Congratulations on your latest business venture! You have worked and invested a lot into the company. However, the brand is struggling to pick the packaging material. The recent market trends propose rigid or kraft boxes. Here is an argument in their favor so you can decide which to pick. The correct material will establish brand loyalty and dominate market competition.

Let’s define a rigid box

Brands choose a custom printed rigid boxes because it is made of top-quality cardboard. Moreover, it does not involve paperboard, which can sometimes compromise the packaging. Custom printed rigid boxes are lightweight but durable. As a result, they are ideal for long-distance shipments. A rigid size has corrugated material on the sides, top, and bottom. The durable packaging resembles luxury and exclusivity. You can make them in any color you want. Even though it is expensive to order custom printed rigid boxes, they offer long-term use to the customers. Here are their advantages


Custom printed rigid boxes offer durability with their sturdy material. It is made from layers of sheets where the paper is glued together to shape the product’s frame. Furthermore, a rigid box will not tea from misuse or mishandling. The material can withstand pressure, scratches, and careless transportation. It is a preferred material for products that need extra love and care.


Custom printed rigid boxes will keep the products secure. The material is tough to penetrate. Moreover, the customers can reuse the packaging for storage after unboxing. Shipping rigid boxes is also inexpensive, so the manufacturer saves a lot of money.


Custom printed rigid boxes will not need peanuts and other packaging material. Usually, a box with peanuts and bubble wrap is expensive. Moreover, it is time-consuming to pack, too. In addition, these materials do not offer sufficient protection during shipping. Boxes made from rigid cardboard are sturdy and preferred for items the seller feels will move around slowly.

Excellent for promotion

Rigid packaging resembles the quality of the product. Manufacturers use custom printed rigid boxes as a marketing technique to promote their brands. As more customers learn about the products, it will generate brand loyalty. As a result, the company will witness increased sales and revenue.


Custom printed rigid boxes have logos, taglines, and slogans on the box so the customers recognize the brand immediately. They can laminate the box or apply custom finishes to captivate the audience. Otherwise, a dull exterior may not engage the customers.


Did you know rigid boxes are environmentally friendly? The customers can recycle the material after use. Thus, contributing to the planet’s well-being. Rigid cardboard does not have harmful chemicals. Furthermore, it does not need staples, glue, or adhesives.

Let’s define a kraft box

Sellers feel it is essential to deliver the products safely to the customer. However, the manufacturers are also aware of their ecological footprint and its impact on the market. Therefore, brands opt for kraft paper. It means “strength” in German. The material is dull brown in color. However, it is customizable. A kraft box is made from a variety of natural materials. It has the following advantages.


One of the advantages of kraft boxes is that they are versatile. Kraft material is suitable for food, packaging, and folding boxes. Moreover, kraft can be turned into different materials for exterior packaging. Regardless of the product, a kraft box is available for safe transportation.


Similar to custom printed rigid boxes, the kraft exterior is durable. The box can endure handling and mishandling in transit. Shuffling will not harm the products. As a result, delicate items stay safe in transit and are not damaged.


A kraft box is a sustainable alternative to conventional packaging. This is because the material contains pulp. Kraft is manufactured from tree trunks that have a high fiber content. However, kraft also contains bark and other organic materials which compromise the strength. Kraft material becomes weak instantly when touching water. Therefore, the packaging will have a protective wrap to save the box from moisture. The additional expense makes kraft packaging expensive.


Thirdly, kraft boxes are environmentally friendly because they reduce carbon footprint. When the customer throws away the packaging, it will decompose in the landfill in weeks. The kraft material does not contain plastic or artificial elements that damage the environment. It becomes non-recyclable if the manufacturer adds windows, laminations, or foiling to the kraft boxes. Manufacturers are advised to leave the space blank, such as a cut-out space for the window. It will let the customers look closer at the products while the material stays recyclable. The seller can turn them easily into newer packaging.

Customize the design

Like the custom printed rigid boxes, kraft material can be personalized. Custom Box Solution lets the clients pick the dimensions, shape, and color. The modern printing equipment ensures an excellent outfit. Moreover, the service provider will also print logos, patterns, and other details for maximum engagement.

Excellent printing output

As mentioned above, kraft paper complements many printing techniques. It works best on digital, offset, and CMYK coloring. Furthermore, its foiling and embossing outputs are also noteworthy. The customizations will improve the look of the kraft box. The colors will not fade on the kraft exterior whether the seller uses soy or water-based inks. The shades or hues will not bleed. As a result, the vibrant colors will instantly grab the customer’s attention because of the excellent promotion.


Lastly, kraft boxes are inexpensive compared to other packaging options. It is cheaper than plastic and stronger than cardboard. Furthermore, kraft boxes are easy to ship. These are perfect for small- to medium-sized businesses with a limited shipment budget.

Which is the best option?

Rigid and kraft boxes each have their advantages that complement different industries. However, rigid boxes take the lead because they are a cheaper alternative. Furthermore, the material does not lose strength when it comes in contact with water. Rigid cardboard ensures safe delivery, which helps customers trust the brand. But where to make custom printed rigid boxes. You can design custom printed rigid boxes at Custom Box Solutions. The company will print artwork or patterns according to the brand. You can customize the hues from the color wheel, too. Custom Box Solutions offers free shipping with a 24/7 active customer service team. Visit the website to place an order today.