Custom Christmas Boxes

Enhance the festive spirit with our Custom Christmas Boxes. Crafted in the USA, perfect for gifts & decor, adding a personalized touch to your holidays.

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


Bespoke Christmas boxes make the holidays more memorable

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays worldwide. It is observed on 25th December when individuals light up their homes with lights and feast on their favorite meals. Christmas is a holiday where loved ones exchange gifts. Most of these presents have holiday-related items that require a personalized Christmas boxes. Custom Box Solutions has enchanting and engaging designs that significantly benefit the brand. They will make the Event more special. The packaging will also attract customers, which is an excellent sales pitch for your brand.

How to design the perfect Christmas packaging?

Christmas is a much-awaited time for manufacturers to earn profit and recover expenses. Custom Box Solutions has the right tools if you are a seller looking to establish a brand name with an unconventional approach. The packaging provider will save you from boring packaging. Here are some expert tips, courtesy of Custom Box Solutions

Unconventional colors

The experts will use the Christmas theme in a white, red, and green design. However, the client can personalize the hues. The unique shades will attract the audience to purchase from the brand. Furthermore, it will create a joyful experience as well.

Logo printing

Christmas packaging is also an excellent idea for restaurants delivering during the holiday season. Custom Box Solutions will print the company logo and the tagline for an unforgettable experience. The customized approach will convince the consumers to shop repeatedly. Furthermore, the buyers are more likely to refer a brand with bespoke packaging to friends and family.

Informative exterior

The Christmas boxes can educate customers about product use and company contact information. The box reads warnings, logos, and other relevant information that is helpful to the buyer. These tips are appropriate for food-related items such as popcorn and chocolate.

Work with creative minds at Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solutions has enchanting and engaging designs that significantly benefit the brand. They will make the Event more special. The packaging will also attract customers, which is an excellent sales pitch for your brand. You can pick the size, shape, layout, and dimensions of the packaging at Custom Box Solutions. No shipping fees or consultation charges apply. Visit the website to place a packaging order today.

Celebrate Joy with Custom Christmas Gift Boxes with friends and family

As soon as the holidays begin, everyone gets excited for Christmas. Children are filled with joy as presents magically appear under the tree in the morning. The holidays are full of love and emotions. It is an excellent time to be kind and exchange gifts. Custom Christmas gift boxes deliver a special message from Santa. However, it also benefits the client and business relationships too. Christmas is a preferred time to boost sales alongside the lights and Santa. Custom Box Solutions is a professional entity that celebrates joy at less expensive rates. Here are a few reasons to invest in the packaging

Why design custom Christmas Boxes for products?

A bespoke Christmas packaging conveys warmth to the customer. Furthermore, the alluring exterior will contribute to brand recognition. The company will witness increased sales because the buyers will gravitate to the products. The clients can browse the endless options from the design album to expand their retail opportunities. Custom Box Solutions provides exclusive designs for Christmas boxes. You can design bespoke holiday-themed packaging for mugs, bottle openers, key chains, shirts, and other articles. Custom Box Solution will also protect the items so they reach the customers safely.

The designing processes

The designing steps at Custom Box Solutions begin with material selection. The client can pick from a list of thicknesses, too. The materials are flexible, recyclable, and become one with the ground. Simultaneously, the materials are also long-lasting and durable. The design team at Custom Box Solutions works closely with the client to customize the shade and patterns. The client can print artwork, logos, taglines, and quotes on the packaging. Custom Box Solutions celebrates idea-sharing, which saves time and energy.

Why hire Custom Box Solutions?

Custom Box Solutions is well-known for its environmentally friendly packaging and cost-effective approach that does not burden the clients. Email the artists if unsure of the packaging color, theme, or layout. The experts will create an alluring look that blooms love and improves the relationship with the recipient.

Eco-friendly, Expertly Designed Christmas Gift Boxes at discounted rates

Market competition intensifies during the holiday season. Unfortunately, brands struggle to reach their target demographic and customers. Therefore, Custom Box Solutions suggests tailored Christmas boxes with lids for gifts to attract the audience. The company offers unique designs, custom shapes, and exclusive colors to inspire Everyone. Custom Box Solution understands the value of creativity in packaging. You can design engaging boxes that add value to your services, souvenirs, and gift items.

Take advantage of the holiday season at Christmas time to inspire friends and customers. Christmas boxes for gifts is profitable when done correctly. Custom Box Solutions will ensure your products shine with an irresistible exterior this holy season. Furthermore, the customers will also appreciate the thought that they can wrap items with consideration.

Budget-friendly and top quality

At Custom Box Solutions, creativity knows no bounds. The boxes are simple to create on the website. The client can share their ideas for a Christmas theme. You can personalize the color, size, dimensions, and other elements to surprise loved ones without gifts. If the client wishes to amplify the exterior gift boxes Christmas add-ons include coatings and foiling. Custom Box Solutions will affix ribbons, tensile, and embellishments for fully bespoke packaging. These are available at affordable prices that will not break your budget. Furthermore, Custom Box Solution also has the quickest turnaround time when you order from the website.

