Custom Chinese Take Out Boxes

Experience authentic vibes with our Custom Chinese Take Out Boxes. Made in the USA, they combine tradition & quality for memorable dining. Get yours now!

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing: CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add-on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.

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Delight Your Customers with Custom Chinese Take out Boxes 

Custom Box Solutions has endless designs in the template. Otherwise, you can customize the design according to shape and size. As a result, the client brings attention to their business using images and custom colors.

Value-added service

Custom Box Solution experts do not compromise on quality. They use the best raw material and ink to actualize client’s designs. Thus, Chinese take out boxes from Custom Box Solutions maintain their ever-lasting color. It does not fade and bleed.


Custom Box Solutions is dedicated to keeping the food fresh with bespoke Chinese take out boxes for Chinese food. The service believes your business needs professional assistance to reach new heights of success. The packaging specialists pay close attention to the flaps and corners. Custom Box Solutions will design with and without handles to provide superior services.

Top-quality printing

Custom Box Solution uses modern equipment and computers for excellent printing. The technology maintains the highest standard of quality. Moreover, the boxes are also durable with unseen designs. As a result, the consumer is more likely to shop from your company.

Quick turnaround

Custom Box Solutions ensures that the job is done on time. The bespoke packaging will reach your doorstep in five to seven boxes. Moreover, rushed orders are completed in three to five days. Delivering packaging on time is a core value at Custom Box Solutions.

No hidden charges

Custom Box Solutions mentions the charges clearly in the final invoice. The company does not believe in hidden or additional charges. All matters are dealt with with transparency. As a result, Custom Box Solutions has surfaced as a credible supplier of bespoke packaging.

Hire Custom Box Solutions today

Custom Box Solutions lets the clients design the boxes according to material, shape, size, and layout. You can customize the shade to befit the brand. The customer support team is available day and night to answer queries. Email the company for a fabulous design consultation.

Chinese Take Out Boxes Enhance Culinary Experience Immensely

Chinese take out boxes are essential in representing your restaurant’s products and brand. It has relevant information on the packaging so the consumers can learn more about the eatery. The packaging has the restaurant logo, name, and other details printed on it. The usual market practices focus on classic and plain white Chinese packaging. However, Custom Box Solutions is not ordinary.

The packaging provider goes above and beyond to design engaging food parcel boxes. Clear plastic is a vendor’s favorite. The client can also pick metallic, embossed, and colorful options. The boxes look cute. Moreover, they open and close very easily. The easy assembly saves valuable time during business hours. Custom Box Solutions accepts urgent orders so you can run your business without wasting time and resources. Here are a few reasons to order Chinese parcel boxes for food:

  1. The packaging theme represents the brand. As a result, the consumers remember where they ate. They are more likely to order in the future as well.
  2. These boxes are also perfect for cookies, chocolate, and shipping candies.
  3. The boxes are an engaging centerpiece at a dinner table
  4. You can use the boxes for organizing delicate items such as beads and school supplies
  5. The boxes are popular in bakeries and restaurants.
  6. Moreover, Chinese food boxes are an excellent alternative to gift giving that does not involve dull wrapping paper.

Unconventional Branding Option

Do you own a boutique? There must be endless competition in the market, locally and internationally. Therefore, owners must consider innovative ideas to ensure their business stands out. Using Chinese food containers as packaging for small items such as jewelry, beads, and stationery will expose your business to new customers. As a result, they will shop again and spread the word about your business. Custom Box Solutions lets the clients pick the packaging’s color, dimension, and size. The company designs boxes with or without handles, so contact them today.

Highly engaging, vibrant, custom Chinese Take out Boxes

Chinese take out boxes are mostly used by small businesses to pack chocolates, cookies, candies, and other food items for packaway services. Because the consumers walk out of the store carrying the brand’s name, the packaging must have relevant information to educate them. Custom Box Solution designs custom printed Chinese take out boxes and parcel boxes in all shapes, styles, and shapes to befit the client’s needs.

Top-quality materials

Restaurants and eateries use the customized packaging to generate brand awareness and appeal. Custom Box Solutions designs packaging with all forms of handles. The client can customize hues and pick the material and its thickness. The take out boxes are made from durable material that compliments the offset and digital printing. The packaging will expertly lock food so it does not leak. Furthermore, the material will keep the food safe from the outside environment.


