Custom Flap Boxes

Discover custom flap boxes tailored to your needs. Our high-quality and customizable flap boxes are perfect for packaging and branding. Order now!

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


Wholesale Flap Boxes at Discounted Rates for All Industries

Custom flap boxes are easy to assemble because they take the form of a cube. No wonder retailers are attracted to the packaging because it saves time. On the other end, flap packaging is easy for the customers to open. It delivers a memory, and the unique flap packaging enhances the experience. According to Custom Box Solutions, the type of packaging is popular because of the following advantages.

  • Flap boxes are diverse and fit different aesthetics.
  • They are low-priced and offer high durability
  • Wide range of customization
  • Easy to fold and ideal for transportation
  • A variety of sizes

How to choose the right size?

Decorative flap boxes are available in all sizes to accommodate different manufacturers and industries. Custom Box Solutions lets the clients customize the size to fit the product successfully. In addition, the client can also choose the color and material.

How does Custom Box Solutions pick the right cardboard?

Flap boxes must have the structure to carry the item’s weight without damaging it. Therefore, the material must be durable. Therefore, the right material depends on the dimensions and the brand’s goals. Custom Box Solution studies:

  • The box size/dimension
  • Item weight and its intricate features
  • Air, sea, or road transportation
  • The print and shipping address

Personalized Flap Boxes

Personalized flap boxes are manufactured with corrugated sheets that are available in different styles at Custom Box Solutions. It is a cost-effective packaging, so the clients save money on their investment. The boxes are aesthetically pleasing in different shapes and sizes. The versatility will help you connect with all customers.

Experience excellent services at Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solutions manufacture high-quality flap boxes. The flap packaging is incredibly durable with a stable design. As a result, your product reaches its destination safely. In addition, the customized printing, shapes, sizes, and designs at Custom Box Solutions will establish customer loyalty. The packaging company will meet all the shipping requirements. Contact us via email today.

Unique Folding Cartons will make your product stand out on the shelf!

Folding carton packaging is functional for many products. They will protect the items from outside and also promote items successfully. As a result, the brand has communicated the product and value to the buyer. Accurate packaging is sustainable and long-lasting. Therefore, the process of creating outstanding folding boxes must be perfect. And that is why you should hire Custom Box Solutions!

Protect the product

Custom Box Solutions has a long history of folding cartons. Therefore, the company has a long record of dealing with local and international clients. The packaging experts will design custom cartons to fit the product requirement. At Custom Box Solutions, the clients can pick the packaging’s size, color, and dimension. Carton allows the brand to protect the items. Thus, the material is not wasted. The expertise, quality, and services shall impress the customers because the product reaches the doorstep perfectly.

Custom Box Solutions collaborates with clients to pick the right size, closure, and detailing. The company will expertly transform cartons into new packaging that the market has never seen!

Modern finishes

Do you own a luxury brand? Custom Box Solutions will deliver modern packaging with state-of-the-art technology. The clients can add a finishing layer to make the carton look elegant. Custom Box Solutions offers:

  • Special and metallic coating
  • Hot and cold foil stamping
  • Embossing and debossing
  • Different kinds of finishes
  • Precise cutouts

Enhanced Carton Finishings

Custom Box Solutions has clients from all industries, including health/beauty, pharmaceuticals, food, perishable, consumer goods, and CBD Packaging. The packaging experts understand the requirements of the industries. Quality protocols at Custom Box Solutions are updated with the latest laws to ensure compliance.

Hire Custom Box Solutions for distinctive packaging

Look no further than Custom Box Solutions! The simple interface allows the clients to pick the folding cartons’ shape, size, closure, dimension, and color. The clients can rest assured that the packaging will fit the item’s size perfectly. It will not break mid-transit, so your customers can enjoy the features fully. Contact via email for information.

Ensure your products look trendy and elegant with Tuck Boxes

Bespoke tuck boxes are advantageous for different industries. Custom Box Solution will create packages of all sizes, shapes, and designs to fit the brand’s requirements. the experts will aid the clients in amplifying the visual aspects so your brand achieves the following benefits

Custom Features

Personalized boxes are an excellent way to display product information with the right color scheme. The client can also pick the size and dimension of the tuck boxes with attractive images. The specialists also recommend adding graphics and brand elements. Custom Box Solutions ensures excellence with high-quality printing.

