Packaging counts a lot when the business is food-related. It attracts the customers to purchase from the brand. Thus, increasing sales and revenue. Moreover, the cake packaging also offers much-needed protection to the cakes while keeping their visual appeal. Here are the most used bakery boxes that eateries might use. The discussion concludes with the best pick, so don’t skip to the end.

A brown, dull cake box

The most basic cake box is made from regular cardboard with no artwork. The brown color dulls the packaging. However, the odd-color boxes are the industry standard for new bakeries because they are cheap. You may have encountered endless brown cake boxes because they have been used for a long time. These boxes are manufactured with recycled cardboard and virgin paper board. However, a duplex paper board is also used for its construction. These boxes do not have laminations and break down easily due to moisture or heat. The packaging is used all over the USA. It is very easy to customize according to the client’s needs.

Bakery Boxes with Window

Bakery boxes with window give the food lovers a sneak peek inside the box. They can admire the irresistible cakes and desserts packaged and preserved neatly inside the box. Moreover, Bakery boxes with window provoke the consumers to open the box. Unfortunately, they cannot do it without paying. Therefore, bakery boxes with window increase sales based on curiosity. The consumers know they cannot slice the cake without purchasing the delicious food item. The cardboard box with a roof window is created with a machine. Moreover, the plastic sheet is adhered manually. The design uses top-quality cardboard. However, you will also notice bakery boxes with windows created from kraft and corrugated material, which are the sturdier options. Here are some other benefits of the design.

Gathering customer’s attention

Packaging is the first element the consumers admire in the bakery. It is the first thing they see when asking about the product. If the cake box design is not creative, the bakery/brand will not gain a competitive advantage. Cake boxes with windows display the cake in excellent lighting. They make the dessert approachable and irresistible. Moreover, the window-based design builds trust among the customers. They foresee a relationship with the brand based on loyalty. The consumers understand they receive the product as advertised without unwelcome surprises.


Bakery boxes with window also promote innovation at the brand’s end. The customers appreciate the consistency in the packaging. They are captivated by the grace. You can place a wholesale order at Custom Box Solutions to achieve the advantage with a cost-effective element. The design team will also print the brand logo, slogan, and taglines. The client can add other necessary details to educate the consumer. The text will promote trust and motivate the consumers to purchase often from the bakery. In short, never overlook out-of-the-box thinking in bakery boxes.

Welcome charm

Bakery boxes with windows made from high-quality material add sophistication. The windows allow the attendants to see what is on the menu. The design creates an atmosphere that is difficult to resist and forget. Window boxes will provide a memorable experience to all the hungry guests.

Unleash the creativity

Companies are now promoting their sustainability values to attract more customers. Moreover, they are also proud of the automated processes that make them unique among their competitors. Similarly, bakery boxes with window are a creative exterior that represents the brand and its products. The packaging makes the box more unique. Moreover, customers will immediately identify the brand. They are likelier to remember the brand name as well. Therefore, more brands are now investing in bakery boxes with windows highlighting the brand’s image and corporate values.

Corrugated boxes

Besides bakery boxes with window, corrugated packaging is also trending. The material is excellent for two or three-layered cakes. This is because the corrugated material is strong enough to withstand the weight of the cakes. You will notice weddings, birthdays, and large anniversary cakes arrive in a corrugated box. Furthermore, the corrugated packaging also complements preserving the food. Corrugated can be placed in the fridge. The material will not harm the frosting, sugar, or icing on the cake. Lastly, the material will also absorb moisture and keep the cake fresh. Corrugated cake boxes preserve the taste until the cutting ceremony. Furthermore, the anniversary couple or birthday individuals will not worry about the cake becoming ruined. The material relieves stress completely.

Cake Box with handles

When a bakery packs a cake for the customer, transportation is one of the most significant challenges. The consumer is worried about ruining the cake before they reach the destination. They will either hold the cake stable using their hand or a paper bag. A modern cake box design focuses on a handle for easy transportation. The handle will preserve the taste and texture of the cake. Moreover, it will prevent the dessert from rubbing on the sides. The cake, as a result, is easy to handle. The weight of the dessert shifts to the handle, which strengthens the packaging. High-end bakeries are now using cake boxes with windows that have handles to combine the benefits of the designs.

Which is the best option?

From the discussion above, the advantages of bakery boxes with windows are countless. They are beneficial for the vendors, employees, staff, and consumers. The design instantly captures the customer’s attention while simultaneously promoting your brand. Bakery boxes with window can also separate cupcakes because of their user-friendly structure.

But where to get bakery boxes with windows?

Customer Box Solutions is a well-known packaging company famous for its free design consultation. Moreover, there are no shipping charges as well. You can design and customize bakery boxes with window for cupcakes, cakes, and cookies. At Custom Box Solutions, the clients pick the material, size, and layout of bakery boxes with windows. You can apply artwork, brand logo, and tagline to make the packaging more attractive. After the design consultation, the artists will give a 3D mock to the client for approval. The complete order will reach the clients in five to seven business days. Furthermore, the rushed orders are completed in three to five days. Email Custom Box Solutions for queries about their client-friendly refund policy.