Custom Candle Boxes

Buy Custom Candle Boxes tailored to fit your candles perfectly, enhancing presentation & ensuring protection. Elevate your brand with personalized candle packaging.

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


Why Your Brand Should Choose Candle Boxes

Candles are more than a source of illumination. They are a historic invention that has many reasons. It will turn any setting into a romantic getaway. Candles are comfortable but also mysterious. Therefore, customized and delicate packaging is beneficial for them. Here are some reasons to invest in outstanding candle boxes.

Share inspirations through designs

Bespoke boxes for candles are an excellent marketing strategy. They will elevate the company’s message from the rest of the competitors. Custom Box Solution’s library has attractive, elegant, and minimalistic designs. They will instantly capture the attention of the buyer. You can successfully attract new customers.

Competitive advantage

Unique candle cases have incredible benefits that increase sales. The packaging motivates the brand to think out of the box. The distinctive features let the customers immediately recognize the candle vendor. You can choose die cut, embossing, gluing, and de-bossing coatings at Custom Box Solutions. There is a long list of laminations to enjoy.

Efficient customer reach

Distinct candle cases create a lasting impression on the target demographic. The brand easily enters into the new market and attracts customers. Moreover, the unique exterior is excellent for brand image, too. Custom Box Solutions works closely with the client to increase their revenue and sales so you make maximum profit.

Be seen

Is your brand going unseen? Are the customers struggling to see how excellent your product is? Excellently designed candle cases will make your brand visible in the market. The customers will stop in their tracks to browse the candles in detail. A wise business owner is not shy of adapting modern packaging practices, so contact Custom Box Solutions today for successful brand visibility.

Work with Custom Box Solutions today

Custom Box Solutions lets the clients personalize the candle boxes according to material and size. Moreover, you can also pick the dimensions and color. If a shade is not in the library, customize it from the color wheel to fit your requirements. Visit the Custom Box Solutions website to learn more.

Introduce New Scents with a Candle Subscription Box

Candle subscription boxes will make your candles beam brightly. These are fantastic for subscriptions. Moreover, candles are also common in ISA homes too. Americans prefer to light a candle when bathing, cooking, or hosting. Therefore, candle businesses are hugely successful and constantly growing. However, if you want to amplify brand’s reach, Custom Box Solutions will design subscription boxes to increase sales. They will make the candles look excellent and turn sporadic customers into loyal clients.

Pick a material

The first element that the client chooses at Custom Box Solutions is the material. The packaging provider takes responsibility for the material’s authentication. You can pick cardboard, rigid, kraft, and corrugated materials. Each material is unique and benefits the packaging significantly. The box will sustain the weight of the items while ensuring brand loyalty. The customers will shop often because the material is credible.


Custom Box Solutions understands that you want the customers to feel unique. Therefore, the packaging provider offers endless customization with monthly boxes. The packaging is extremely beautiful. As a result, you become a proud business owner of candles that please the customers. You can choose from additional add-ons such as embossing, spot UV, de-bossing, holographic, and foiling.

Generate a positive image for your brand

Custom Box Solutions believes that sustainability is necessary. The boxes are made from environmentally friendly material. It generates a positive image for your company and candle products. You will witness an increased profit and sales.

Order at Custom Box Solutions today

Customized patterns and colors for candle going-away boxes have excellent benefits. Custom Box Solutions will print essential product information to make the candle more attractive. Moreover, the font will also educate the customers. Visit the Custom Box Solution website today to learn how to make the packaging attractive.

Fast track to a heart with Candle Gift Boxes

Everyone loves a gift! However, a gift is more special because it contains a scented candle. It is a practical item that will make the recipient feel good. The candle is excellent for improving your mood and relaxation. At the same time, you can place the gift box as an interior décor item. Customized candle gift boxes will increase your sales. Therefore, a creative design with an excellent foiling technique will make the box look excellent.

Custom Box Solutions has candle gift packaging for all seasons. There is no minimum order limit, so you save on stocking expenses. Furthermore, you can also experience with scents to match with the box.

How to make the candle gift packaging unique?

The most anticipated part of a gift is the unboxing. The scents will remind you of your favorite memories while the candle introduces calmness. Here is how to make the gift packaging more impactful.

Choose an excellent design

A plain box from the inside is appealing. Your brand can step outside of the box with inside printing to surprise the recipient. Moreover, brands can also customize the packaging with a thank you note. The description may inspire the buyers to shop again. At the same time, it will keep them entertained as well.

Pick the gift-opening

How the recipient opens the box is very crucial! Either it can lead to frustration or a seamless experience. The design factors in the way customers open the gift packaging. Custom Box Solutions proposes straight and reverse tuck candles for candles that do not weigh too much. The flap-based designs are the most common. On the other hand, pick designs with bottom locks and crash-proof bottoms for heavy-weight candles.

Visit the Custom Box Solutions website

The clients can pick the gift packaging’s design, color, size, and dimension. The customized print will make the candles more irresistible. Moreover, you can match the design with the scent, too.

