Cosmetic Gift Boxes

Cosmetic gift boxes are a top seller during the holiday festival seasons. Individuals purchase gift boxes on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and anniversaries. The customer will pick the most attractive cosmetic gift item to wow the recipient. Here is how a brand can deliver the “it” factor:

Bespoke tailoring

The first way to make cosmetic gift boxes most impressive is with customization. It will set your brand apart from the existing and upcoming brands. Moreover, the customized boxes will also generate brand appeal. For successful results, Custom Box Solutions will print the brand logo or recipient name to add value to the box. Furthermore, the material in the customized make-up box is also cost-effective. It will protect the items so the package does not get lost. It is a successful strategy to boost efficiency as well.


You can also apply labels, stickers, and artwork to make the gift box more engaging. Even though the technique seems dated, it still works. This is because it is affordable for small businesses that cannot invest heavily in bespoke packaging. Labels are successful because they educate the customer. The buyer will read the information on the cosmetic gift box to learn about the formula or way of use. Attention to detail is necessary if the cosmetic brand struggles to beat the competition. Furthermore, it also builds trust with the customers that the brand is making the extra effort to offer transparency.


Cosmetic gift boxes are incomplete without decorations. If the gift box lacks customization, the product may not sell. Furthermore, the customers will also question the price. If the cosmetic box has decorations, the brand can justify a higher price for the fit boxes. Decorations are a cost-effective addition to the packaging that delivers value. Moreover, the items also represent luxury. Custom Box Solutions will add ribbons, bows, and colorful elements to create effective packaging. The customers will be very impressed with the new version of the gift box. The strategy applies to a lip gloss item, for example. The brand can customize a cosmetic gift box carrying a lip gloss with a gift card and bow to mention the recipient. The customers are likelier to purchase the gift item because it saves them money from wrapping it later.

Solid colors and joyful patterns

Bespoke cosmetic gift boxes in vibrant colors and patterns are also attractive. The brand can match the color with the new collection or the shade to attract customers. Since the buyers are becoming more conscious about the purchase, the colorful packaging works in their favor. Make-up is an artistic industry, so that colorful customized cosmetic gift boxes will improve the brand’s image. The gift boxes can be used to launch new collections and giveaways. Furthermore, the customers will also purchase gift boxes for friends, families, work colleagues, or partners. Contact Custom Box Solutions to customize make-up gift boxes in unique colors. If a shade is not in the library, you can customize the hue from the color wheel. The unique choice of color will make the brand visible among the competitors.


The best technique for a highly engaging customized gift box in the make-up industry is foiling. The feature uses imprinted designs on a surface using metal ink. The foiling add-on was initially reserved for CDs, food packaging, and cosmetics.

Foiling helps brands target their audience successfully. Furthermore, it is a cost-effective feature that does not burden the packaging budget. Foiling makes the exterior look magical and shimmery. It adds to the quality. Colors are more vibrant with a high-quality output.  Brands are using foiling to improve the quality and the design. The add-on feature will create an ever-lasting memory with the brand. As a result, the customers are likely to purchase cosmetics from your brand repetitively.

Kraft paper

Brands employ kraft paper in cosmetic gift boxes because of their simplicity. At the same time, the paper is also durable and reliable. The brands can turn the paper into attractive packaging with strings, twines, and knots. Kraft paper becomes stylish packaging in less than five minutes with minimum effort. It saves time and money. Yet, the exterior looks professional and joyful. The packaging will imply that the item came from a luxury brand.

Pouches, sleeves, and bags

Cosmetic gift boxes’ design is amplified with a make-up item inside a bag. The brand can pack brushes, eye-shadow, blush, highlighter, foundation, and other items in a pouch securely. After the gift box is opened, the consumer will use the sleeve to take the product with them while traveling. Presently, brands are becoming more aware of the customer’s preferences. The buyer wishes for safe handling and security after the product is opened. Thus, a bag or pouch is an excellent customized element for a gift bag.

Magnetic enclosures

Magnetic clasps in cosmetic gift boxes are not what you think of! It is not a hard buckle but a strip that foes on both sides of the box. The brand can customize the placement to ensure the product does not move or break during transportation. The magnetic clasp is easy to open, so the customers will not feel stressed. In addition, they can close the gift box easily as well. A metal clasp also exudes luxury, making the business appear advanced. This is because innovative enclosures are usually perceived as a sign of innovation and easy product use. It shows commitment and dedication.

Window boxes

Cosmetic gift boxes with windows are also a huge trend and unlock new packaging possibilities for the brand. It allows the users to see the customer before purchasing it. As a result, they can pick the right blush shade or the glow kit according to skin tone. The window boxes are made from sustainable materials. In other words, they are recyclable too. The environmentally friendly material will spark a greater conversation among the customers on why they should purchase from your brand.

Order cosmetic gift boxes at Custom Box Solutions

At Custom Box Solutions, the clients pick the material, size, and layout of the cosmetic gift box. You can personalize the hues, artwork, and other details. Custom Box Solutions also has different foiling and embellishment options. The company does not charge shipping charges. Email the 24/7 active customer service for queries.