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Delight in perfect Custom Cupcake Boxes! 🧁 Showcase your cupcakes beautifully & sustainably. Secure & enhance visual appeal now! 🎀

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.

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Packaging Bliss – Cupcake Boxes for All Occasions at Economical Rates

Cupcake boxes are the most in-demand packaging by bakeries and food sellers. Customboxsolutions designs such boxes in different shapes and sizes. The clients pick the color, pattern, and artwork. The packaging company will customize the huge if the color is not part of the collection. Regardless of the product, it is essential that the packaging match the item to deliver a consistent message. Otherwise, it can confuse the customers. You can order cupcake cases for gift-giving purposes that are made from long-lasting material. The boxes are easy to design, decorate, and assemble.

Do you know what cupcake boxes are?

Cupcake cases are the packaging for single, multiple, or dozen bakery items. They are available in square and round shapes. However, you can personalize the dimensions at Customboxsolutions. Cupcake cases show appreciation, delight, and glee. The packaging company will apply artwork and stickers to make the exterior more unique. The baker can add inserts and windows to the cupcake case. It prevents the icing from breaking or falling apart. In short, they are the most long-lasting and permanent solution for shipping delicate items such as cupcakes, pastries, and cookies.

Make a statement

Bespoke cupcake cases will help the seller make a grand statement about its operations. You can choose to print a logo or the initials. Furthermore, you can also print taglines and other texts that the customers will immediately link to the brand. Today is the best time to invest in packaging to promote the business. It is a valuable asset that advertises the business wherever it travels.

Why use cupcake cases?

Cupcake cases are available in different designs. They are used for different purposes, such as transportation and creating brand awareness. The boxes also keep the edible items safe from the environment. Moreover, the boxes are attractive, which aids in customer loyalty.

Cupcake boxes wholesale order in big amounts at reasonable price

Did you recently place an order for wholesale boxes? Customboxsolutions has hundreds of designs for cupcake cases. You can place inserts in a variety of sizes and different styles. As a result, you will keep the bakery stocked. You can host a bakery sale. You can pick the individual box for the celebration.

Clear Plastic boxes

Wholesale cupcake boxes will place the item at the center of the customer’s attention. They can view the delicious treats without contamination. Furthermore, the cupcakes remain safe from humidity. The cases will not ruin the frosting. Customboxsolutions offers huge discounts on big orders to expand your business.

Side window boxes

Customboxsolutions will also design cupcake cases with a trendy window and strip design. It lets the artists showcase their talent. The client can place stripes, images, and animations to please the customers. These boxes are perfect for commercial and private-related events. You can order for birthdays, occasions, and other milestone events.

Boxes for stands

Wholesale cupcake cases have excellent standards. They are an excellent idea to make a wedding or a party unique. The boxes ensure the cupcake withstand their shape and the frosting does not melt until the guests snatch the tasty treat. You can order the cupcake cases in different foiling options at Customboxsolutions to match the design and color of the cupcake.

Keep up with the trend!

Bakeries and brands are capitalizing on the cupcake trend. It is not forecasted to slow down. Therefore, if your brand is part of the industry, it is time to generate awareness. Customboxsolutions will help you pick the color, size, and styles to improve the cupcake presentation.


Customboxsolutions wholesale cases guarantee time and money-saving properties. The boxes will reach the client’s doorstep in seven to ten days. Rushed orders are completed in three to five days at the lowest price. The team is dedicated to expanding your brand and appreciating your hard work.

Everything you need to know about Custom cupcake boxes!

An ideal packaging must have sufficient place to keep the products fresh. Therefore, personalized cupcake cases will ensure that the sweet treat flavor and aroma are not compromised. The designers at Customboxsolutions will have different features that ensure easy opening. The client can pick the size and inserts according to the requirement. It will keep the cupcake and frosting separate even when they are in a different box.

Makes the cupcakes more visible

You will notice that cupcakes are usually present at birthday parties. They are offered to the guests at family events, anniversaries, and weddings. Everyone finds cupcakes appealing because of their unique shape and taste. CustomBoxSolutions offers unique custom cupcake boxes with logo designs to increase the brand’s reach. The enhanced visual appeals influence the buying decision.

Engaging design

Brand owners wish to stay ahead of their competitors. They want to take advantage of the market trends that represent the buyer’s behavior. The designers will apply to choose relevant graphics to improve the design. The clients can submit artwork, logos, and taglines that are crucial to the design. Customboxsolutions will decorate the box with burgers, pizzas, and cakes so the consumers salivate instantly. You can consult with the team for more stylish and elegant features.

Competitive advantage

Ordinary boxes for cupcakes do not increase sales when the market is already so competitive. Therefore, Customboxsolutions motivates the clients to pick the packaging elements carefully. With the boxes, the customer can easily view the products on the shelves. The taglines, designs, and other elements make the cupcakes more noticeable to the customers.

