Foundation Boxes

Trust Custombox Solutions for luxe Custom Foundation Boxes. Elevate your cosmetic line with bespoke packaging. Ensure style & product protection.

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


Foundation Boxes to Optimize Cosmetic Sales 

When creating foundation boxes USA sellers can customize them however they please to attract the customers. Secondly, the packaging will also protect the foundation from climate, human involvement, and staff mishandling. Bespoke foundation packaging is available in different shapes and sizes to represent the product’s form. When the print and exterior are attractive, the customers become curious about the brand. It provokes the individuals to learn about the manufacturer. Furthermore, you can mention the date, product shelf life, logo, and other necessary details to educate the buyer. The details are very common in all styles of foundation boxes.

As a make-up lover, you will encounter foundation boxes at the mall or official outlets. The clients are captivated by the shining packaging under bright lights. One hidden advantage of the foundation boxes is the production of internal liquid that is easily damaged from the lights’ heat. Furthermore, the foundation also remains safe from water and moisture. The seller is able to protect themselves from unnecessary product and inventory losses.

There are many ways to embellish foundation boxes to attract more customers and gain a large market share. An excellent idea is a metallic or foiled exterior on cream, mousse, moisturizer, and liquid foundation. The manufacturer can also add glamor shots and before-and-after on the boxes. It is time to give your boxes a modern look with an attractive color scheme and engaging fonts. In addition, the manufacturer can name the product uniquely. The thought put into packaging reflects well on the brand. The exterior is quite powerful and crucial to the success of the make-up product.

How to make Custom Foundation Boxes stand out on a retail shelf?


When designing custom foundation boxes USA manufacturers may use modern features to seek attention. These key elements will talk about the benefits of the foundation. The seller can mention precise and to-the-point instructions. Furthermore, newer boxes can include website links, QR codes, and social media information so the customers can register feedback to connect with the company.

Creates memories

The unboxing experience is an important element of the beauty industry. It excites the customers to use the product. Moreover, the visually appealing and embossed exterior pleases the buyer. It results in customer satisfaction. The bespoke exterior also contributes to growing brand loyalty. Tailored foundation packaging is an excellent idea for luxury gift-giving or special events.

Protects the item

The make-up product has a lot of ingredients and compounds that the surroundings may compromise. Therefore, the boxes must be designed with ultimate protection. The foundation box material will protect the item from sunlight and moisture. The manufacturer can also add inserts to safeguard the foundation. As a result, the product remains in excellent condition throughout its use.

Engaging exterior

Bespoke foundation boxes ensure the product appears unique in front of the competitors. The exterior expertly talks about the item. It will educate the customers about the brand’s personality. As a result, the box appears distinctive on the shelf. Potential customers will engage with the brand and explore more options.


Bespoke foundation boxes are now being manufactured with sustainable materials to preserve the planet and the weather. Brands are celebrating eco-friendly packaging with recyclable materials to align with their sustainable core value. The packaging leaves a minimum carbon footprint. Furthermore, it also motivates the customers to talk more about the make-up brand.


Tailored foundation packaging is a mirror of the brand. It communicates with the customers in place of the brand. For excellent results, vendors print a brand logo, color, and distinct design elements on the exterior. The combination keeps the brand unforgettable. It results in customer loyalty as well.

How to manage a Foundation Boxes wholesale order professionally?  

Volume and storage capacity

Before placing a custom foundation boxes wholesale order, the manufacturer must identify their storage capacity. They must not place a bulk order if they do not have sufficient space, resources, or labor. The seller must also think about the warehouse and distribution. The manufacturer may need to hire someone to manage the fulfillment center. It will avoid inventory wastage.

Understand the audience

With bulk orders, brands must know the audience to eliminate differences. Moreover, the seller must also think about the volume and other rules that may complicate matters. Therefore, the manufacturer must place an according to boutique, department store, aisle, small shop, or small business. If you are new to bulk orders, stand with a small amount so it is easier to manage.

Visual appeal

When placing bulk orders, the vendor must think about the images that they sometimes forget. A white background with no product information will not sell. It will confuse the vendors as well. Therefore, images and artwork will make the exterior unique. It will deliver a thousand words that translate into high sales.

Market Preparation

A foundation bulk order will prepare the manufacturer for future sales. It establishes direct contact with the buyer, vendors, and other stakeholders. The manufacturer can study the path of their product and concentrate sales with a higher concentration of the target demographic. As a result, the brand emerges successfully and well-liked.


A bulk order regarding foundation boxes results in consistent packaging. It markets the product expertly when the manufacturer sells it online. However, the seller may need to consider the number of shelves the product will be displayed on before placing a bulk order. Furthermore, they must choose the logo, labeling, and other elements to boost their sales.

Informative exterior

The seller will also benefit from the bulk order if it mentions the benefits and details of the item. The manufacturer can mention where the ingredients are from. They can talk about the processes that ensure the formulation is unique. The wholesale exterior is similar to a sales pitch. Therefore, a bespoke box is worth investing in so the product looks exotic.

Trending Printed foundation boxes to match the skin shade instantly

Custom-printed foundation boxes come in many colors. However, the brand must think about the message the color will convey. You can consult with Customboxsolutions if you are unable to pick a hue.

Pink foundation boxes

The pink and rose-colored shades represent femininity for centuries. However, they are recently making a comeback in different make-up-related products. Furthermore, pink is now perceived as a genderless color. Since more genders are wearing make-up, it attracts a wider customer base. Pink represents a powerful message of strength and power with a vibrant personality. The make-up brands must identify the target demographic before deciding on the color. If the majority of customers are women, then light pink is an outstanding choice. It will convey elegance. The customers will feel powerful wearing your brand, building customer loyalty.

Grey and gold shades

Brands also opt for grey and gold shades for luxurious packages for a premium appearance. It will convey a different message than the competitors. Grey shades mimic a natural color contrast that speaks about beauty. Foundation boxes come in different hues of gray and black. In short, pick an excellent color that correctly represents the product’s value.

Black and white

When a makeup brand designs a foundation product, it must also consider how it will look on the shelves. A buyer will explore the different options at the store. If it does not appeal to the eyes, they will move onto the foundation from other brands. A trending color scheme is black and white. It exudes elegance. Lastly, the black-and-white color scheme ensures easy to read text. It educates the buyer so they are aware of the use, shelf life, and ingredients.

Order boxes at Customboxsolutions

Bespoke foundation packaging is very beneficial for a make-up brand. It will open new market opportunities while keeping the products safe. Its sustainable attributes will please the customers and improve their overall experience with the brand. When a company invests in tailored packaging, it speaks to its integrity and uncontested presence. Contact Customboxsolutions if you wish to elevate foundation boxes. You can customize the material, size, and layout. Further, the client can also pick custom colors and patterns. Complete the exterior with foiling, add-ons, and other elements. Customboxsolutions offers free shipping and design consultation. Visit the website to learn about the refund policy. Email the Custom Box Solutions team for quote estimation.


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