Cube Boxes

Showcase your products in style with our Custom Cube Boxes. Designed for versatility, these boxes offer a unique, modern touch to any presentation or gift.

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


How does Custom Box Solutions design bespoke cube boxes?

Custom Box Solution offers the freedom that clients can design boxes however they like. They can divide the boxes according to demographic age or location. Moreover, the client can customize logo placement, tagline font, and more. Here is how Custom Box Solutions manufactures cube packaging. It begins with choosing a material.

Picking a material

Custom Box Solutions initiates the designing process by picking a material. The client can choose from:

  • Kraft is a sustainable option that will not pollute the planet. The packaging boosts sales. These are ideal for candies, jewelry, cosmetics, and creams.
  • Cardboard is a high-quality material with endless design options. Custom Box Solutions will add foil, inner prints, and coatings for long-lasting results. These are perfect for food items to preserve their taste and texture.
  • Corrugated material is an excellent choice for long-distance shipping because the material is rigid. It is very durable and ensures product safety.


When ordering cube boxes USA vendors are ecstatic about the customization. To educate the reader, the packaging provider will add new hues, logos, warnings, and other product details. The client can also pick from different styles to deliver an excellent packaging experience. The exterior will promote the brand with its PVC sheets, lids, and auto lock technology.


After the clients agree on the pattern and color, coating is added. Custom Box Solution uses offset and digital printing so the shades do not fade. The clients can also enjoy embossing, de-bossing, coating, and laminations to gain a competitive advantage.

Why pick cube packaging?

Custom Box Solution specializes in cube packaging because of its many advantages. You can pick the size, color, dimension, hues, and packaging layout so the products do not suffer. The affordable rates at Custom Box Solutions will surely surprise you. Email Custom Box Solutions today to learn about the importance of packaging and its devotion to your brand’s success.

Custom Cube Boxes That Appeal to the Demographic Instantly

Bespoke cube cases are a financially safe investment for packaging bundle items. Secondly, the packaging is also budget-friendly and inexpensive. At the same time, it meets all the requirements to ship the products successfully. Custom Box Solution will manufacture custom printed cube boxes in different variations. Moreover, you can decide the size, shape, and color too. Bespoke cube cases have many uses in retail, including gift-giving. However, brands use the shape to promote their items successfully. It offers an elegant design and impressive promotion.

Custom Box Solutions will print the brand logo, name, and tagline for exclusivity. You can also customize logo placement for excellent packaging.

Detailed manufacturing

Custom Box Solutions has perfected the manufacturing process since its inception to accommodate the luxury clientele. The company is proud of its outstanding manufacturing methods customized according to industry, demographic, and product use. Custom Box Solutions offers innovative solutions so the packaging is not similar to the competitors.

For example, Custom Box Solutions will manufacture custom window cube boxes. These are a top-seller in the wholesale community. The packaging allows the customers to view the product without making extra effort. As a result, the brand builds engagement with minimum investment.

Simple shipment policy

Custom Box Solution’s shipment policy is very simple. It offers free shipping to its USA clients. The charges are not related to amount, distance, or industry. Moreover, Custom Box Solution will deliver the packaging in a reasonable business time. The packaging provider also accepts rush orders, so your brand continuously grows.

Place an order today

Custom Box Solution’s team eagerly awaits your order. You can pick the cube case’s shade, size, dimensions, and layout. Moreover, don’t forget to customize the hues too. Custom Box Solution is dedicated to customer satisfaction and impressing its clients. Contact the 24/7 available team for queries related to the case, product design, or box layout.

Cube Boxes Cardboard High-quality material for logistical safety

When retailers design cube packaging, cardboard is their go-to choice for material. This is because the material is sturdy enough to ship heavyweight items. The cube shape ensures that the weight is equally distributed. Science reduces the chance of product damage significantly. Cube cases are excellent for shipping fruits, electronics, and stationery items.


Custom Box Solutions offers many sizes of cardboard according to the product mass and weight. The service provider will manufacture the packaging in unique colors and designs. The client can request plain colors such as black and white. Moreover, they customize a hue too. Custom Box Solution encourages the clients to take the lead on creativity. The experts will print embossed and de-bossed logos to improve the brand’s presence. It will improve your market standing significantly.

