Custom Corrugated Boxes

Custom Box Solutions is your go-to destination for premium custom corrugated boxes in the United States. With our extensive range of sizes and dimensions, you can find the perfect fit for your packaging needs. Choose from our wide selection of high-quality stocks.

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


Celebrate Sustainability with the brand’s Custom Corrugated Boxes

A custom corrugated packaging box is easy to manage and an environment-friendly option for shipment. It is a flexible choice of external packaging that complements products from different industries. Corrugated boxes are excellent for packaging, storing, and retail purposes. If you are an importer, vendor, or exporter, corrugated boxes are preferred for product distribution and stocking. Furthermore, corrugated boxes also make it easier for transportation. Retailers need to fulfill the customers’ demands for the sake of the market and future growth. Therefore, Custom Box Solutions personalizes corrugated boxes to benefit the orders. The packaging is very lightweight and carries stuff securely.

Corrugated boxes are ideal for all kinds of products

Custom Box Solutions offers corrugated boxes in all shapes and sizes with custom packaging. Moreover, they are also appropriate for storing and shipping. Custom Box Solutions will customize the packaging according to style, size, and shape. Business owners can directly communicate with our experts to add box features. Corrugated boxes complement nature because they are suitable for many products. Further, these boxes are useful because they display products. Custom Box Solutions uses die-cut designs, inserts, and flaps to showcase the items elegantly. The clients can customize the packaging according to the products.

Corrugated boxes positively influence a brand

Customized corrugated boxes wow the customers when the companies enter the market. Therefore, Custom Box Solutions designs are an effective solution for promoting products. It positively affects the company’s sales and revenue. Furthermore, corrugated boxes with logos create awareness about the products and the company. As a result, the customers can quickly associate the items with the company.

Corrugated packaging provides a professional look

Corrugated boxes are ideal for providing an elegant and professional look. Custom Box Solutions encourages clients to personalize the boxes. The ease of the customers is appreciated. The clients experience the right services, and they do not cost an arm and a leg.

Attract more customers with corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes have a window that displays the brands. In addition, corrugated boxes are easier to maintain and supervise. The product’s name is distributed so the customers identify the brand. The customers get to know the brand before they make a purchase. It piques their interest.

Foster long-term relationships with Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solutions is continuously investing in its relationship with its customers. We offer high-quality corrugated boxes with affordable shipping. Email us today to learn about our design expertise.

Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes to Turn Heads (Literally)!

Corrugated Custom Boxes have quickly become the premier option for retailers and customers for all businesses. They are durable and protective of delicate items. Therefore, if you are dedicated to finding the best corrugated boxes, Custom Box Solutions is the answer you seek. Custom boxes are cohesive and promote the product. They are designed to catch the customer’s eye repeatedly for more sales. Custom-printed corrugated boxes are well-known among retailers for shipping because they do not depreciate. Companies usually ship boxes together in bulk. However, this results in lots of weight charges.

Therefore, your businesses need all sizes of corrugated boxes, which Custom Box Solutions offer. When clients search for corrugated boxes, custom-printed packaging will help your business stand out. Until recently, packaging meant protecting the items. However, over time, businesses have realized the importance of corrugated boxes. Custom Box Solution lets you choose the material, finish, and color. You can impress the customers even if the items are identical.

Corrugated boxes are necessary for aesthetic purposes

The first step in the Custom Box Solution procedure for corrugated boxes involves picking the size and shape. The steps focus on the idea of the products. If you are a newly set up business searching for affordable packaging, contact Custom Box Solutions to see everyone’s attention. Use our interface to create a new shape of corrugated boxes to expand market share. How does a pyramid-shaped box for a cosmetic or a perfume sound? Custom Boxline proudly provides square, rectangular, pillow, and sleeve packaging.

Choose materials for corrugated boxes

The clients can also choose the choice of material. As a modern-day business owner, you can choose the cardboard option focusing on sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Other choices are kraft and cardstock for long-lasting results.

Pick a structure to stabilize the packaging

The structure of the corrugated boxes stabilizes the packaging. However, the reason for packaging also contributes to the final decision. Does the company wish to attract more customers? If so, then we suggest a window option. You can also opt for our foiling and embossing option.

Experience fast shipping with Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solutions has years of experience in the service industry. Moreover, we also understand the importance of customer care. Custom Box Solutions has one of the quickest delivery systems because of our well-satisfied international customers. Visit our website to request a quote. Please email us for more information about our design and delivery.

Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes will house every product perfectly

Clients browse the different products available in the market. In addition, retail stores are also searching for wholesalers and vendors. Customers can visit any website online and shop with brands exclusively. On the other end, when shipping items to an address, businesses take special care of the packaging. Therefore, Custom Box Solutions focuses on quality. The designers and shipping experts constantly assist clients in creating the perfect custom-size corrugated boxes.

At Custom Box Solutions, we ensure that quality is an ever-standing corporate pillar. As a result, companies build long-lasting relationships with their customers. The box design satisfies the clients and the customers.

Corrugated packaging showcases the variety of products

Clients have multiple options to display their items. However, corrugated boxes remain a top priority because of their comfort and ease. Custom Box Solutions is committed to giving everything the client needs. It builds confidence and leads to innovation. We insist that clients contact Custom Box Solutions rather than searching for unpredictable options. Corrugated boxes will ship and store the products throughout transit. Moreover, they also create a unique identity for the brand. Thus, your company retains the market share.

Why choose Custom Box Solutions?

Custom Box Solutions offers packaging in all shapes and sizes with custom finishes to grow the brand. No order limit exists so that you can compose a completely customizable design because of the intelligent interface. Our designers work day, night, and long hours to create client packaging. Custom Box Solutions’ representatives are waiting for your call. Feel free to inquire about your packaging needs. Custom Box Solutions does not believe in secret charges or transferring hidden costs to our clients. Email us more about customizing shapes, designs, styles, and box sizes.

