Custom Kraft Boxes

Order custom Kraft boxes with versatile options to buy, pack, or ship your products in style. Our boxes are available in all custom sizes and shapes, and you can choose from a range of stocks.

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time is 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


Why are brands using custom kraft boxes to penetrate new markets?

Kraft boxes have been used for decades by businesses and companies to deliver products safely to customers. It enhances brand recognition and attracts more customers. Here are a few reasons kraft boxes are essential.

Build Appeal

Custom Box Solution allows clients to create customized kraft boxes by choosing colors, fonts, and patterns. It enhances the connection between the brand and the product. Custom Box Solution can make the packaging look romantic, festive, or joyful. The experts can convey emotions which is necessary to build trust with the customers.

Structural changes

The box’s appearance also holds immense value. The clients have the unlimited power to design an innovative box structure with inserts and sections. The brands can easily convince customers to shop with the brand. Custom Box Solution also offers add-ons such as raised ink, embossing, foiling, and debossing. It will make the kraft box look distinctive.

Custom shapes and sizes

One of the most important steps in designing a custom kraft box is deciding the size and shape. Custom Box Solutions offers unique personalization that immediately grabs the buyer’s attention. At the same time, the company can retain present customers too. Custom Box Solutions will deliver packing of any size on time.

Client Appeasement

Custom Box Solution believes client satisfaction is the primary reason for building a commercial entity. Therefore, the company follows strict policies that result in absolute satisfaction. The customer support team at Custom Box Solutions is available 24/7. Moreover, the clients can also enjoy a 3D mockup before the box goes into production.

Quick and free delivery

Custom Box Solution ensures the orders reach the clients within a few business days, so your logistics are not delayed. The company offers free shipping, which saves huge costs. As a result, brands can enjoy inexpensive yet durable packaging for long journeys.

Custom Box Solution will deliver packaging out of the box

Custom Box Solution is an expert in customization. The company has years of experience in understanding market trends and packaging standards. Contact Custom Box Solution today via email for more details.

Make the event unique with custom kraft gift boxes

Gifting and presenting products require special packaging because it builds exclusivity. Furthermore, the stunning packaging will also attract more buyers. Sometimes brown kraft gift boxes are not enough to seal a purchase. Therefore, retailers opt for lavish packaging with loud colors. Custom Box Solution provides kraft gift boxes in different shapes and sizes, which customers love. The retailer can personalize the packaging to represent the product, brand, and company.

Using different materials

Custom Box Solutions uses relevant materials to shape the box perfectly. Die-cut material will create sharp edges and ends on four sides. Furthermore, all colors can be printed on it easily. Furthermore, the clients can also design luxury kraft boxes for gifting toys, expensive clothing, and jewelry.

Using different attributes

Custom Box Solution promises to deliver unique packaging with special and plain colors. Furthermore, the clients can further customize the box with matte and gloss finishes. The text is beautifully placed on the box to boost brand presence. You can even choose the text’s color, texture, and font.

Custom Box Solution offers free consultation

The initial consultation between the client and the Custom Box Solutions expert is free. The lead time is minimal, and the boxes arrive without hidden charges. Email for more details.

Custom Printed Kraft Boxes build an instant connection with the customers

Kraft corrugated boxes are made with a chemical pulp from the kraft process. The material is elastic, which gives it stretch and durability. Furthermore, the material is very environmentally friendly too. It does not burden the environment and becomes one with the ground in just a few weeks. Here is why you should hire Custom Box Solutions for kraft packaging

An endless variety of kraft designs

Alongside durability, kraft paper is very flexible. As a result, it is useable in many designs. Kraft papers accommodate every shape with contested practicality. Therefore, Custom Box Solutions offers kraft packaging in endless shapes and dimensions to house your product. You can also work with packaging experts to discover the right shape.

Top quality at Affordable Prices

Custom Box Solutions’ small kraft boxes are the best in the industry. In addition, the company offers budget-friendly options regardless of the order size. If you want a price quote, visit the Custom Box Solution website. You can also email the customer team for detailed price segmentation.