At Custom Box Solutions, you can order boxes of any size. The matching color, handles, and material will add value to the services. Moreover, it will also enhance the quality of the product. These boxes are excellent for Easter, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. You can personalize the Chinese take out boxes for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other events at Custom Box Solutions. These boxes are microwave-safe. Lastly, they turn into dishes and plates that save you more money.

Excellent Services

Custom Box Solutions has excellent services besides detailed personalization. The company will fulfill and actualize all customer’s desires. Furthermore, the customer service team is active day and night to answer queries. The client can enjoy free estimation and assistance. Custom Box Solutions does not compromise on services because a hundred percent client satisfaction is guaranteed. Custom Box Solutions’ customized Chinese take out boxes will entice customers to shop from the brand. They will captivate the guests, staff, and recipients as well.

Design captivating Chinese Take out Boxes for Gift 

Chinese traditions are linked to color and patterns closely. Therefore, Custom Box Solutions pays close attention to the color scheme, design, and packaging style. As a result, the exterior looks excellent from every perspective. Custom Box Solutions designs the Chines take out boxes in different shapes and sizes for all clients.

Custom Box Solutions designs graceful gift boxes with detailed styling and printing. You can choose to design with or without a handle. These boxes are excellent for parties, favors, and get-together events. An excellent designed Chinese gift box will boost the brand’s presence among local competitors.

Why are Chinese gift boxes in demand?

Chinese take out gift boxes are in demand based on their versatile features. In addition, they are highly functional as well. These boxes can be used for many purposes because of their ease and mobility. The designs from Custom Box Solutions significantly impact the customers. The gift-boxes advertise the brand and increase. Custom Box Solutions uses top-quality material to keep the item fresh. It stays hygienic for a long time.

Our packaging ensures that the items do not spoil because they are moisture-free. Gift boxes are also used for marketing because the logo is imprinted. The customer can personalize tagline font, logo placement, and other details.

Custom Box Solution’s excellent manufacturing process

Custom Box Solutions uses long-lasting, sturdy, and high-quality material. The client can pick from cardboard, kraft, and corrugated. The materials are sustainable and can be recycled. The green initiative is appreciated by customers worldwide. Material is one of the crucial elements in the design process. Manufacturing the gift box is a collaboration between the client and designers.

Create Bespoke boxes at Custom Box Solutions

The design process begins with selecting the box’s design, layout, and dimensions. The client can customize the color freely. Moreover, you can also choose from different thicknesses of the material. Add foiling, tensile, and embossing to the Christmas Chinese take out boxes.

Finest Material for Chinese take out boxes wholesale orders emphasize durability

Chinese food cases represent the South Asian culture and traditions. Moreover, the design is significantly attractive to captivate hundreds of customers. As a result, the brand witnesses increased sales and attention. The most captivating thing about Chinese take out boxes wholesale orders is that they are made of excellent material that will not leak. The material will absorb the moisture.

Furthermore, it will not let outside bacteria and microbes from entering the container. As a result, the food is not contaminated. Wholesale orders ensure the food stays warm for hours at the office or home. Here are a few reasons to hire Custom Box Solution for industry-wide domination

Unlimited Add-ons

Custom Box Solutions lets the clients pick from various options such as foiling, metallic finishes, die-cutting, embossed, and elevated ink. The design features are budget-friendly and offer excellent display. Furthermore, we will print your Chinese take out boxes with state-of-the-art printing technology to make them look apart.


Chinese take out boxes retain heat so the soup and noodles do not spoil. Custom Box Solutions offers a professional expertise that maintains excellent restaurant operations. The company is committed to offering outstanding services so your brand gains recognition immediately.

Vibrant Printing

Custom Box Solutions maintains vibrancy with the latest printing technology. The clients can choose from CYMK and PMS printing. The ink is sustainable but does not compromise the quality of printing. The hues do not bleed, fade, or transfer. The quality of our Chinese take out boxes is unmatched.

Excellent turnaround time

Custom Box Solutions promises to deliver your order in five to seven days. Moreover, the rushed orders are delivered in three to five days. Custom Box Solutions hires experts to meet deadlines so your brand does not suffer.

Enjoy free shipping at Custom Box Solutions

The design is sent to manufacturing after the client chooses the color, material, thickness, and dimensions. At Custom Box Solutions, you can revise the designs as often as required before printing. The company offers free shipping to all its clients. Contact Custom Box Solution’s expert graphic team for design assistance.


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