Custom Bottle Boxes

Elevate your brand with bespoke Custom Bottle Boxes from Custom Box Solutions. Enhance packaging, boost appeal, and stand out. Order yours today!

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


Bottle Boxes| high-quality, sustainable, and the safest transport

Sending the brand’s glass bottles from point A to point B requires special packaging. The boxes must be well-designed and durable to sustain the logistical bumps. Therefore, Custom Box Solutions offers a wide collection of customized bottle boxes. As a result, the bottles reach their destination safely.

Custom shape and size

The packaging boxes at Custom Box Solutions are designed with the standard bottles in mind. However, the client can customize the packaging according to the shape and design of the bottle. Examples are spirits, oils, scents, wines, juices, and perfumes. Custom Box Solution has packaging available in custom shapes to pack the bottles firmly.

Add a logo

After picking the design and dimension, the next step involves creativity. Personalized bottle cases can be further enhanced with business name placement. The client can also print the company logo and tagline. As a result, the bottle cases increase product engagement. Moreover, business recognition also rises. In addition, the bottle can also be used for gift-giving.

Personalize each element with colors

Custom Box Solution is a distinctive name in the packaging industry because of its endless customization. The company focuses on trust and transparency. Customer satisfaction is the primary objective with highly personalized products at inexpensive rates. The client can pick colors and the perfect material for durable cases.

Cases for all clients

Are you searching for personalized cases for your business? Then let Custom Box Solutions help you with packaging that protects glass bottles. The cardboard material will showcase high-quality printing. Furthermore, it will also have inserts. Personalized bottle cases are popular for distilleries, vineyards, and online sellers.

Clients who hire Custom Box Solutions witness a huge drop in shipping charges. The bottles are protected better. Moreover, the packaging is easy to assemble. Lastly, it is easy for customers to recycle personalized cases. Custom Box Solutions will create the perfect packaging for clients, staff, and businesses. Here are some other benefits:

  • Each wine, juice, or perfume bottle is protected with inserts and individual compartments.
  • The cardboard case will keep the bottles safe from the top and bottom.
  • The cases for delivery will house one, two, three, four, and six bottles in each box.
  • Each card size is standard. However, the client can customize it.
  • There is sufficient space between the exterior and the bottle for excellent protection.
  • The boxes are easy to assemble without tools.
  • In addition, the user can recycle the material easily.

Excellent customer service at Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solution will print and create bottle cases for personal and business use. You can pick the color, theme, and add-ons for engaging boxes. There are no shipping or hidden charges. Email Custom Box Solution for packaging insight.

Perfect Bottle Shipping Boxes for winemakers and retailers

No matter what you sell, each bottle has a target user who purchases the product. Therefore, the bottles need to be delivered safely in a shipping box. Customers buy individual bottles or bottle cases according to their needs. They can order bottles from distilleries, shops, or an online shop. However, they will step back if the packaging is not attractive. Today’s guide focuses on creating engaging practices.

Protecting delicate glass items

Custom Box Solutions offers top-quality, custom bottle cases in different varieties for safe delivery. It acts as a protectant and transport product simultaneously. Furthermore, the client can also customize the bottle cases according to shape, size, and dimension. The high-quality material will protect the samples. They are sustainable too.

Easy to assemble

The customized shipping boxes for bottles have a flat base. As a result, they are very easy to assemble. Custom Box Solution’s innovative designs focus on folding material in simple steps. The material is lightweight but strong because of its three layers. The bottle case is not arched fora cost-effective exterior. Visit Custom Box Solutions for tailor-made boxes.

Bottle cases for easy storage

Custom Box Solution understands the science between carton size and weight balance. Therefore, the experts carefully observe the ratio for easy shipment. Each bottle case order is for a unique purpose with customized attributes. For further ease, the boxes are made from foldable material. The wine seller or merchant can flatten the bottle box containers after using them.

Easy folding and unfolding

The innovative designs at Custom Box Solution to assemble and disassemble the cases follow logical instructions. Custom Box Solutions understands that timing is precious. Therefore, the packaging provider uses innovative technology to add inserts seamlessly. The flap closes securely, and the adhesive ensures the boxes do not move.

Add personality to the case with Custom Box Solutions

Glass bottles arriving in brown, plain boxes do not create an impact. It does not share information about the company. The lack of product details disheartens the customer. Custom Box Solution is the solution to these challenges. The client can add logos, taglines, and product descript to the bottle case. It results in easy handling and does not confuse the reader.

Well-crafted Bottle Gift Box for all occasions | Make a grand entrance

Bottle Gift boxes make every event unique. It makes the content of the gift box appear more beautiful. Custom Box Solutions has various gift boxes if your product is looking for the perfect sleeve or any reason to dress up the bottle. You can create them from paper, cardboard, and plastic boxes to befit the event.

Upscale your brand

When ordering bottle gift boxes wholesale orders are a huge trend. They upgrade the product and create an excellent impression. You can design the cases for one, two, or three bottles at Custom Box Solutions. In addition, the client can also pick different handles or magnetic clasps for security. Custom Box Solution’s reasonable rates include lids and bases that fit the budget. Do you sell custom juices? Here are a few reasons to invest in gift boxes for bottles:

  • Gift boxes for bottles allow the brand to stand out. The unique packaging and engaging font result in more sales
  • Personalized gift boxes for bottles create an extra layer of protection with endless branding benefits. The experts at Custom Box Solutions will place the brand information in the best spot for maximum engagement.
  • Gift boxes for bottles are excellent for corporate events too. You can use the boxes to market the company on holidays. They can be displayed at marketing events. Personalized cases are ideal for corporate occasions that welcome investors, shareholders, and other esteemed individuals.
  • Custom Box Solution offers a wide variety of gift cases for bottles. You can select from a long list of styles, designs, and sizes. In addition, the client can also select the color to match the bottle. As a result, the gift box becomes perfect for an event.
  • Custom Box Solution also offers packaging with dividers. The inserts or foam prevents the bottles from bumping and shattering into each other.

