Custom Business Card Boxes

Enhance your brand identity with custom business card boxes. Make a lasting impact and order your custom packaging now.

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


Customized Business Card boxes for maximum ROI on investments

Custom Box Solutions is full of ideas for custom business boxes. Personalization will improve the quality and appearance of the business cards. Here are a few reasons to hire Custom Box Solutions for victorious engagement.

Favorably priced business cards container

Custom Box Solution believes ease is not expensive. Therefore, do not be afraid to place a small or large order of business card packaging because Custom Box Solutions offers the boxes at reasonable prices. As a result, you benefit in the long run. The boxes will keep your business cards looking fresh and new. Custom Box Solution will not charge the clients with unnecessary and invisible charges. The prices include tax, so they are not calculated separately before the payment.

In addition, Custom Box Solution also provides free delivery. So why not hire the company for custom business card cases to impress everyone around you? When you work with Custom Box Solutions, you do not need to hire a graphic designer for the box design. The packaging provider works with the best graphic artists in the market who will bring your vision to life. Custom Box Solution does not compromise on quality. It is one of the many reasons the packaging company is an outclass provider of excellent boxes.

Collective Effort

Every business card box project is a team effort at Custom Box Solutions. The experts use the latest printing ideas to actualize business card ideas. The packaging provider offers diet cut and window cut designs. The client can also use foiling, decoration, and embossing. However, spot glossing is the latest trend. Custom Box Solution offers business card packaging in many shapes and sizes. The client can choose kraft, corrugated, and cardboard to make the boxes durable. However, packaging experts suggest picking corrugated for durability.

Excellent Quality

Custom Box Solution pays special attention to the material to ensure the best packaging. The client can enjoy various printing and design choices. Moreover, the client can also custom place the company logo, signature, and dotted line. Custom Box Solutions will also decorate window patches. However, if the client cannot figure out the design elements, the experts will make the best decision according to the design. You can contact Custom Box Solution artists anytime for advice on business card boxes.

Customer Service

The customer service team is the foremost reason to hire Custom Box Solutions. The clients are accurately led for price quotations according to the card box design. The customer representatives are incredibly friendly with experience in designs and market trends. Feel free to submit questions via email.

Business Card Boxes Wholesale Orders to Enjoy Massive Discounts

Wholesale business card boxes will convince investors and clients to interact with the company. When you present a business card to the client, it builds an instant connection. Moreover, it looks professional too. Therefore, Custom Box Solution uses the latest technology to make appealing business cards. The business cards are created without mistakes and errors. As a result, the company’s brand value increases. It achieves market recognition. The boxes are also made with protective packaging, so they maintain their original shape for a long time. The innovative packaging keeps the cards organized so everyone follows the same practice.

Custom Shapes and sizes

Custom Box Solution is the leading manufacturer of wholesale business card boxes in all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, the client can also pick the shape, color, theme, and style. The experts ensure each box is unique so the client does not blend into the competition. You can pick the box template and completely personalize it. In addition, the user can also add images, texts, and logos to Custom Box Solutions.

Excellent Service

Custom Box Solution is dedicated to delivering wholesale orders on time. The company will surpass your expectations of unique box packaging while considering the client’s budget. Furthermore, bulk orders are also entertained with massive discounts. It is the Custom Box Solution’s way of showing appreciation for placing a large order. The clients can also enjoy free design consultations. The experts will discuss die-cutting, window placement, and plates. Custom Box Solution promises to deliver on time in seven to ten business days. There is no minimum order limit. Get ready to enjoy free shipping and no extra charges! Visit the website for quotes, price estimation, and unlimited customization.

Environmentally friendly and affordable packaging

Custom Box Solutions manufactures high-quality business card packaging from cardboard and kraft. The materials are well known for their durable results and strength. They do not let moisture, humidity, or other wet elements inside the box. As a result, the business cards make the most impact on the clients. Cardboard and kraft boxes are also recyclable. As a result, the company contributes to sustainability when they order from Custom Box Solutions. The exterior is incredibly trendy and will surely attract the best clients. You can use business cards to advertise the company massively with wholesale orders. At the same time, enjoy minimal cost on each business card.

Order at Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solution is waiting for you to place an order. When you order once, you will order repeatedly because of customer service, free shipping, and expert advice. Visit the website to fill out the order form.

Welcome the investors with Business card shipping boxes

Business card boxes for shipping at Custom Box Solutions are very customizable. The packaging company uses the best digital options for high-pigmentation printing. Furthermore, the client can customize the logo placement for the business cards to stand out. Lastly, the user can also pick the size and styles at Custom Box Solutions. Custom Box Solution understands that designing packaging is daunting. It is an overwhelming experience. Therefore, the packaging company offers CMYK and offset colors to simplify the designs. If you are unsure of the options, the Custom Box Solution experts will handle the process.

Endless creativity

Custom Box Solution does not limit designing. You can design the business card packaging to your heart’s whim. The soy-based ink is sustainable and promotes environmentally friendly business practices. Furthermore, CMYK coloring does not incur excess expenditure.

Uncontested material durability

The client can choose the packaging material from a long list. Custom Box Solutions ensures that the packaging will look the best with an elegant exterior. Furthermore, the materials are durable and can sustain air, sea, and road travel. The client can also pick from different paperweight choices.


