Custom Bottle Neckers

Elevate your branding with custom bottle neckers. Stand out and captivate customers with unique designs and messaging. Order yours today.

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


Everything to know about bottle neckers | The ultimate accessory

A bottle necker has many names. Some call them bottleneck hangers or bottle neck tags. Even though they are small, bottle tags are a powerhouse for marketing. They effectively advertise the brand because of the significantly low cost of production. Furthermore, bottle neckers tags have barcodes and discount codes that boost sales. As a result, its return on investment is significant. Bottles became familiar to customers and retailers. Here are a few reasons for its popularity

Bottle Neck tags add appeal

Bottle tags are excellent for grabbing the customer’s attention. They create scenic imagery so the customer instantly buys the product. When the bottle tags are removed, the innovative product greets the buyer. Custom Box Solution lets users design bottle tags in different shapes and sizes to build engagement.


Bottle tags are full of information too. They can carry a note from a wine retailer about its safe use. Furthermore, bottle tags also have educational use. The seller can mention the appropriate age and storage instructions. Most brands also mention brand contact information on bottle tags for personalization.

Attention to detail

At Custom Box Solution, the user can completely customize the bottle tags. The client can pick the way they fold. You can also design the accessory’s front covers, color, and theme. Custom Box Solution also offers bottle tags with plain backgrounds so the image and product information shine.

Motivation to buy

Custom Box Solution will also add artwork and logos to entice the customer. As a result, they will buy from the brand again and again. Retailers will notice more engagement in their shipping carts. Bottle neck tags are especially popular among wine retailers to convey the distillery’s background and history.

Use Bottle tags today

Custom Box Solution insists on using bottle tags to ensure the bottles stand out in the competition. It will increase sales and can be a source of additional information. Products with bottle tags command attention, so design them today at Custom Box Solutions. Email the customer representative staff today for more details and a price estimate.

Custom Bottle Neckers with Colorful Displays and Engaging themes

A bottle tag is also called a neckband and neck collar. It is a small price of plastic and paper installed around the bottle’s neck. The bottle tag wraps at the top of the bottle for product information. It is necessary for advertising and branding. Custom Box Solution will manufacture bottle tags from numerous materials, such as cardboard and metal.

Why use bottle tags in packaging?

  • Custom Box Solutions will design bottle tags in different shapes. You can design oval, rectangular, hexagon, and other personalized shapes. As a result, the product becomes more distinctive.
  • Custom Box Solutions will manufacture custom bottle neckers at a cost-effective rate. As a result, they add value to the product. The tags are applied at the end to complete the packaging.
  • The personalized bottle tags from Custom Box Solutions will improve the appearance of the bottle. The product looks luxurious and high-priced. The bottles look and feel expensive. You can manufacture the bottle tags from the high-quality material of your choice.
  • Bottle tags have a large surface area to represent the brand. It will mention production details and promotional messages to enhance brand presence.
  • Did you know bottle tags ensure security too? If a bottle tag is tempered, it implies a broken seal. An opened bottle tag shows that the bottle has never been used. Product safety is guaranteed. Furthermore, neck tags will also protect the bottles from transportation bumps.
  • Lastly, Custom Box Solutions also offer convenience. They act as a handle to hold and transport bottles. Moreover, bottle tags make it easy to pour the liquid.

Different types of Bottle tags

  • You can order full-body bottlenecks at Custom Box Solution. The accessory covers the whole or partial bottle. The sleeve is made from cardboard with colorful graphics to represent the brand.
  • Neck labels are also popular. These labels stick to the neck and include product information. You can also mention the brand name, taglines, and other details to boost sales.
  • Thirdly, neck brands usually wrap around the neck. They are made from paper or plastic. Neck brands mention information about the brand and product. Information is printed on both sides.
  • Lastly, Custom Box Solutions will manufacture hang tags attached to the neck with a ribbon. The accessory mentions information about the brand, product, and safe use.

Order Bottle tags today

Custom Box Solution will design bottle neckers with custom colors and shapes. You can pick a custom shade from a color wheel. Make a unique shape to gain a competitive advantage. Email Custom Box Solutions for custom bottle neckers wholesale orders.

Custom Printed Bottle Neckers with UV coating and Embossed fonts

Custom Box Solutions does a lot to make bottle tags attractive to ensure product sales increase. The design team is an expert at turning imagination into reality. The client can choose from endless design options or conventional choices. There is no limit to creativity.

