Designing an exterior for a product is not easy. It consumes much time, creative thinking, and resources. Moreover, you must also be familiar with the latest trends. Otherwise, the brand cannot connect with its target customers. Therefore, brands suffer when they are unaware of their likes and dislikes. Most of the time, brands are confused about what the customers will think of their packaging. Therefore, they research custom retail packaging boxes. It is the exterior’s nature to attract the customer because of the outer beauty. Brands have realized the importance of packaging, so let’s learn how to make the most impact with a trendy box.

Elegant styles

Custom retail packaging boxes must have a sophisticated experience to amplify the product. It will speak of its features and beauty highly. Moreover, these boxes can also take the shape of gifts to wow a loved one. Here are a few styles that are trending in custom retail packaging boxes

Pillow boxes

Pillow boxes are the most attractive design in custom retail packaging boxes. The exterior is very appealing to the customers. The pillow boxes will wrap the cheap and expensive items expertly. Furthermore, the exterior can be manipulated according to the item requirements in different sizes and shapes at Custom Box Solutions.

Window boxes

Boxes with windows are also a huge trend. The exterior offers a glimpse into the product neatly wrapped inside the box. The customer can admire the item without damaging it. Custom Box Solution manufactures window boxes with the latest die-cut technology for efficiency. These are cost-effective and an excellent investment for newer retail brands.

Boxes with hand tags

Brands also research boxes with hand tags when investing in custom retail packaging boxes. The hand tags are also the customer’s favorite to improve the beauty of the packaging. The exterior will provide information to the customer, such as the brand name. The client can also mention expiry dates, ingredients, product storage, and usage guidelines.

Lid and tray design

A lid and tray design strongly resembles a rigid box. It has excellent closures for additional protection. The design is preferred for high-end, fragile items. Manufacturers who sell perfumes, glass, candles, and high-end décor items will opt for tray enclosures when designing custom retail packaging boxes.

Ribbon box

A ribbon box is the go-to design for most brands. The exterior is durable. The ribbon adds mystery. It invites the customers to unwrap the custom retail packaging boxes to discover the prize. The item will easily slip out and surprise the customers. It is a wonderful unboxing experience.

Thumb box

The thumb box is the most unique design on the custom retail packaging boxes list. The exterior has a cut that opens the box with minimum effort. Sellers can easily assemble the box. Customers can recycle the exterior after the packaging is no longer in use.

Gable boxes

The barn houses inspire the shape of the gable boxes. The packaging is a one-piece box that does not have layers. However, there is a handle on top for easy handling. The design is easy to transport and will not damage the product during logistics. It eliminates stress at the customers’ and sellers’ end.

Picking the Material for Custom Retail Packaging

Retail businesses fear the lack of security in delivering. They aim for the items to reach the customers without breaking, damage, or contamination. A brand will never willingly take the risk of logistical damage because it adds cost to their product. Therefore, they will wrap the item security and monitor the performance. Here are the top choices for the material for custom retail packaging boxes:


The material is the immediate choice for many brands because of its durability. Secondly, cardboard packaging is sturdy. It will not let moisture, heat, or other foreign elements damage the product. Lastly, cardboard is also an inexpensive choice compared to its advantages. The material also has a plain surface for excellent printing results.


Kraft material is famous for its sustainability. The material is recyclable. Brands opt for kraft materials because customers appreciate environmentally friendly packaging. Kraft is well-known for its strength. Thus, making it appropriate for heavy items. Lastly, kraft material is used in the food industry because it preserves your favorite meal’s aroma, freshness, and taste.


Custom retail packaging boxes are an excellent way to promote your brand. They will convey the message to the customer, which the seller cannot do after the items leave the outlets or stores. Custom Box Solution will print the brand logo and name so the customer immediately recognizes the product. The packaging provider will also print more information on the boxes to educate the buyer.


Manufacturers opt for rigid material because of its longevity. It is appropriate for luxury items and gifts. Rigid cardboard offers optimal security so the product does not break.

Decorate the boxes

If the custom retail packaging boxes are improperly decorated, the boxes will fail to make an impact. Therefore, the embellishments and add-ons must be eye-catching to appeal to the target demographic. These features will push the customers to engage with your brand shop. Otherwise, they will switch to a brand with more innovative packaging. You can decorate the box with the following items:

  1. Ribbons
  2. Add-ons
  3. Vibrant printing
  4. Laminations

Time to wrap up the discussion

Brands are excited to research custom retail packaging boxes because it is exciting. It updates the companies about the customer’s thoughts and how they can monetize their products efficiently. Newer, innovative ideas surface every day, which helps the companies one-up each other. A health competition is necessary when the aim is customers’ well-being.

Hire Custom Box Solutions today

Custom Box Solution’s library has elegant, traditional, and trending designs. The bespoke exterior will attract customers. Thus, increasing sales. The brand will also witness a higher profit and can consider expanding to new markets. At Custom Box Solutions, you can personalize the packaging’s size, layout, and dimensions. Moreover, the design team is ready to assist the clients. Custom Box Solutions will customize a hue to represent your brand if a color is not in the library. Regular orders are delivered in five to seven days. Rushed orders reach the client’s doorstep in three to five days. Email the support staff for queries regarding custom retail packaging boxes.