Glamorize the products

Custom tuck boxes have printed artwork and animations that build interest in the product. Custom Box Solutions suggests adding an embossed logo for brand recognition. An illuminated caption will seal the deal. The brand’s sales will increase with the market’s lion’s share on the horizon.

Spacious design

Tuck boxes at Custom Box Solutions have a large surface area. The client can print slogans, color schemes, taglines, or texts on all four sides. It results in maximum advertisement. Furthermore, the different kinds of printing options make a diverse tuck box. The clients can enjoy numerous advertising combinations so the business achieves its short and long-term goals.

Tuck boxes safeguard the items

Custom Box Solutions designs have secure flaps for additional security. As a result, the items remain safe during shipment. Whether air, road, or sea, the sturdy packaging protects the items from bumps. The closed flaps do not let debris or dirt enter the packaging. The items look new and untouched, even within international boundaries. Resultantly, the brand achieves a competitive advantage.

Pick a material for tuck boxes

Custom Box Solutions has a wide variety of materials to choose from. The company manufactures personalized tuck boxes from high-quality paperboard, kraft, and cardboard. The material is shipping delicate items such as bottles, oils, and candles. Skin care products such as toners, creams, ointments, and glow boosters sell high with bespoke tuck boxes from Custom Box Solutions. For more information on using, advantages, and know-how of bespoke packaging, contact Custom Box Solutions via email today. Request a quote for a price estimate on the official website.

Luxury Folding Gift Boxes for an Unworldly representation

Retailers assemble folding cardboard box that Custom Box Solutions ships flat with free shipping. On the other end, the clients use folding gift boxes because they protect the item while in transit. These boxes are unique and create a distinctive presence in the market.

Folding Gift Box Uses

Custom Box Solutions offers personalized gift boxes where the clients can choose the shape, size, and color of the packaging. The specialists propose gift boxes for large items such as dresses and coats. Its benefits are:

  • The boxes are easy to use. Furthermore, retailers and customers can assemble them easily.
  • Secondly, they are perfect for presenting oversized items.
  • Custom Box Solutions will internally and externally print on all sides for absolute customization
  • Sustainable and recyclable material
  • Cost-saving and Budget-friendly

What is the best material for folding gift boxes?

Custom Box Solutions’ top material choices are corrugated, rigid, and chipboard. The client can choose the gift box’s color, shape, and dimension alongside the material. Text placement, taglines, and finishing coats are customizable. The clients can also discuss with packaging experts if unsure of the elements.

  • Chipboard is a flexible but long-lasting material. It is simple and folds easily. Chipboard is perfect for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food items.
  • The corrugated cardboard material has many layers. It is the go-to choice for large-scale shipping.
  • However, rigid cardboard is an excellent material for attractive gift boxes. It is available in different sizes and styles. Clients can customize the packaging however they please at Custom Box Solutions.

Trendy gift boxes are available at Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solutions offers elegant designs with clear window, handle, folding boxes, and different lid styles. Each design has its benefit because it showcases the product uniquely. For more information on trending design and use, contact Custom Box Solutions via email today.

Create Perfect Tuck Top Boxes with Custom Box Solutions

Tuck top mailer boxes are the first element of a brand with which the customer interacts. Therefore, the entire unboxing experience is an essential tool for promotion. A personalized box will fit the brand’s aesthetic and the smallest packaging detail. It will create excitement and allure. Clients can pick from many embellishments, add-ons, and shapes at Custom Box Solutions. Continue reading to learn more.

Create the custom packaging of your dreams!

At Custom Box Solutions, the clients can design any box they want. The company understands every box in the competition and how to customize it properly. Visit the official website to pick a unique shape for your item. It will surely win the hearts of the competitors.

High-quality paperboard

Material is a fundamental requirement of a design. The color, design, and personalization connect the customers with the brand. You can pick from wide levels of thickness to protect the item during logistics.

Custom embellishments

Custom Box Solutions does not limit designing. The company uses innovative techniques to make the artwork unique. The client can pick from embossing and debossing. Custom Box Solution also offers gold, silver, and copper foiling. In addition, different lamination options are also available.