Ideal Customization

No need to dull the packaging with plain, brown bottle tags. Custom Box Solution offers triangles, ovals, squares, and custom-shaped bottle neckers. The design experts will study the bottle shape and lid before deciding on the shape. However, the team will ensure the bottle tags are enticing to increase sales and online engagement.

No research needed

Custom Box Solution will educate the customers with accessories. Bottle neckers printing will include product information, the company logo, and the brand name. Customers are very conscious now. They will look up the brand before purchasing from it. Therefore, Custom Box Solutions will use 3D and UV printing to grab customers’ attention.

Excellent Printing

Custom Box Solution believes in delivering outstanding products at affordable rates. The minimum quotation will satisfy the clients’ demand and turn them into repetitive customers. Custom Box Solution adapts modern machinery to the latest machinery. It will enhance the appearance of the box. Custom Box Solutions will laminate the bottle tags to uphold excellent standards of graphic printing. Custom bottle necker printing uses the latest methods and sustainable inks for long-lasting results.

Cost-effective rates

Many packaging providers promise cheap rates and high satisfaction. However, they fail to comply when the going gets tough. They do not hold to their virtues and morals. Custom Box Solutions promises that the rates and quality will flatter your product. The bottle tag printing will not disappoint you. Custom Box Solution thinks outside the box for innovative designs and bottle tags. Wholesale orders are discounted, and the designing experts meet all client requirements.

A business has many events in a year. And personalized bottle tags will make the product more appealing. Custom Box Solutions will design bottle tags for lotions, creams, oils, and beverages. Moreover, the packaging provider will also print the company logo and details related to the special events. As a result, the client is greeted by stylish bottle tags.

Experience wow with Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solution believes customization will unlock trade secrets for the brand. To achieve such greatness, the client can pick the design and size of the bottle accessory. In addition, you can choose the material too. Custom Box Solution uses sustainable materials to appeal to customers. The bottle tags will connect with by-passers and build interest in the brand. Email for more.

Custom Box Solutions is an innovative Printed Bottle Neckers Manufacturer

Bottle tags are a very versatile part of bottle packaging. It represents the brand and increases sales at the same time. Furthermore, it transforms the appearance of the product too. Bottle tags are a decent and elegant addition to the packaging. They will promote the business without additional costs. With endless benefits, Custom Box Solutions understands they are the most effective way to market the brand. Beverage retailers and numerous clients primarily use bottle tags.

Therefore, Custom Box Solution offers bottle tags on different signs. A wide variety of shapes is available too. The leading printed bottle neckers supplier will brighten the packaging with vibrant colors. The client can also add graphics and artwork to make the bottle more attractive. Custom Box Solution will satisfy all your printing needs and introduce your brand uniquely.

Why is Custom Box Solution serious about bottle tags?

  • The printed bottle neckers factory insists on adding tags to the packaging. It is a practical choice for delivering information to buyers. You will notice tags are primarily used in juices and alcoholic drinks. Custom Box Solution will educate the customer using pictures, fonts, texts, and other typographic details. At the same time, packaging becomes interesting.
  • Today’s customers are attracted to new packaging. They will not purchase products with just a logo on top. You can bottle tags to impress the buyer. Furthermore, Custom Box Solutions will also print the logo on the bottle tag and relevant information for amplified visual appeal. As a result, your brand will stand out in the market. Custom Box Solution also offers embossing, debossing, and foiling options.
  • Retailers also use bottle tags to announce new promotions. Otherwise, the customers will not notice the new deals. The tags at the bottlenecks excite the customers. They gravitate toward the beverage to learn about discounts, deals, sales, and future advertisements. Custom Box Solutions also encourages the clients to communicate with the customers with bottle tags. Email the design team today for funky fonts and loud colors.
  • Bottle tags are known to leave a long-lasting impression on customers. Therefore, a custom-made neck tag with a personalized shade is alluring. At Custom Box Solutions, the client chooses the shape. You can also choose the placement of the bottle too. The design team has a ton of laminations and coating options, so the bottle looks more stylish.

Why Choose Custom Box Solutions?

Custom Box Solutions will deliver the bottlenecks with free shipping. The service provider will design bottle tags with the highest quality cardboard material with excellent graphics. You will not witness the outlandish experience at low rates anywhere else. Email today.


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