The presence of a product is called product identity. There are many similar items in the market. On the other hand, the customers are limited. As a result, the brands are competing for the same demographic and target audience. Therefore, retailer companies ensure their product is unique with distinctive font, new scents, or other elements to create a product identity. One of the successful ways to generate a product identity is with custom printed cardboard boxes. The packaging is available in different sizes and shapes. Moreover, the bespoke packaging can also include fonts, a vibrant color scheme, and handles for easy placement.

Why are brands interested in product identity?

Remember the brand!

A strong product identity will make the brand more memorable. Otherwise, the customers will purchase from a similar vendor. Product identity will capitalize on the brand significantly. It will make the brand appear they operate on a wide scale than actuality.


Product identity builds immediately builds trust with the audience. The voice and tone of the packaging will communicate with the buyers. The customer considers the items as more than an economic commodity. Product identity makes items a huge part of customers’ lives.

Easy product launches

Thirdly, product identity enables the launch of newer items. The brand’s portfolio is already established in the market. As a result, the brand does not need to spend excessively on the new product. Customers will quickly buy newer items because they recognize the items.

Create product identity with custom printed cardboard boxes!

Here are a few reasons brands are using custom-printed cardboard for product identity:

Customer service

One of the components of product identity with bespoke packaging is excellent customer service. It is essential that the brand meets deadlines and delivers the products on time. Customers may have many questions about the brand and its operations. Therefore, the team must have relevant information to quench the theories. Custom-printed packaging is crucial for new product launches. Packaging motivates the brand to ship orders on time. A brand’s representative will advise which product is best for the customer. In addition, prompt delivery creates uncontested product identity.

Attention to detail

Retailers/vendors must pay close attention to detail regarding custom-printed mailer boxes. The brand is encouraged to sit with designers from the initial phase to the final design step. The product design specialists will pick the best features according to the product’s shape and dimensions. A product identity is created when the item’s color matches the packaging. Custom Box Solutions also encourages the vendors to add a finishing coat. UV spotting, foiling, debossing, and other metallic touches will make the perfect packaging. Furthermore, it will also exhibit the excellent craftsmanship that has gone into the product.

Ever-lasting impression

Custom printed cardboard boxes create the first impression on the customer. Therefore, the prints, color scheme, and mechanism must be attractive. The packaging producer you hire must use the latest printing technology for bright pigmentation. A bespoke cardboard box created by an expert will not have the same presence as a novice. Product identity is closely linked to the quality of the item. When a product is unique, so should the packaging. Otherwise, the customer will pass by the item thinking it is basic or not innovative. Therefore, bespoke boxes are essential to create a product identity and attract buyers.

Using sustainable material

Product identity is also created with sustainable packaging. Customers are aware of the impact that shopping has on the planet. Therefore, brands are creating bespoke packaging with environmentally friendly materials. Usually, recycled or sustainable materials are used to promote climate safety. When brands incorporate sustainability into their packaging, they become agents for a safe environment. An eco-conscious buyer will prefer to purchase from sustainable brands that do not take the practice lighthearted. Moreover, sustainability-based operations also increase sales. It attracts investors who are interested in expanding the brand.


Product identity in custom packaging is not limited to a single product. Custom Box Solution offers bespoke boxes in all shapes and sizes. Moreover, it houses a long list of products too. Bespoke packaging is appropriate for packaging, electronics, accessories, and food items. The ideal packaging will accommodate different product dimensions. Brands can also use inserts and windows to pack a bulk order in a single packaging. With bespoke boxes, the possibilities for packaging are endless. So, enjoy the versatility and create a unique presence in the market with boxes that speak for the brand.

Brand visibility

The brand must stand out at every point when the market is so competitive to ensure visibility. Therefore, custom-printed boxes represent the brand from when they leave the warehouse and are placed on the shelf. These boxes have the company’s logo and other details printed on them. As a result, it represents the company. The brand message is delivered wherever the packaging travels. The supermarket staff, supplier, vendor, and customers will read the packaging in hindsight before stocking the shelve. The constant interaction results in endless exposure. The product recognition is huge. The brand can target the audience and discover new customers thanks to innovative packaging.

Outstanding exterior

In today’s modern market, the quality of the product is not enough. Its packaging must match its presence. Therefore, brands are becoming extra conscious of their packaging. Bespoke boxes allow the vendors to set their products apart from the customers. Custom Box Solution offers distinctive and appealing designs to capture the customers’ attention. It creates excitement and anticipation for the products. The customers will also look forward to future launches and shop without questioning the brand.


Bespoke packaging is essential to represent the brand’s quality. When the customers receive their order in custom printed cardboard boxes, they are impressed with the elements. The design is exceptional and interactive. The cardboard boxes are made with precision. The premium material and latest printing technology are beneficial for product identity. Custom Box Solutions is dedicated to improving brand identity with its modern designs. The client can completely customize the cardboard to deliver the brand message perfectly.

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