Custom Candy Boxes

Indulge in exquisite Custom Candy Boxes designed for you. Elevate celebrations & branding with our bespoke packaging. Sweet perfection for every event.

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


How to create idea Candy Boxes with Custom Box Solutions?

Are you a new candy brand? Are you finding it difficult to promote your products? A unique, bespoke packaging will amplify the user experience. As a result, the delicious candies will sell quickly. Custom Box Solutions will manufacture attractive and appealing candy cases to boost market presence. The design team is full of innovative areas for bespoke boxes. Here are a few reasons to hire Custom Box Solutions.

Launch a unique candy

Personalized boxes of candy are essential in creating a unique presence in the market. In a world where new competitors enter the market daily, competition becomes intense. One way to step ahead of the other candy vendors is custom packaging. Custom Box Solution will also personalize the boxes, bags, and wrappers to befit your brand.

Creates brand awareness

Candy boxes will also build brand awareness. More and more customers are likely to engage with your candy-selling shop. Custom Box Solutions will custom place the business logo, tagline, and other elements. These features will constantly remind the customers of your brand so they shop again in the future.

Increases sales

Bespoke candy cases will provoke the customers to shop more from the brand. Even if they browse the shop/store, they will likely purchase candies because of its exterior. Custom Box Solutions promises to deliver custom packaging made from high-quality materials. It will leave a lasting impression.

Endless designs

Business owners understand the importance of first impressions. When the customer enters their shop or visits their website, the brand is hopeful for a sale. If the surroundings are dull, the customer will walk away. Therefore, Custom Box Solutions suggests focusing on impressive displays and engaging templates. The packaging owner has a vast library for clients to browse.

Custom Candy Casings at Custom Box Solutions

The clients can pick the shape, size, dimensions, and other elements if they are dissatisfied with the options in the library. Moreover, you can customize the color using the color wheel. The design specialists will add artwork and embellishments to the box design. Custom Box Solutions awaits your approval so the design can go into production.

Show your care for Candy Gift Boxes

A well-designed candy gift boxes will show how much you care about the individual/recipient. History is full of occasions when chocolates and sweets were gifted in luxurious candy casings. The tradition is common around the world. Thus, Custom Box Solutions encourages you to keep up with the tradition and make special events more memorable.

Celebrate love

A theme-related candy casing is excellent for an event. For example, you can order Christmas candy boxes for the holidays at Custom Box Solutions. The team will design the boxes with a relevant color scheme, add-ons, and embellishments. It will convey warm feelings and show the recipient the special place they hold in your life.

Large order for gift boxes

Are you looking to place an order for a large event? Custom Box Solutions will design candy gift casings for weddings, corporate trips, and birthdays. The wedding boxes are a top seller because they make the day memorable for two special people. Moreover, the casings are long-lasting and can be reused after consuming the sweets.


Visit the Custom Box Solutions website to browse the vast collection of candy gift boxes with different finishes. You can pick from a window-shaped box, frosted finish, or clear packaging. Moreover, the boxes are also excellent for displaying for your store to attract customers.


The boxes at Custom Box Solutions are made of top-quality sustainable material. These cost-effective casings will ensure you surface as a reliable vendor. The boxes will increase your respect in the industry and mention unique product details simultaneously.

Follow the simple steps to order

The first step in placing an order at Custom Box Solutions is filling out a form. It will mention the relevant details for a successful assessment of price. The customer sales team at Custom Box Solutions immediately conveys the quotation to the client. You can pick the gift casings’ material, shape, size, and dimensions on the Custom Box Solution order form. Choose a custom shade to impress the recipient.

Highlight the sweet features with Custom Candy Boxes

As the body grows, its demand for calories increases. Thus, body development and the desire to eat sweetened treats are strongly linked. When someone hears the word candy, the images of kids come to mind. Memories linked to candies are bright, vibrant, and full of glee. Your customized candy boxes will seal these memories expertly. Custom Box Solutions will design catchy candy boxes in different shapes and sizes to generate more appeal for the brand. You can personalize the boxes however you please.

Make your business candy-friendly

Custom Box Solutions believes in making the products attractive to increase revenue. The boxes will help the brand advertise it expertly. You can pick the material and size at Custom Box Solutions according to the client’s requirements. These personalized boxes are ideal for chocolates, sweets, and other small candies. Custom Box Solution ensures customers are turned away from your online shop or store. The packaging is unique, with innovative printing solutions. The demand for products increases and builds engagement with the brand. A personalized candy case makes the packaging more appealing than the competitors. Moreover, the customization also adds value to the business.

