Custom Mailer Boxes

Order custom mailer boxes tailored to your specific needs with ease! Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes, our mailer boxes can be printed in CMYK, PMS, or without any printing.

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


Custom Mailer Boxes are every brand’s fantasy come true.

Customers today have high expectations about how the item will reach their doorstep. You can monetize these expectations with a custom mailer boxes. The packaging will present your brand with beautifully crafted artwork that puts the product on an excellent display. This personalized approach targets the customer successfully. As a result, the brand experiences more engagement with its e-commerce brand. More people are likely to subscribe to the subscription boxes too.

Reach customers with innovation.

Custom mailer boxes will captivate the customer at first glance. It streamlines the purchasing journey and makes everything more enjoyable. Personalized mailer boxes are also trending online because they allow the brand to convey the message successfully. Custom Box Solution allows the consumer to experience a memorable unboxing moment that showcases the business. At the same time, the package is robust, which keeps the items in their best shape.

Attractive and environmentally friendly

CustomBoxSolutions mailer boxes promote practicality and fulfill other shipping needs. They are much better than conventional brown packaging or envelopes that fail to engage the user. CustomBoxSolution packaging is long-lasting and holds heavier products effectively. The company is free from supply chain challenges with exceptional quality and packages. Custom Box Solutions guarantees the customers’ love for the packaging and the planet. Custom mailer boxes are paid for from sustainable cardboard and paper, which customers appreciate. These boxes are biodegradable and recyclable.

Adds value to the products

The designs for the mailer boxes are simple. It features sufficient room for the packages to ship the items while building a solid narrative about the brand. As soon as the package greets the customers at their doorstep, they are instantly attracted to the packaging. The colors, playful tag lines, and logo makes the wait worth it.

Custom size and shape

Our Company gives absolute customization power to its clients. Thanks to the interface, businesses can design a box of any size for the ideal fit. The boxes are lightweight but strong. They can be used for gift-giving or commerce purposes. The well-thought-of packaging shows the customers that the retailer is serious about the products and the brand.

Embark on a new journey with Custom Box Solutions.

CustomBoxSolution’s custom mailer boxes are vital. They offer diverse use and seal the deal with the customers. The designers work with the client to design the exterior and interior of the boxes so the customer hears the brand noise. Email us today to make a splash!

Establish a wow factor in the market with custom mailing boxes. 

If you are wondering what a custom mailing box is, the hint is in the name. They are custom-made of any size with lids. The clients can customize the inside and outside of the mailing boxes with CustomBoxSolutions. They do not need to worry about the shipping boxes damaging the product because the company uses long-lasting materials. 

Why hire Custom Box Solutions?


Custom Box Solutions offers endless designs to its customers in all colors. They are printed where the client desires because they are the leading designers. We will print solid colors for holiday packaging. The company will print the logo on the custom printed mailing boxes. It will deliver an outstanding customer experience and is excellent for branding, too, because there is no limit to the design. 


Custom Box Solutions is the epitome of customization. In other words, the client can design any size according to their needs. The in-house specialists will study the product’s dimensions for the ideal packaging size. The client can design boxes of multiple sizes with our innovative interface if they sell more than one item.


The client studies the cost of mailing boxes when they think of packaging. Custom Box Solution encourages a request for a quote to estimate the expenditure on plain packaging. The company will study the design, quantity, and size, among other factors, to identify the cost. Custom Box Solutions grants its clients the free reign to personalize mailing boxes. The branding and high-quality printing will elevate the image. 

What does your brand need for personalized mailing boxes?

Personalized mailing boxes are manufactured with bright colors and engaging content. Playful messages and a logo add flair. It shows the brand’s ability to stand out in the competition. Personalized mailing boxes also increase sales. The packaging can be used for current offers such as discounted bundles, exclusive holiday boxes, and other festivities to boost sales. Personalized mailing boxes will improve the brand’s presence in the market. Our company encourages the client to add customized artwork and a polite thank you note with the brand’s signature color. As a result, the customer will immediately recognize the brand. Lastly, personalized mailer boxes will keep the items safe while on the road. The items are not damaged.

Who is Custom Box Solutions?

CustomBoxSolutions is the design expert team that aims to provide the best customer experience. The company believes in trust, respect, and transparency. The company uses the best material to deliver high-quality products. Please email us to know more.

Bespoke custom Mail boxes with high-quality delivery

CustomBoxSolutions is the premiere parcel manufacturing company that offers high-quality and custom packaging. The packaging is geared toward customers to help them make the purchasing decision. The boxes are fully customizable, and the client can choose the shape, design, and color. We will connect the clients to highly creative designers who translate the packaging dream into reality in five to seven days. CustomBoxSolution practices the highest standards of quality to deliver great packaging. The design focuses on functionality while maintaining an aesthetic appeal. The company is the go-to service if retail or other businesses wish to use a custom mail box for delivering items to their customers.

CustomBoxSolutions has complete knowledge and the resources to produce the most stunning custom mailer boxes with logos you will ever see! The company’s primary methodology is collaboration. In other words, CustomBoxSolution studies the requirements of the packaging. Moreover, the feedback from the client is welcomed too. Custom Box Solution introduces experience and resources to guide unsure clients if they are new to running a business. The experts will inform them about compliance, packaging standards, and functionality. At the same time, the mail boxes’ design, aesthetics, and other elements are not disturbed. The box remains functional at many levels.

Create a custom size mail box at Custom Box Solutions.

