.

Customize more!

Give your bakery customers the freedom to customize their boxes. If they want anything written on the box, such as love messages or official texts, make it happen. You can adorn the boxes with ribbons, flowers, tags, and other embellishments. Offering personalized customer support can help build a loyal customer base.

Themed Boxes  

Creating special bakery packaging boxes for celebrations like weddings, birthdays, and holidays is important. You can make custom luxury rigid boxes that are fully decorated to earn more. This influential series can include high-end packaging boxes for special occasions like Christmas, gift-giving, and even Halloween. Offering your services on all occasions can help you attract more customers.

Ingredients Declaration  

If you’ve added special ingredients to your products, don’t hide them. Printing ingredient details on cardboard pie boxes is a good idea, but being more open and transparent with your customers can help you build a loyal customer base. This way, your customers can better understand what they’re buying, and you can earn their trust.

Look at the Details

Pay attention to the packaging of all your bakery products, even if they’re as small as custom sandwich boxes. Ask your packaging vendor to make them. Think of your products as a manageable size. Try to make the packaging for all of your products appealing and stylish.

Shipping Facilities 

In order to ship bakery products to remote areas, cities, and even nearby states, it’s important to use sturdy materials for the packaging. Durable and higher pts of cardstock, cardboard, or multi-layered corrugated material can ensure reliable custom cardboard pie box delivery.