Gourmet cupcakes

If you are an advanced baker who sells customized cupcakes, you need a personalized box to match the height of the bakery treats. At Customboxsolutions, you can customize the dimensions so the cupcakes reach safely to the clients. It promotes the business successfully.

Cardboard cupcake boxes keep the frosting fresh and creamy!

A bakery is a dream come true for individuals who like desserts. Whether you want to sell muffins, cupcakes, or cookies, Customboxsolutions offers excellent packaging solutions for safe delivery. The boxes are made from excellent cardboard material with the perfect size for cupcakes. Moreover, you can also use them to ship cakes, donuts, muffins, and biscuits to deliver love/romance.

Cardboard cases with inserts

Cardboard cupcake boxes with inserts have specific slots for each cupcake. They will keep the cupcakes in their proper shape and intact during transit. As a result, the logistical ups and downs do not damage the cupcakes. Moreover, the design team will print unique patterns and messages to generate an excellent brand image. The exterior makes the cupcakes more appealing.

Why use cardboard for cupcake cases?

Cupcake cases made out of cardboard will generate huge profits because the packaging increases the number of sales. Cardboard boxes’ primary clients include cafes, food stores, and retailers. It keeps the ingredients and frosting extremely delicious. Secondly, cardboard is a biodegradable material that keeps the planet safe. It does not damage the environment. As a result, the customers are pleased with the sustainability initiative that the brands make. In addition, the cardboard cases ensure the product does not expire in a short time.

Why invest in cupcake cases?

Customboxsolutions encourages clients to order boxes made of cardboard for the following reasons:

  1. Firstly, the boxes are easy to transport
  2. They keep the cupcakes safe.
  3. Thirdly, the cardboard is high-quality. It ensures longevity.
  4. Cardboard does not let airborne particles and bacteria enter the box.
  5. Cardboard is inexpensive and does not disturb the budget.
  6. Lastly, cardboard lets the brands display professionalism.

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Admire the tasty treat from afar with Window cupcake boxes

A cupcake box with window is an essential element to make the product more interesting. It is an unconventional box design that speaks creativity. The window cases are very unique and maintain the customer’s attention for a very long time. As a result, they fall in love with the item and the brand.

Excellent outcome

Customers will stop, turn around, and admire the window boxes in bakeries, aisles, and shops. Customboxsolutions’ window boxes have the perfect dimensions to house the cupcakes without damaging the frosting, color, and the treat. The boxes are reliable for long-term results such as branding. You can combine the window boxes with an informational pamphlet to educate the customers about the brand. It can mention future deals to increase engagement.

High-quality raw material

When designing window cases, the packaging company does not compromise on raw materials. Customboxsolutions does not use dated materials because the brands now use environmentally friendly materials. The boxes appear visually aesthetic and fancy, which raises the customer’s expectations.

Timely decision-making

In the modern market, it is challenging to pick the perfect elements. Therefore, Customboxsolutions team helps clients make the right choices at the right time to scale their business. The provider has simplified the decision-making processes. The team works closely with the clients to ensure the product is clearly visible. The experts pay close attention to the inside of the boxes to captivate the customers.

Helps with branding

Bakeries often struggle with branding because the food market has many competitors. Some find it very difficult to survive. Therefore, they seek perfection. Customboxsolutions has amazing designs and logo printing technology. The team will foil, laminate, and emboss features to leave a positive impression.

Yield high returns with lightweight, durable Kraft cupcake boxes

One of the reasons cupcake markets have grown exponentially is because of the kraft material. It is a sustainable and green solution for kraft paper. The material’s qualities are well-known among the seller and retailer. You can use kraft in boxes because of its fibers, the toughest in the market.


Kraft cases for cupcakes are lightweight. They are easy to pack and store. Furthermore, the material does not add the necessary weight to the box. It results in fewer shipping charges, so the burden is not passed to the customer. The cupcakes will not swing side to side in kraft cases because the material is powerful.


Kraft paper is excellent for cupcake cases because it can be reused. Brands and customers can recycle the material after the initial consumption. The material is made from an organic source with very few chemicals. The material does not have impurities that compromise its function. Kraft promotes sustainable practices that create a deeper bond between the brand and the customer.


Kraft cupcake boxes with window are durable as well. The material will protect the cupcake from outside air, humidity, and bacteria. It is a popular option in the food industry that does not let moisture or water enter the box. Moreover, kraft is also perfect for absorbing food oils. The material guarantees long expiration dates while maintaining the budget.


Cupcake cases made from kraft paper are quite versatile. They spread brand awareness so the customers immediately recognize the brand. Moreover, the customers will immediately link the cupcakes to a specific bakery. Customboxsolutions will highlight specific elements so packaging stands out on the shelves and among the market.

Order cupcake cases today

Customboxsolutions allow the clients to personalize the box completely. They can pick the material, dimensions, and layout. Don’t forget to add windows and inserts. You can create a new shade and foiling to make the exterior sparkle. Experience free shipping and advice today. Visit the website to learn more. Place an order via email or an online form.


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