We let clients design their mail box of any size, dimension, and color. The company welcomes new clients who wish to discuss their projects. The initial consultation is completely free. Furthermore, the clients can also rejoice with free shipping and a cooperative customer service team. The designs go into production once clients approve the mock-up. Custom Box Solutions is passionate about creativity and innovation. The company balances the packaging with security and functionality—email to request a quote or submit queries. 

Custom Printed Mailer Boxes will enhance your business and products.

We offer high-quality custom printed mailer boxes to improve the business’s performance. Moreover, it stretches the product’s life too. The clients can choose from a plain or custom printed box for their e-commerce business. Other uses for the packaging are employee welcoming, gifts, and advertising material. In short, bespoke mailer boxes are a versatile solution. CustomBoxSolution’s custom mailer boxes are entirely customizable. The client can choose the print and the message on the box. Moreover, they can even choose its placement inside, outside, and both. In addition, the mailer boxes have different closures, such as roll-end, tuck-front, and fold-up. CustomBoxSolutions has a wide variety of boxes to choose from. All the client has to do is share the details.

Why order mailer boxes from Custom Box Solutions?

Hiring CustomBoxSolutions very beneficial, such as:

  1. Bespoke packaging is an excellent choice for e-commerce and subscription boxes. 
  2. A complete range of graphics, colors, and messages are printed on it.
  3. Different choices of material and printing to enhance the business appearance
  4. Easy designs that are clear to the customers. Complicated packaging demotivates the customers to purchase from the brand repeatedly.
  5. Customers and businesses can share the designs on social media. The custom printed mailer box will increase sales and brand engagement online.
  6. Lastly, the clients can choose different sizes and dimensions from the Custom Box Solution interface.

Contact Custom Box Solutions to order mailer boxes.

We have a dedicated team of experts and designers that ensure the best customer experience. The company focuses on building long-term relationships with clients. The team is responsive and trained in offering assistance to the clients. We offer top-quality custom boxes for selling items to individuals, businesses, and companies. Therefore, you can expect excellent packaging because of decades worth of experience. CustomBoxSolutions offers printed and unprinted samples, so email the customer service team today.

Custom Mailer Boxes Wholesale Amount and Bulk Discounts for Suppliers

Becoming a leading company in an industry is a time-consuming task. Therefore, we offer unique and different size packaging to save time and resources. The boxes are easier to construct, store, and transport. Custom mailer boxes are suitable for all merchandise. 

Custom Mailer boxes are popular with e-commerce brands.

Bespoke mailer boxes are well-known in the online business world because they deliver items to customers with complete production. Custom Box Solutions offers budget-friendly options so the brands only spend a little. The packaging delivers a memorable unboxing experience so the customers keep turning to the brand.

Enhance the packaging with outstanding features.

CustomBoxSolutions allows clients to create boxes according to their needs and product shape. As a result, the brand can differentiate its item from the other businesses competing for the same customer. It gives the company a competitive advantage.

Sustainable material for mailer boxes

CustomBoxSolutions uses environmentally friendly and sustainable materials in mailer box manufacturing. The boxes are recyclable and bridgeable. As a result, the packaging does not harm the environment. The boxes are long-lasting and protect the items during shipping. Custom boxes are popular in garments, consumer items, and electronic industries.

Different styles and designs

Clients can apply one color and customize the box according to their needs at CustomBoxSolutions. The clients can choose different sizes and styles to hold the items stable until they reach their destination. Contact us for more details.

Attract Custom Mailer Boxes with Wholesale Packaging

Wholesale packaging allows brands to target their customers with colorful packaging. The brands can use relevant information about the brand to increase their brand value in the market. Furthermore, the brand can also print logos to build trust—Custom Box Solution packaging with different sizes and brands with modern techniques to establish brand loyalty.

Hire Custom Box Solutions today.

We are available around the clock for clients’ queries and concerns. The experts will guide the clients regarding the packaging’s size, color, and dimensions. The clients can also alter their appearance to update their market presence. Email us for cheap custom mailer boxes. 

Seal the deal with customers with custom corrugated mailer boxes.

Sometimes a box is more than a box! The best custom mailer boxes are made from lightweight cardboard with endless features. Therefore, they are the immediate option for business owners who seek practicality and functionality. A corrugated mailer box is long-lasting and robust. They can hold the items securely during the entire transportation journey. In addition, the corrugated boxes are water resistant while being lightweight. They make an excellent choice for shipping products.

However, the exterior of packaging is quite a concern for many retailers. They wish to deliver an excellent unboxing memory that builds anticipation. Undoubtedly, the retailers want the customer to be excited about the product. Custom Box Solution merges practicality with function. The packaging talks about the product features, which increases engagement. Clients can use the exterior to their benefit when they pick a custom corrugated box. CustomBoxSolution allows the clients to pick the boxes’ color, shape, and design. It is amplified with the latest printing technology. Since most companies are shifting to sustainable practices, corrugated boxes from CustomBoxSolutions are environmentally friendly. They can be recycled when customers do not need them.

How will your brand benefit from personalized corrugated boxes?

Corrugated boxes are advantageous to your company because it increases brand presence. Furthermore, customer satisfaction levels are likely to increase because of enhanced packaging. It shows that the business took time to customize the boxes to accommodate the customer’s preferences. Lastly, the products also arrived safely. A corrugated box adds to the unboxing experience. The brand should have used more space with secure packaging. Custom Box Solutions offers packaging in different sizes and dimensions so the customers enjoy the product more. 

Explore packaging with Custom Box Solutions.

CustomBoxSolutions manufactures functional packaging that keeps the items safe. The clients begin with a blank canvas with sufficient room to grow the brand. You can be as minimalist or maximalist to represent the brand and its aesthetic. We will boost the brand’s presence with bespoke packaging so the product shines.


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