What is the ideal tuck-top box for your product?

All products are suited to tuck-top boxes. However, they work extremely well with soap, chocolate, sweet, and cosmetic industries. Here are a few reasons for their popularity:

  • Tuck-top boxes are suitable for multiple products in the same packaging
  • The opening and closing of tuck-top boxes create a lasting impression
  • The packaging keeps the items safe in transit
  • Custom Box Solutions offers a sufficient surface area for text placement, taglines, and logos.

Place your order at Custom Box Solutions now

Custom Box Solutions is looking forward to receiving your project. Visit the website to take advantage of our simple and quick process. Ordering is not limited because Custom Box Solution will design packaging for wholesalers and individuals. All processes are done in-house with a committed team. So, measure the items and request a quote today.

Impress the buyer with Custom Reverse Tuck Boxes and high-quality embellishments

Reverse tuck boxes have a versatile design. Therefore, they are the right choice for most industries. The packaging can sustain lightweight and medium-weight items during transportation. Reverse tuck packaging is preferred for cosmetics, make-up, scents, soaps, bath bomb, vaping, and décor industries.

Why pick reverse tuck box packaging from Custom Box Solutions?

Huge discounts are the primary reason reverse tuck boxes wholesale orders are trending. It reduces manufacturing and logistical costs. Wholesale orders use less paperboard, which translates to maximum profit for the client. Here are a few retailers more and more clients are ordering reverse tuck boxes:

  • The flap packaging opens and closes very easily. It does not require assistance. Custom Box Solutions ensures an intuitive design.
  • Reverse tuck boxes work with all embellishments. The clients can add ribbons or die-cut the design. Custom Box Solution also offers varnishes, foiling, and stamping.
  • Thirdly, Custom Box Solutions offers reverse tuck boxes in all shapes and sizes. If the product has a unique shape, the experts will customize the dimensions to fit the requirements.

Premium quality embellishments to generate brand value

A well-designed reverse tuck box convinces customers to purchase from the brand immediately. Custom Box Solutions does not compromise on quality or relevance. Take a look at the following options:

  • Hot foil stamping creates a metallic logo and shiny elements
  • Spot UV makes the elements glossy
  • Embossing or debossing makes the elements more prominent

Other options are

  • Cutouts to make the products more visible.
  • Inside printing to customize the walls with product information
  • Inserts to hold the product secure.

Custom Box Solutions will apply the embellishments to all colors and varying levels of thicknesses. The company encourages clients to attach samples or inspiration with quotes for easy cost estimation. Custom Box Solutions inspires creativity with a friendly budget option.

Order Reverse Tuck Boxes at Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solutions maintains an excellent quality-to-price ratio. The company does not exercise a limit on orders. The company will design professional-looking tuck boxes for all industries. Feel free to visit the website and browse the library for the best option to represent your brand.

Transform the packaging with outlandish Corrugated Tuck Boxes

Custom Box Solutions has provided excellent flap packaging to all retailers for a long time. The corrugated reverse tuck boxes intend to impress the customers with a fresh perspective. Custom Box Solutions uses the latest equipment for excellent printing. The designs are excellent for storage and transportation. Custom Box Solutions also promotes exclusivity. The clients can pick each element individually, including size, dimension, style, and color. Corrugated boxes convince customers successfully because they are highly customizable. It leaves a lasting impression.

Corrugated tuck packaging is beneficial in the following industries

  • Apparel/beauty
  • Décor home items and personal hygiene
  • Logistics and shipment
  • Wellness, food, and health
  • Home goods
  • Gifts and hampers

Why are corrugated tuck boxes popular?

Corrugated tuck packaging is ideal because it recycles easily. Biodegradability appeals to the customer, retailer, and investors. Furthermore, the material can withstand bumps and shocks in shipment too. Custom Box Solution offers versatile custom tuck packaging for primary, secondary, and tertiary industries. The packaging is professionally printed with organic ink and the latest technology to liven up the shelves and the lives of the customers.

Contact Us Today

Custom Box Solution believes picking the material and other customization elements depends on the product. The company provides fancy and plain packaging according to the demographic. Corrugated packaging is also available for lightweight and heavier items at affordable prices. Email the exceptional customer support team for guidance or price consultation.


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