Do not compromise on durability

Kraft boxes ensure the highest form of durability. The material does not tear or scratch easily. Therefore, it is ideal for delicate jewelry, perfumes, and beauty products. Kraft packaging can withstand the toughest of shocks. It will prevent mishandling from careless courier staff. Furthermore, the material also maintains its shape.

Kraft is ideal for food packaging

Kraft is made from non-toxic material. In other words, it is hygienic and will not cross-contaminate food items. Custom Box Solution encourages kraft packaging for retailers in the food industry. The material is FDA approved and will not negatively affect the food. As a result, consumers enjoy healthy meals rich in taste.

Custom Box Solution pays attention to detail

Custom Box Solutions uses the latest printing technology and strict quality control to deliver perfect packaging. The company is well-known for its environmentally friendly packaging and top-quality designs. Visit the website to request a quote or a consultation with packaging experts.

Time-saving, Kraft mailer boxes are easy to assemble

Here is the best thing about mailing boxes! They will protect and attract the items while in transit. Furthermore, the packaging also adds value to the entire experience. Custom Box Solution provides double-walled packaging for additional protection. These boxes are suitable for jewelry, candies, and chocolate.

What to know about Kraft mailer boxes?

High-quality kraft boxes

Undoubtedly, kraft shipping boxes are made from long-lasting and durable materials. Besides the structure, Custom Box Solution ensures that the boxes are sustainable. The company provides environmentally friendly packaging that the client can recycle or reuse.

Excellent marketing

Kraft mailing boxes will carry the business name across international boundaries. Moreover, they will instantly grab the customer’s attention too. Innovative kraft packaging makes it easy to enter new markets. Custom Box Solution uses high-quality color pigments and ink to print the brand name onto the packaging. The taglines seal the deal.

Versatile packaging

Custom Box Solutions has gained an excellent reputation because of its packaging. The company offers mailing boxes in different sizes and shapes that are completely customizable according to the product. Furthermore, the rates are affordable with customized add-ons. As a result, your product becomes their first choice. Moreover, Custom Box Solutions uses the latest technology to print and design boxes. The client can choose the box’s dimensions, size, and style from the simple interface.

Bulk discounts

Custom Box Solution saves the best for last! Custom Box Solutions offers discounts for bulk orders if you are a growing business. Furthermore, the orders do not carry shipping charges. Custom Box Solution believes in transparency and communication with the client. The customer support team will eliminate confusion and concerns.

Why Custom Box Solutions?

Custom Box Solutions offers free consultations with clients. Furthermore, the customization categories are outstanding and very much go into detail. Customer service is available for the client day and night. Email Custom Box Solution today to learn about order placement or customization details.

Kraft Box with windows allows customers to admire the product from the outside

Brands and companies are constantly searching for different ways for unique packaging. It outsmarts the competitors and builds customer loyalty. At the same time, the item becomes visually better. Kraft boxes with windows increase sales because they are more likely to attract customers. The products in boxes with lead are present elegantly with outstanding presence. A window offers insight into the company and the product from different angles.

Customize however the client wishes

Custom Box Solutions offers a wide variety of customization. The clients can pick custom dimensions, sizes, and fonts. Furthermore, the retailers can match the color with the packaging to appeal to the target customers. The clients can design a sophisticated and attractive box. If the color does not appeal to the demographic, you can create a minimalistic box to stand proud among the crowd.

Windows increase visuals

Window kraft boxes can showcase the product therein. As a result, the items are visually accessible, so the buyer instantly sees the product. It increases the probability of the sale because the customer can look at the products without ruining the packaging. Window kraft boxes allow a better customer experience and minimize annoyance. The customers connect with the product after seeing its external packaging and reading the description. It results in more exposure for the company as well.

Maximize the product’s aesthetic

Retailers have discovered that innovation is necessary to sell products. The clients can contact Custom Box Solutions to create window kraft boxes that instantly catch the buyer’s attention. The company is an expert in conventional and unconventional packaging. The experts will share trendy designs so more customers interact with the business.