High-definition, Custom Corrugated Shipping Boxes with eye-catching designs

Custom Printed Corrugated Shipping Boxes have more than one function than transporting products from one location to another. The packaging is helpful for retailers, wholesalers, and customers to connect with the band. This is a huge upgrade from colorless cardboard packaging previously used for worldwide shipment. However, technology has upgraded logistics. Inexpensive and boring packaging does not create a lasting impression. Therefore, intelligent entrepreneurs invest in custom packaging made from high-quality material for market presence.

Design personalized shipping boxes online

Custom Box Solutions’ online tool is intelligent and easy to use. Thus, it simplifies crafting. The client can create dimensions, layers, and a distinctive design with a few clicks. Thankfully, you do not need to be an expert graphic designer. If you wish to amplify the design, you can talk to the experts who will make the creation brand-specific.

Use the boxes for global shipment

Custom Box Solution’s packaging stays organized! They are made for and by environmentally friendly entities who do not wish to waste material. Therefore, we offer corrugated boxes in different dimensions and sizes to efficiently use the space. The packaging will fit small-sized electronics, clothing kits, bags, and other apparel. Retailers and customers are absolutely satisfied.

High-quality custom shipping boxes

Custom Box Solutions ensure the products make a grand appearance alongside packaging. The custom boxes with bright colors stand out proudly on a self. Furthermore, they are more likely to grab customers’ attention when browsing the online store. Custom Box Solutions offers CMYK spectrum and a wide choice of packaging material. According to the brand message, you can opt for white, muted tones, or pastel colors for a fun look.

Custom Box Solution packaging guarantees worry-free shipping

Corrugated shipping boxes will safely move large quantities of products from one location to another. Our sturdy packaging will protect the items from poor handling and theft when the boxes exit the warehouse. Custom Box Solutions corrugated boxes keep the products dry, together, and safe. Talk to our team via email today to decide on a long-term solution.

Custom Corrugated Boxes Wholesale for long-distance shipping

Wholesale custom corrugated boxes are ideal for heavyweight objects for long-distance shipping. The structure stays strong but does not compromise on durability. Whole corrugated shipping boxes also celebrate sustainability. They have a worldwide reputation for importing/exporting goods. Custom Box Solutions offers global corrugated shipment boxes in unlimited colors, sizes, designs, and shapes. Corrugated boxes are common in the shipping and mailing industry. Custom Box Solutions ensures the packaging befits the budget and needs.

Long-lasting, sturdy cardboard packaging

Custom corrugated boxes for shipping are lightweight and strong. They are budget-friendly and preferred for long-distance logistics. They are available in different sizes and display products well. The custom boxes for shipping are made from durable material that showcases one-liners. It will sustain mechanical shocks and vibrations. Worldwide corrugated boxes for glassware, television, and other furniture pieces are preferred. The packaging saves money on fuel and energy.

Exquisite design and customization

Custom Box Solutions has an excellent reputation for corrugated shipping boxes. The boxes are reliable for international shipment and diverse use. Our creative practices safety stands and follows protocols to maintain the quality of the packaging. Contact us today to take advantage of the litho and digital printing. Wholesale corrugated boxes are a successful marketing tool and will successfully promote the brand. The client can display the logos, contact, product information, and other details on the boxes’ surface area. Custom Box Solution is an affordable option because the material is budget-friendly. It can be recycled and does not harm the planet.

Take advantage of Custom Box Solution services

Custom Box Solution offers high-quality printing and durable packaging to clients. The options are affordable, with wholesale corrugated boxes for bulk orders. The client chooses the paper, size, logo, shapes, and designs. Email Custom Box Solution for custom-made boxes. We will provide innovative solutions for our international clients.

Corrugated boxes with custom inserts for products establish the brand’s authority

Did you know that the packaging insert is an essential component of the packaging? The inserts enhance the unboxing experience and deliver the promotional message expertly. Custom boxes with corrugated divider inserts are perfect for electronics, components, medical devices, and cosmetics. The inserts can house a single or numerous products. As a result, it meets the retailer’s demands for engagement. It improves storage.

Custom Box Solutions considers aesthetics and practicality when creating corrugated boxes with inserts. Furthermore, our experts also study the product of the insert because it may require more space for packaging material. Because of the innovative design, unboxing leads to customer satisfaction.

Custom Box Solution and the Different Types of Inserts

Punch Partition

The first form of inserts establishes slots and compartments. The inserts are created by punching and placing a sheet of cardboard for different openings.

Molded inserts

This form of the insert is made from plastic or pulp. The inserts are available in different sizes and shapes. Molded inserts are used for heavy items such as industrial parts.

Corrugated cardboard inserts

Corrugated inserts are made from cardboard cut and shaped according to the product. These inserts safeguard the product during shipping.

Foam Inserts

Foam inserts take the shape of the product. The soft material protects the items during shipping. Fragile items stay safe from bumps. Foam inserts are ideal for medical devices and electronics.

Custom Box Solutions rule for cardboard inserts

  • The client must provide accurate information about the design and type of insert.
  • The inserts must fit the product during transportation. It creates an excellent impression when a box is opened.
  • The design team creates the inserts with deep thought for an outstanding unboxing experience. The inserts complement the design and color.
  • Lastly, the inserts mention product information. For example, instructions, shelf life, and other disclaimers.

Custom Bos Solution understands the importance of inserts

Custom Box Solutions places the inserts strategically. They add value to the customer experience and engage with the brand. Our packaging ensures that the packaging appeals to the target audience. Email us today.


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