Outstanding Printing for Custom Boxes

Do you wish for attractive packaging? Custom Box Solutions has an excellent solution. The experts will design custom candy boxes with logo with high-quality materials. If the designs from the library do not appeal to you, the client can pick custom sizes, shapes, materials, and dimensions to befit the candies for safe transportation. A fully customized design will make the box appealing to guests, customers, and recipients. Custom Box Solutions also offers die-cut designs. You can add silver and gold foiling. Raised ink makes the customers curious. These boxes are easy to assemble and disassemble, a quality welcomed by vendors and customers.

Experience sustainability at Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solutions manufactures boxes from environmentally friendly materials. The candy boxes are recyclable to reduce the burden on the planet. Visit the website to submit an order or to learn more about Custom Box Solutions, the leading packaging manufacturer.

Generate brand awareness with Candy Subscription Box

When candy box subscription packaging is made from credible material to ensure the sweets are not damaged in transit. Custom Box Solutions has unlimited options for sizes and shapes that will increase your candy sales. Custom Box Solutions pays special attention to the design and shape of the box. The colors are authentic and vibrant, representing your business strategy for sugary treats. They will showcase what you are selling instead of making false promises.

Conquer the demographic

Custom Box Solution celebrates and embodies craftsmanship. The company is a premier provider of excellent customizations for small businesses. You can also choose from a long list of materials such as rigid, white, kraft, and shipment boxes. The materials are durable and long-lasting. They will protect the delicate candies and other treats during transit. Custom Box Solutions uses die-cutting to enhance the features of the candy boxes. The offset and CMYK coloring keep the shades authentic and vibrant. The client can also choose semi-gloss, floss, spot, and matte UV features. It will protect the sweet treats from dust, moisture, and UV rays.

Become the customer’s favorite brand with Captivating Candy Boxes

Custom Box Solution offers outstanding customization features. Furthermore, the provider has an excellent network with vendors involving materials, embellishments, and add-ons. Custom Box Solution will manufacture excellent packaging under the professional supervision of artists. They will actualize the image of perfection. Custom Box Solution also offers free shipping regardless of the order amount. The designers are aware of the latest trends in packaging and customization. Moreover, the sales team is trained in answering customer queries. The company will deliver the order to the client’s doorstep in seven to ten days.

Contact Custom Box Solutions for Customized Candy Boxes

Custom Box Solutions’ team is active day and night, 24-7, to answer concerns. Moreover, they will also provide additional information regarding the order. You can email Custom Box Solutions to place an order. Consult with the artists regarding the subscription box’s material, size, dimension, and shape.

Candy Boxes Wholesale with Significant Discounts to save costs

Candy packaging in a plain material is unattractive. It lacks the appearance and the presentation for a successful sale. However, custom-designed candy packaging will instantly remedy the dullness. Here are a few reasons to hire Custom Box Solutions for a wholesale order

Vast Selection

The wholesale candy boxes are excellent for shop displays that will satisfy a sweet tooth. The personalized packaging will improve the appearance of the candy. The client can pick the inserts and pads to customize the packaging. You can choose between rigid and pop-up style boxes, too. The cases are easy to assemble and have relevant information for the candies. As a result, you pick the best sweets according to your preferences.

Business logo

Custom Box Solutions will print the vendor logo on the wholesale orders. The client can also choose the placement of the logo, company slogan, and tagline. There are custom decorations to choose from, too, such as ribbons, inserts, and embellishments. With personalized packaging, everyone will enjoy the products from your store. You can also place a bespoke wholesale order for holiday collections, parties, and weddings.

Candy Pads

Candy box orders at Custom Box Solutions will also have pads. The internal accessory will separate chocolates, macrons, and candies so the flavors do not merge. You will notice pads are crucial accessories in chocolate boxes Valentine’s Day and other romantic events. A pad hoes above the tray but below the lid. The taste of chocolate and flavored treats may be ruined without a candy pad.


Wholesale orders from Custom Box Solutions will also contain trays. The accessory allows the vendor to present the candies beautifully. They take the shape of beautiful jewels that one can eat. Custom Box Solutions inserts prevent the boxes from bumping into each other. Trays are essential for toffee, cookies, taffy, and peanut biscuits. You also need them for bonbons, fudge squares, nuts, fruit-covered chocolates, and truffles.

Contact Custom Box Solutions

The client can pick the wholesale box’s size, dimension, shape, and color at Custom Box Solutions. You can customize the shade from a color wheel or add embellishments. Visit the website to fill out the order form and enjoy unbelievable discounts on bulk orders.


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