Free Support

Custom Box Solution’s design team and customer representatives are available day and night. The consultation for design, color, and layout is completely free. The company will not accept a penny from its clients. After the initial consultation, a 3D mock-up is sent to the client for approval. The finished packaging will reach the client’s address in a week. Custom Box Solution’s free shipping applies to all its clients. Contact the company immediately to attain more knowledge and discount offers on bulk orders.

Welcome a large variety

Custom Box Solutions manufactures durable cube cases from high-quality cardboard. The packaging Is long-lasting and reliable. Furthermore, it needs minimum supervision, which saves costs further. The client can recycle the cardboard after its use. You can order cardboard cube boxes in retail, window, gable, reverse-tuck end, sleeve, gift, and favor boxes.

How to place an order at Custom Box Solutions?

Visit the Custom Box Solutions website to place an order today. You can contact the team via email for inquiries about material and color selection. Furthermore, the client can revise the mock-up as often as they wish to build a robust market presence.

Celebrate sustainability with top-notch corrugated cube boxes

Custom Box Solution will manufacture recycled cube cases that are excellent for the environment and your business. The boxes are manufactured with corrugated cardboard, perfectly aligning with your sustainability initiative. The material is very much appreciated because of its positive influence. Corrugated packaging ensures brand image so the company is more visible to the customers. The box looks professional yet playful. It is an excellent balance that contributes to sales and profit growth.

Corrugated has many advantages

Custom Box Solutions insists on using corrugated because of its many advantages. Firstly, the material is excellent for large-scale use. You can customize the shape according to the product. Furthermore, the packaging takes very little time. Corrugated boxes are excellent for long-distance shipping, making them an outstanding choice for commercial entities. The material is strong, durable, and credible.


Custom corrugated cube boxes are available at Custom Box Solutions at reasonable rates. The vendors can use it for all products to prevent them from being damaged. Corrugated cases are safe for use and extend the product’s life. The material is economical and excellent for boxes of all sizes. The client can use them for storage or shipment.


Corrugated cases offer versatility. Custom Box Solution will print the brands’ names and logos. The vendors can use the material to ship different-sized items without worrying about breaking. A corrugated cube case will hold a toy safely as much as candles, perfumes, and décor items. Luxury brands prefer corrugated materials to protect their fragile items.


Lastly, corrugated material is sustainable. Small start-ups can use the material to build a lasting image. Moreover, brands from different niches can order corrugated cases at Custom Box Solutions to ship pet accessories, stationery, jewelry, etc.

Place an order today

Custom Box Solution manufactures corrugated boxes, befitting the demands of the client. You can pick the box’s size, color, dimension, and layout. Make a custom hue to connect with the customers and add value to shopping through your brand. Email Custom Box Solutions for information about free shipping.

Cube Boxes Wholesale Benefits Your brand with huge discounts and saves money

Businesses that manufacture and ship many products daily need wholesale cube boxes. The consistent packaging does not ruin sales and maintains a healthy customer relationship. Due to the abundance of packaging, the brand can ship more than 100 products daily. Large-scale companies prefer cube cases because they are easy to order and assemble. Moreover, they do need a large surface area to store the boxes. Custom Box Solutions lets the clients pick the material, its thickness, and other features. As a result, your products stay safe from breaking, dirt, mud, and temperature damage.

Ideal for products

When ordering custom cube boxes wholesale clients factor in the product’s shape. Custom Box Solutions personalizes the design and layout according to the customer, family, or friends’ needs. These boxes are ideal for shipping, safety, and conveying products. Bakers use corrugated boxes for packaging cupcakes, cookies, and sweets.

Endless personalization

At Custom Box Solutions, the client can design boxes anywhere they like. They can insert a sleeve or insert. Moreover, the client can customize the box with ribbons and embellishments. The client can also choose from finishing options such as matte, gloss, and metallic.

Expert help

Custom Box Solutions advises against brown and plain kraft boxes. The exterior makes the product appear very well. Therefore, the packaging specialist will help you pick an excellent color scheme. The experts will add relevant images, brand logos, and product information. If your product has warnings, Custom Box Solutions will place them, too. Manufacturing and expiry dates are also essential.

Experience high-end services at Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solutions is dedicated to providing professional help at affordable rates. The company uses the latest printing technology, so the quality is not compromised. Moreover, the client can choose from various designs in the library. Visit the Custom Box Solution website to design a cubic box for products, subscriptions, gifts, and long-distance shipping.



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