Win the customers with Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solution lets the clients pick the gift boxes’ size, color, dimension, design, and theme. Email the design experts today.

Custom Bottle Packaging Boxes for weighted items with no shipping costs

Custom Box Solutions manufactures bottle box packaging from sustainable material. Furthermore, they are long-lasting. You can visit the website to learn more about the manufacturer and its quality control protocols. The bottle cases do not crack or weather. The client can pick a UV coating and credible lamination. In addition, the user can also pick from hot, silver, and gold foiling. Custom Box Solutions also offers templates for its local and international clients. However, the customer can also custom-design the template or the layout. Embossing, heat-stamping, debossing, and off-set will make the cases unique.

Wrap the bottles with style

Custom Box Solutions knows you want to grab the attention of the by-passer! A quick glance at unique bottle packaging will make the individual a loyal customer. The boxes for bottles are sturdy and well-built. They can sustain the toughest of impacts that will combat natural and artificial disasters. Customer Box Solution has the best materials, so the case protects the bottles if the packaging falls on the floor.

Bottle cases are available at the customer’s ease for long-lasting results

The custom designs at Custom Box Solutions have been the client’s favorite for years. The company puts its trust and faith into making personalized boxes. The packaging will perform excellently for years. Custom Box Solutions is sure you will be startled when the boxes arrive at your doorstep. The cases are reasonably priced so that you can add as much customization as necessary. You can stand out with the golden and silver foiling to successfully advertise your merchandise.

Order bottle cases at Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solution understands that glass bottles require care. Therefore, the provider lets the clients choose the box’s size, dimension, and closures. Furthermore, you can also print a fragile label and other helpful information on the bottle packaging. Custom Box Solution offers endless color, foiling, and coating customization. Its attention to detail is outstanding. Bottle packaging at Custom Box Solutions is geared toward the pharmaceutical, drinks, and health industries. You can order cases for one, two, three, size, and twelve bottles to dispatch volume orders easily.

Embellished, Attractive Custom Bottle Boxes to Promote Sales

Custom Box Solutions will add logos, storage information, and slogans to make the packaging unique. Here are a few reasons to hire Custom Box Solutions for innovative bottle boxes. They will do free marketing for the brand while you enjoy the advantages.

Think smart with custom printing

Boxes with dividers for bottles are an excellent approach to increase sales. The boxes are easy to store and present. Thus, the retailer will easily beat the competition. The customers will remember the brand whose packaging is very easy to open. Custom Box Solutions will also print the company’s name with a captivating design.

Safe delivery

Alcohol, juice, and refreshing juices are famous liquids that look excellent in bottle packaging. Custom Box Solutions manufactures bottles from cardboard to protect fragile glass. However, the client chooses the material too. Cardboard is the best choice because of its natural ability to repel moisture. Furthermore, the cardboard cap will keep it sealed. The client can customize the flap opening for a convenient design. You can pick the design elements however you please at Custom Box Solutions.

Custom Size and height

Personalized printed boxes ensure the company looks professional. The polished boxes can be stored and placed very easily. You can pick the box’s size, shape, and dimensions at Custom Box Solutions so the packaging looks different from the competitors. The client can use the boxes for other reasons when bottles are done shipping. However, the company’s name will always appear.

Brand recognition with custom colors

At Custom Box Solutions, you can pick the box’s color, theme, and pattern. The distinctive box appearance will correspond with the brand. As a result, the customers will quickly recognize the bottles. Personalized bottle packaging makes it easier for everyone to identify the brand.

Hire Custom Box Solutions today.

Custom Box Solution will design bottle boxes for small businesses, large corporations, and start-ups. You will not be disappointed with the vibrant printing, high quality, and prompt response. Email for queries.

Cardboard Bottle Boxes with Free shipping and competitive pricing

Are you looking for an innovative idea to ship wine, juices, and beverages? Do you wish to stand out in the drink industry? Custom Box Solution welcomes feedback from clients belonging to different industries. The provider also understands pharmaceutical companies are extra thoughtful about cardboard bottle packaging boxes.

Pick a color

If you want the customers and the market to gear toward your brand, hire the highly skilled team and designers at Custom Box Solutions. The specialists will propose the best color and themes to boost sales. The client can also pick a custom color that corresponds to the brand. Custom Box Solution will meet the limited-time demands because the provider is committed to quality.

Latest technology

Custom Box Solutions is proud of its error-free printing. The design and layout are innovative. The service provider uses the latest printing technology. It constantly upgrades its dye techniques so the cardboard does not bleed color. The shades do not fade and represent the brand excellently. Your company will maintain a distinctive appearance in the market.

Custom-sized packaging for all bottles

At Custom Box Solutions, cardboard bottle boxes are available in many sizes to store and transport the items. The personalized serum boxes are ideal for beauty brands. Custom Box Solutions offers various sizes for wine sellers and retailers. The client can design a custom box with a simple interface within minutes. You can contact the specialists for advice too.

Add artwork

Cardboard cases for bottles at Custom Box Solutions are highly attractive. You can add artwork, logos, and other elements. Furthermore, the client can also add age warnings or ingredients to educate their customers. As a result, the bottles are used without miscommunication. Bottles are usually made from plastic or glass. The materials pinch and shatter easily. Therefore, the cardboard material is ideal for safeguarding fragile bottles.

Custom Box Solutions is a fine opportunity to design cases

Operations at Custom Box Solutions focus on friendly conversations. The provider offers endless templates that the client can transform into a custom exterior. Email to place an order and enjoy free shipping.


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