Design endlessly

When you hire Custom Box Solutions, the client will experience

  • A unique touch to the items inside the packaging shows that the brand cares
  • Logo and company name printing
  • Thirdly, a design that perfectly matches the product’s theme.

Witness a sales boost with Custom Box Solutions

The design team at Custom Box Solutions will bring your packaging dreams to life with bespoke colors, sizes, and materials. You can create a holiday-themed box anytime to convey feelings to someone special. Furthermore, order the boxes in wholesale quantity at a discounted price. Get in touch with the sales team via email for details about Christmas boxes.

Bring Everyone together with bespoke Christmas Eve Boxes

Christmas Eve is a joyous and tremendous time to spend with loved ones. The colorfully wrapped Christmas gifts are a sight to admire. Some gifts are personalized with quotes, colors, and amazing add-ons. Here is how Custom Box Solutions can make the moments more special

Endless designs options

Custom Box Solution is a proud vendor of budget-friendly custom Christmas boxes to captivate the customers to your broad. The hired team is creative and consists of well-experienced artists who will guide the clients. As a result, the boxes look appealing from inside and outside. Furthermore, the sturdy material will prevent damage to the gift as well. You can also print your business logo on the customized Christmas Eve packaging. It will improve the business revenue and make you a worthy competitor in the market.


Custom Box Solution delivers high-quality services at affordable rates. You can also apply add-ons and embellishments to make the packaging more attractive. As a result, the customer is satisfied, and the brand builds loyalty for a long time. The budget-friendly rates positively impact profitability as well. There are no shipping charges, and the design consultation is completely free.

Why choose Custom Box Solutions?

You can choose the material, size, and dimension of the Christmas Eve packaging at Custom Box Solutions. In addition, personalize the shades, hues, and logo placement. Remember the ribbons, pearls, and other embellishments to celebrate the festivities with Custom Box Solutions. Email for price quotations today.

Say hello and admire the gifts safely with Christmas Window Boxes

Christmas window box displays are a huge trend this season! This is because window-based designs allow the vendors to display products more clearly. Many customers in the market prefer direct contact with the seller because they seek intimacy and exclusivity. Furthermore, window-based boxes will protect the items from exposure. Here are a few reasons to hire Custom Box Solutions

Bespoke dimensions

Custom Box Solutions strives to actualize client preferences. The client can select thickness and other dimensions to fit their business requirements. Custom Box Solutions does not compromise on the material quality. The window-based designs allow the shoppers to admire the product freely.


At Custom Box Solutions, you can create a bespoke color to represent your brand. The company uses the latest printing technology so the colors do not fade. The hues remain vibrant and attractive long after the gift is opened. Furthermore, the colors will not bleed or transfer. It is an excellent strategy for communicating the brand’s commitment to excellent packaging.

Turnaround time

Custom Box Solutions will deliver the bespoke packaging to the clients in five to seven days. Moreover, the rush orders are delivered in three to five days. No shipping, hidden, or additional charges apply. The teamwork ensures that packaging is designed, printed, and shipped according to the timeline given to the client.

Experience excellent shipment services at Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solutions puts much thought into bespoke packaging. You can email the customer service team for details about pricing, material choice, color picking, and packaging trends. The initial consultation is free of cost.

Cost-saving, Sturdy, Inexpensive Christmas cardboard boxes

Custom Box Solutions delivers the packaging flattened to prevent the corners from breaking. The clients need minimum time to assemble the window boxes. Visit the Custom Box Solutions to browse creative or bespoke designs.

Environmentally friendly

Custom Box Solutions primarily emphasizes cardboard Christmas boxes for clothes and other Christmas gift items because it is a sustainable option. The material does not contribute to land waste and prevents climate pollution. Therefore, Custom Box Solutions insists on eco-friendly packaging to strengthen the vendor’s and customer’s bond. As a result, the client achieves diplomacy without using dangerous packaging material.

Vibrant Printing

Custom Box Solutions has many printing options that complement the material. You can apply engaging color schemes, designs, artwork, and other attributes to make the packaging unique. Furthermore, the design team will also suggest printing options based on the design. Custom Box Solutions uses soy-based ink, which further promotes sustainability.

Custom Care

The customer support team at Custom Box Solutions is active day and night to answer queries about cardboard packaging. The representative is well-trained and has the relevant knowledge to satisfy your queries. Custom box Solution aims at business efficiency through excellent packaging. Email for questions and concerns.

Jump Start your business with Custom Box Solutions

Are you a new business struggling to survive in the market? Hire Custom Box Solutions, where you can pick the material, thickness, size, and layout. The client can also customize the shade, hues, and patterns to inspire the customers. Email for more information about fonts, logo printing, and other details.


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