Custom Box Solutions will impress the customers

Kraft window boxes allow the customers to admire the product. The packaging leaves a lasting impression which increases sales and revenue. Custom Box Solutions will evaluate the product before suggesting the packaging. Get ready to enjoy custom sizes and designs at affordable rates.

Kraft Boxes Wholesale amount with free shipping at discounted rates

When ordering kraft gift boxes wholesale orders can avail of a huge discount. Custom Box Solution manufactures kraft packaging from recyclable, long-lasting, and sustainable materials. In addition, the company also offers personalization for bulk orders. As a result, the orders are less harmful to the environment

Lasting impression

Custom Box Solution allows clients to choose different shapes and sizes. They can apply colors to match the combination of the brand. As a result, the customers keep thinking about the packaging. Custom Box Solution offers diverse forms of packaging with a stable structure. It prevents the product from being damaged.

Unlimited Customization

Does your product require a handle for easy transportation? Custom Box Solution will design boxes in hexagonal, pillow, or globe shape to improve the product’s visual appeal. The latest technology ensures creative designs and vibrant printing. For a professional perspective, contact Custom Box Solutions to talk about sizes, shapes, and handle placement.

Engaging design

A recent set-up business needs creative packaging to break its entry barrier. The strategy is crucial in food and other perishable industries because customers can lose interest quickly. Custom Box Solutions will help the business establish a unique brand identity. The boxes are common in high-end jewelry. Furthermore, the client can use foiling, ribbons, handles, and other elements to create an extravagant box.

Safe in shipment

Kraft boxes are versatile, which makes them perform long-distance shipping. The boxes are recyclable and made from durable material. As a result, they can transport the items safely. The clients can order in bulk and consult with design engineers for extravagant boxes.

Why trust Custom Box Solutions?

Custom Box Solutions is a well-known and high-quality packaging entity. It offers excellent customer service, and the rates are affordable too. Custom Box Solution does not compromise on quality and transparency. There are no hidden or additional charges. Email today.

Kraft boxes with lids leave an ever-lasting impression on the customers

Gifts and items are a lot easier to open with lids. Furthermore, the design also shows love and affection to the recipient easily. Kraft boxes are the go-to option for birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestone events. They come in vibrant colors and delicate designs, mesmerizing the event.

Welcome kraft boxes in modern styles

Custom Box Solutions ensures that a kraft box with lid accommodates the client’s marketing strategy. The company uses the latest digital technology to create perfect edges. The top and bottom layers stabilize the design. The boxes are sophisticated with an unconventional design that appeals to the customer. Kraft boxes usually have a square or rectangular foundation. They are very easy to handle and keep the delicate items safe. The clients can order kraft boxes of different sizes at Custom Box Solutions. Whether small, large, or premium, the designers will collaborate with the clients until the mockup goes to production.

Using the latest technology

Kraft boxes promote an organic design with simplicity. However, Custom Box Solution encourages the brand to step out of the box and apply colors. Customers are instantly attracted to stylish printing and an embossed logo. The catch tagline convinces the customer to shop from the same brand. Custom Box Solution uses the latest printing and digital technology that delivers delicate font with high-quality ink. Retailers can use boxes to deliver thank-you notes and quotes to catch the buyer’s attention. The clients can choose any color combination from the online color library.

Attractive elements add value.

Kraft is a brown material used with other colors to make it visually appealing. Custom Box Solutions also offers other features such as embossing, debossing, matte/gloss, and foil to enhance the product’s appearance. The client can also add ribbons, handles, bows, and windows to represent the brand successfully.

Choose Custom Box Solutions today

Custom Box Solutions hires skilled designers and specialists that successfully communicate with the client. Initially, the initial 3D mockup will show how the box looks. Visit the website to complete the kraft details and let Custom Box Solution do the rest. Hire the company today with free shipping and no hidden charges.


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