Cream Boxes

Premium Custom Cream Boxes tailored for your brand. Made in the USA, our unique packaging enhances product appeal. Elevate your branding now!

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.

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Why hire Custom Box Solutions for Cream Boxes?

Creams for face, body, hair, and skin boost personal hygiene. They are an integral part of a skincare routine for many people. With awareness about skin and health rising, individuals are now investing in body products. Here are a few reasons to hire Custom Box Solutions to order packaging for beauty products

Type of the box

Custom Box Solution will manufacture cream packaging in all shapes and sizes. You can pick the material and color of the packaging to suit your needs.

Thickness and dimensions

Custom Box Solutions offers high-quality service where the client can also pick a custom thickness of the packaging. You can choose from kraft and corrugated materials that each have advantages.


Custom Box Solutions uses sustainable ink for excellent, vibrant results. You can choose between PMS and CMYK options.


Clients can completely customize the design if they are not pleased with the drafts or templates. Custom Box Solutions hires the most well-qualified designers who will do it for you.


Custom Box Solution also offers add-ons to take your packaging to the next step. As a result, your brand gains a competitive advantage. The clients can choose from embossing, foiling, spot UV, and die-cut

Free Shipping

When ordering cream boxes USA vendors enjoy free shipping. The packaging is quickly and timely delivered.

No minimum quantity

Whether you have one or one thousand boxes, Custom Box Solutions will accept your order for personalized cream packaging. However, the company also offers discounts on bulk orders. Thus, making the packaging more affordable.

Free Consultation

The designers assist the client throughout the design stages. The vendors can seek advice about the color and shape of the container. Moreover, they can also collaborate on the artwork to build a professional narrative.

Experience Quick Turnaround with Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solutions will deliver the order within seven to 10 days. The packaging provider believes in building trust with their clients. Contact Custom Box Solutions today if you are unsure about the cosmetic design.

Excellent Custom Cream Boxes to improve your skincare routine

Excellent cream packaging influences the client significantly. The packaging motivates the new brands to enter the market and satisfy the different requirements. As a result, the new entrants can create a bigger impact than already existing brands. Custom Box Solutions understands the client’s needs and will deliver personalized packaging for all sizes of creams.

Attract the customer with luxury packaging

Custom Box Solution believes luxury does not need to be expensive. The packaging provider will design the cream packaging in custom shades to attract the target audience. When ordering custom cream boxes USA clients can also benefit from free shipping. It will save manufacturing costs that are not transferred to the customers. Custom Box Solutions is an expert in bespoke packaging, focusing on comfort with a sophisticated presence.

The service will not charge you for the initial consultation. Custom Box Solution understands that the creams’ customers are attracted to loud packaging. Thus, the designers will translate a vibrant color scheme that matches your brand. To attract customers, you can also enjoy contemporary, modern, and die-cut designs. Custom Box Solution offers different finishes, so customers gravitate to your product in the beauty aisle.

Custom Box Solution is the best!

The Custom Box Solution design process involves minor steps, focusing on attention to detail. The packaging will have product descriptions such as instructions and shelf life. Moreover, the materials will prevent the bottle from breaking. You can consult the designers to decide on an elegant color scheme that bonds with the customers. Custom Box Solution will manufacture the packaging with art and technology so the exterior is more genuine. Personalized cream packaging is also an excellent idea for gift-giving at a milestone event. You can add value to the present with your and the recipient’s name.

Moreover, leave a personal, inspiring message on the exterior to inspire the special someone. Contact Custom Box Solutions today for inquiries about cream packaging. The company is a respectable and credible seller of packaging for all industries. Enjoy the day and night customer support and expert help today.

Cream Boxes Wholesale orders with no minimum quantity

Brands now want to sell their products with a fascinating exterior because dull packaging just won’t do. The client’s biggest challenge is making a name for themselves. This is where Custom Box Solutions will help you sell products with the most appealing packaging. Custom Box Solutions is the best provider of bespoke exteriors with 24-7 customer service. Moreover, the company has networks with the most esteemed vendors to ensure high-quality material, ink, and logistics. With outstanding packaging, your footing in the market is guaranteed.

Why place a wholesale order at Custom Box Solutions?

Excellent security and quality

Custom Box Solutions’ primary requirement for cream packaging is that it protects the product. Therefore, the company uses high-quality materials to maintain the product’s consistency for long travels without harming the environment. The products reach the customer’s doorstep timely. Once the initial trust is established, they are likely to order from the company repeatedly, increasing brand recognition. The brand will notice an increase in sales and eventual financial freedom. Custom Box Solutions will never lower its standards for bulk orders. The packaging provider will surpass the expectations each time without pressurizing vendors to complete wholesale orders.