Custom Box Solution does not take sustainability lightly. It is at the core of its operations. The packaging company uses innovative procedures to reduce costs. Furthermore, everything is done in-house to minimize waste. The materials are environmentally friendly, which conveys a strong message to the clients.

Top class designers

The design team at Custom Box Solutions is highly professional. They have the right skills to transform a boring business cardboard box into an engaging element on the office table. The client can order them in black, blue, and other colors. Furthermore, business card shipping boxes can have the company name, tagline, logo, and necessary details to present a stylish box.

Eye-pleasing organization

Shipping cases will ensure the business cards stay organized. They are not scattered. Furthermore, the case prevents the box from crumbling business cards. When the client unwraps the card container, they are pleased with stacked business cards neatly. They are managed and look professional.

Why is Custom Box Solutions the best?

Custom Box Solutions is the best packaging company for custom cases. The service has the relevant expertise to design and make the packaging attractive. Custom Box Solution has an excellent reputation among its clients. You can order boxes with custom shapes and sizes with no additional charges added to the invoice. Custom Box Solution manufactures cases from recyclable material, which decompose easily. Email for more.

Pick the best cardboard business card boxes for extended use

As a company owner, you understand the importance of business card packaging. It will promote the business. But how about a customizable card to boost sales and increase brand recognition? An attractive business card packaging will stimulate the minds of the clients, investors, and shareholders. Custom Box Solutions will fortify and strengthen the marketing strategies. You can choose the color, font, material, size, and dimension of the box for business cards at Custom Box Solutions.

Custom Size and materials

Custom Box Solution allows the clients to pick the shape and size of the box according to the business cards and marketing aims. The packaging provider will take care of the resources so you enjoy colorful, engaging business card packaging. You can choose business card boxes for 100, 250, 500 or 1000 cards that best fit your needs. When designing business card boxes, cardboard interior will have inserts to accommodate different sizes. The most popular option is a straight tuck end. It is easy to assemble and features secure flaps. However, Custom Box Solution also offers auto bottom and snap lock options. The team will help you decide if you are unsure.

Folding cartons

Custom Box Solution also manufactures folding cartons for business cards. This packaging is made from flexible and thin material such as linen stock. The material is ideal for small, lightweight orders. As a result, no unnecessary shipping charges are added to the invoice. Custom Box Solution believes in a fair pricing model that does not burden the clients.

Corrugated exterior

Custom Box Solution will also manufacture cases for business cards from corrugated cardboard. The material is perfect for large orders to sustain the weight of business cards. Corrugated material is also preferred for perishable items. If the business cards have a long journey ahead, corrugated cardboard will protect the items from rough handling. The cards will hold their shape perfectly. Furthermore, corrugated materials save money on storage costs. Custom Box Solution will package the business cards in small boxes for a limited space. Large corrugated boxes can be placed on display shelves in storage rooms to access the business cards as necessary.

Rigid Cardboard

Lastly, the client can choose rigid material for an excellent business card case appearance. When manufactured, you can choose the finishes and the box’s appearance. It will make the packaging look presentable and impress the boss too.

Hire Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solutions has years of experience in packaging for business cards. The client can customize the packaging according to their industry. Pick a custom shade from the color wheel or submit a sample for inspiration. There are no charges for consulting the design expert. Email for more details.

Assert dominance with luxurious business card packaging boxes

Boxes for business cards at Custom Box Solutions are available without hidden charges. The prices include tax; no additional expenses are calculated on the final amount. Furthermore, Custom Box Solution offers free delivery, so the clients save more money. The company is proud of its custom packaging for business cards.

Shipping cases for business cards is a collaboration

Custom Box Solutions will supervise the creation of original designs on the business cards. The packaging provider offers die-casting, foiling, stamping, painting, and window cutting. Moreover, you can also request additional grip on the top of the business cards. There are many additional options for customization. You can pick the size, dimension, and measurements.

Custom Box Solution is a leading manufacturer of boxes for shipping cards. The client can pick between kraft, corrugated, and cardboard materials. Corrugated cases for business cards are ever-lasting because of their internal strength. The ink remains vibrant on the packaging so the client can see the items.  Custom Box Solutions does not compromise on quality. At the same time, it offers low prices to make its services distinct from the competitors. You will not find these rates anywhere else.

Excellent storage

Shipping for business cards is done in exclusive packaging. The material and design of the boxes beautifully showcase the business cards. As a result, clients, investors, and enterprises engage with the business more than before. The cards remain in excellent order. Custom Box Solution ensures that the cases for business cards hold the items secure while offering a visual element. No wonder you see them placed at a strategic spot where everyone can pick a business card.

The prettiest box on the table will prevent moisture, humidity, and rust from damaging the business cards. The dampness and dirt will not enter the box. Furthermore, you can also take as much as needed to customize the box according to design, color, and dimension at Custom Box Solutions.

Increase your networking

The experts at Custom Box Solutions will ensure that relevant contacts and links appear on the box. The feature is necessary for business growth and marketing. It will keep the investors in contact with each other. Furthermore, entities are more likely to invest to one-up the competitors. The exchange of business card cases has been a tradition to boost networking.

Meet the team

Custom Box Solutions hires the best-skilled team with smart minds. They will offer excellent measurement, size, material, and color solutions. Moreover, the client also has the option to choose from different shapes and designs.

Contact Custom Box Solutions today

Shipping containers for shipping boxes can also have a gold and silver motif using the latest foiling technique at Custom Box Solutions. Email for friendly answers to your queries.


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