Sophisticated Custom Candle Boxes with High-quality printing

Does your brand sell candles? It is time to step out of the conventional packaging with custom boxes for candles. You can personalize the exterior according to the themes and customer preferences. You can personalize the design according to easter, Christmas, Eid, New Year, and Valentine’s Day. Custom Box Solutions will apply custom artwork and logos so the packaging stands out. The client can share their artwork with the design. Moreover, you can consult with the designers for excellent applications.

Choose material

The appropriate material depends on picking the type of candle you are selling. Custom Box Solutions applies a cardstock material for a lightweight candle. Moreover, the material ensures color vibrancy and appeal. The corrugated material is excellent for heavy shipping if the brand sells glass and pillar candles. The client can also print colors and patterns to make the exterior engaging.

Pick a style

Custom Box Solutions has a long list of candle box designs in its library. You can filter the options according to length, height, flaps, and closures. The popular options among the clients are snap lock and reverse tuck end boxes. You can also choose candle boxes with inserts to get better packaging space or with windows for instant display. If you cannot find the ideal style, request a quote at Custom Box Solutions. The expert design team will actualize the designs.

Environmentally friendly material

Custom Box Solutions is dedicated to sustainable practices that preserve the planet. The bespoke gift packaging is made from eco-friendly material that recycles easily. Your customers will also appreciate the initiative. Furthermore, the brand will catch the attention of customers that cautious about the future.

Order Bespoke packaging today

Custom Box Solutions has an excellent bespoke exterior for tea lights, votives, pillars, and regular candles. You can pick the box’s material, color, size, and dimension. The customized packaging will catch the people’s attention and turn them into loyal buyers. Email the Custom Box design team to discuss conveying professionalism through packaging. The team will also customize colors to represent the brand.

Candle packaging boxes for long-distance shipping and international customers

Custom Box Solutions offers elegant packaging for scented candles. You can place the candle boxes on the shelf or ship them to customers online. The packaging provider is a one-stop solution for your marketing needs. The clients can browse endless design options from the library. Furthermore, Custom Box Solutions also offers additional protection with layers.

Embellishments and add-ons

The client can browse different add-ons to enhance the such as foiling and window patches. The features will create a memorable experience with the brand. Custom Box Solutions will guide the clients so the brand flourishes. These options are budget-friendly, so the finances are not burdened. You can place a custom order with exact length, width, and height. Moreover, you can personalize the size and shape. Custom Box Solutions also offers discounts on bulk orders as well.

Secure journey

Custom Box Solutions manufactures candle shipping boxes from corrugated material for secure shipment. The material ensures protection when the jars are shipped by plane, road, or sea. The inserts prevent candles from bumping into one another. The cardboard material has the ideal thickness that does not add weight to the packaging. Moreover, it is an affordable option as well. You can pick from different thicknesses to befit your brand.

Endless customization

Custom box Solutions accommodate different dimensions of candle box packaging. You can apply smooth finishing, high gloss, and soft touch. Matte touch is also a trendy option. The design team will customize the shade and vibrancy for the packaging. Don’t forget the foiling, UV coating, ribbons, or embellishment to one-up the competitors.

Digital mock-ups

Custom Box Solutions is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Therefore, the designs do not go into production until the clients approve them. You can revise the designs as often as possible until it represents your packaging dream. The back-and-forth communication makes it easier to supervise a wholesale order.

Get in touch with Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solutions is proud of its team, experts, and vendor network. You can pick the color, size, shape, and dimensions of candle boxes to match the product. Custom Box Solutions does not have a minimum order sealing. Order today to enjoy free shipping and 24/7 customer service.

Make your brand high-end with luxurious candle boxes

Luxury candle packaging adds allure to your best sellers. Moreover, wrapping paper, chipboard, and ribbons makes the customer feel special. You can place the boxes on the shelves in your shop. They will sell very quickly during the festival season. However, luxurious candle cases are preferred for birthdays and anniversaries. These boxes will house the items firmly to prevent damage.

Represent your brand

Luxurious packaging is the epitome of high-priced candles and their corresponding varieties. The packaging creates appeal when the customers shop for your brand. They are usually interested in gift-giving to leave a lasting impression on the recipient. The boxes are sustainable and convey the brand’s story perfectly. Lastly, they are also ideal for shipping delicate candles.

Experience business growth

Custom Box Solutions has packaging for everything related to candle marketing. You can place an order for giveaways and bulk processing. The service provider will manufacture the boxes from stock, corrugated, and kraft materials. Custom Box Solution will also apply artwork, logos, and taglines to the boxes.

Color and laminations

The clients can customize the shade colors to represent the candle with customized packaging. Custom Box Solution uses soy-based ink that does not fade. Moreover, the client can also choose matte, gloss, spot UV, and other laminations to safeguard the box from dust and hurtful rays. Visit the Custom Box Solutions website to design a template for a competitive advantage.

Friendly services

Custom Box Solutions’ customer service team is available day and night. You can email the staff to learn about discounts on bulk orders. Moreover, inquire about turnaround time, which is seven to ten days. Custom Box Solutions offers free consultation for design and packaging. Enjoy the free shipping.

Why Custom Box Solutions?

Custom Box Solutions has relevant experience in designing luxury packaging. The packaging company will never compromise on quality. As a result, the best, luxurious packaging reaches the client’s doorstep. Email Custom Box Solutions to place an order or for quote estimation.



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