Budget-friendly options

Custom Box Solutions makes wholesale cream boxes at an affordable rate. As a result, the client’s business thrives in the market. The flexible environment means the client does not need to worry about budget. Thus, they can invest in marketing, seizing opportunities to expand their brand.


Custom Box Solution ensures consistency in wholesale orders. The client can pick a custom shape to ensure their products stand out. Moreover, they can also personalize the color to match the inside bottle. Custom Box Solutions will use the right ink and material to ensure an excellent output. Say hello to excellent packaging. If you are looking for excellent boxes for creams made from environmentally friendly material with minimum waste, look no further than Custom Box Solutions. The company has the quickest turnaround time. Lastly, you can also enjoy amazing benefits on bulk orders. Email for queries about materials.

Printed Cream Boxes with engaging prints and sustainable ink

Companies now use customized packaging for their beauty products for easy recognition in the market. The strategy also increases revenue. Hire Custom Box Solutions, which manufactures beauty packaging in all shapes, sizes, dimensions, and formats to actualize these advantages. Moreover, you will also experience excellent administration, creative minds, and other features that enhance the design.

Unique designs and distinct artwork

The elite designers at Custom Box Solutions have a long list of options for cream box packaging. It will attract all the customers and leave an ever-lasting impression. The company offers foiling options in cold and silver for a competitive advantage. Moreover, you can also pick a cut-window design as well. Custom Box Solution uses sustainable and finest ink to print cream packaging of all shapes and sizes.

The clients can also choose a bespoke shade for the custom-printed cream boxes. The inks do not fade or become dull over time. Collaborating with the client allows the brand to reach its target customers easily. The user is joyful and pleased when using the product. It celebrates the ideology that the brand is created to improve your skin and appearance.

Sustainable Printing

The custom box printing at Custom Box Solutions factors in its sustainability values. The packaging will not hurt the planet or the customer. As a result, the cream packaging exterior builds a safe place to live in for everyone. The materials are safe for the environment and the customer. Sustainability allows the brand and Custom Box Solutions to earn an excellent reputation in the industry. The customers will trust the company with environmentally friendly packaging.

Hire Custom Box Solutions today

The designers at Custom Box Solutions will pour their heart and soul into the packaging to satisfy their clients. The expert minds will consider the number of items inside the packaging, their weight, and free samples. Custom Box Solutions is excellent for long-distance journeys for international shipping. The cream will maintain its shape, size, and consistency due to the sustainable and top-quality packaging. Email for order placement.

Stun the Target Demographic with Bespoke Body Cream Boxes

When designing personalized packaging for boxes, it is necessary to incorporate the product and what the company stands for. The exterior will convey how the product is unique and made from high-quality materials. Custom Box Solutions will ensure the packaging has the relevant information, such as instructions, ingredients, and warnings. Furthermore, the client can also choose from gloss, debossing, embossing, foil, and UV coating.

What are the benefits of personalized cream packaging?

Brand recognition

A personalized box for creams will generate appeal. Moreover, it will also improve the outlook of the beauty product. The cream will look unique among the competitors, which increases the likelihood of a successful sale. Custom Box Solution promises value-adding packaging that is convenient for customers to open and close. Bespoke packaging is an essential marketing tool in the beauty industry. The exterior, with metallic foiling and a luxurious font, reflects well on the brand. You can use the customization to discuss the brand and impress the customers.

Cream Information

The custom body or face cream boxes from Custom Box Solutions are available in different shapes, dimensions, and sizes. Furthermore, they will have additional features so the customer can learn more about the product. These boxes are made from cardboard or paperboard. The material is long-lasting and durable. The experts will suggest the right packaging size depending on the cream volume. Custom Box Solutions will also manufacture travel-size packaging. The client can customize the design according to the brand name, logo, and ingredients.

Brand recognition

When considering body cream boxes wholesale clients place a large order so the customers recognize the brand among the competitors. Custom Box Solutions will ensure that the brand, colors, and taglines reflect the company perfectly. It contributes to product loyalty and recognition significantly.

Product differentiation

Custom Box Solutions will design the packaging to make the brand unique. The provider manufactures boxes from sustainable materials such as kraft and recycled paperboard. The cream boxes made from kraft material are cruelty-free. Moreover, the boxes do not contain paraben. Custom Box Solution offers free shipping and 24/7 customer service. The initial consultation with the design team is free, so visit the website today. Email samples to the designers for inspiration.


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