The word “Kraft” means strong in German. Thus, Kraft packaging is durable and a better option than conventional packaging. Kraft mailer boxes are brown in color. However, they undergo a unique procedure that makes them long-lasting. Kraft packaging is mostly made from natural materials because vendors and customers appreciate sustainability.

Why use Kraft mailer boxes?

Excellent protection

Kraft packaging is made from credible material to provide high-quality protection to the items. The packaging can endure pressure, moisture, and humidity. It results in value-added services to establish customer loyalty. Custom Box Solution allows the clients to choose the thickness of the material for longer journeys.

Custom sizes

Kraft mailer boxes are versatile in different sizes. The dynamic features will satisfy vendors from all industries. A custom Kraft mailer box will have dividers and inserts so the items fit without breaking. A standard Kraft mailer box is a square shape. However, you can customize the packaging according to the product.


Kraft mailer packaging is made from lightweight material. It does not add to the shipping cost and results in even weight distribution. Vendors enjoy cost-efficient shipping that does not burden the customers. At the same time, your brand becomes popular because it is budget-friendly.

Greet these products in Kraft mailer boxes!

E-commerce items

Products from an e-commerce store look better in a customizedkraft Mailer box. If you own a virtual business, you know the importance of custom boxes. Many online storesuse customized packaging to increase their sales and engagement rate. Custom Kraft Mailer boxes are an excellent idea to make your business unique, whether a subscription or a product company. Packaging is essential if you are a small business struggling to beat the competition. The retailer can select a unique style for the box with custom labels to boost sales.


Electronics also reach customers in Kraft mailer boxes. These items are vulnerable to mechanical shocks and unpredictable weather conditions. Therefore, vendors use Kraft mailer boxes to protect electronics from moisture, mishandling, and humidity. Since these items are expensive, they must get to the buyer safely. Custom Kraft Mailer box for electronics protects its internal mechanism. Vendors can print a fragile label alongside the logo to educate the courier staff and the customer. They will handle the product with care and ensure sufficient insulation.

Office Supplies

Did you know office supplies are packaged in Kraft mailer boxes after the administration orders them? A custom Kraft mailer box is an excellent packaging for paper, printer cartridges, and pens. The stationary is also packed in Kraft mailer boxes. The packaging is small in surface area but perfect for bulk office stationery orders. The material is lightweight, making it easier for office staff to pick up the order. The risks for transportation are very low. The Kraft material will prevent the items from bumping into each other and damaging the stationary. It ensures proper use when unboxed by the staff.


Textiles are also shipped in Kraft mailer boxes. The material will protect the fabric from weather and transportation challenges. Well-known designers and artists ship unique articles to their customers in Kraft boxes. Kraft mailer boxes do not let moisture enter the packaging. Furthermore, debris also stays out of the box. As a result, the fabric does not tear and damage. Custom Kraft boxes are popular in luxury brands that aim to provide a unique experience. The customers get excited after seeing Kraft mailer boxes from their favorite textile brands. They are likelier to shop again because of the lengths the brand has gone to make the customer feel unique and loved.


Beyond textiles, shoes are also carefully packaged in custom Kraft mailer boxes. The fashion article is double-checked for defects before being placed in the boxes. Each shoe is packed in a plastic bag inside the Kraft mailer box. The twofold packaging creates maximum protection. Kraft mailer boxes will fit shoes of all sizes. Thus, it is also adventurous for the shoe brand. They can order wholesaleboxes at Custom Box Solutions for custom shoe packaging. Custom Box Solution willmatch the brand’s color scheme to the shoes. Thelogos and taglines will increase engagement.

Food items

The most popular item in custom Kraft mailer boxes is food. Vendors add ice packs to keep the food fresh. A second alternative is dry ice. The packaging material does not hurt the box’s integrity. Kraft seals the food and prevents it from interacting with the outside air. As a result, the meal stays fresh. Secondly, Kraft cardboard is also environmentally friendly. In addition, the material is completely recyclable. Kraft mailer boxes appeal to caterers, food subscription companies, and other services. The packaging ensures healthy meals are delivered to consumers with sustainable packaging.

Industrial parts

Kraft mailer boxes are also ideal for large industrial parts that fit into a box. These items are heavyweight that sometimes incur unnecessary shipping expenses. Kraft mailer boxes ensure that the industrial part reaches its destination safely. The material and the item do not rust. The parts are added to the assembly for commercial purposes. However, industrial items are also available on the internet for personal use. You will notice they will arrive in a custom Kraft mailer box at the shipping address, mentioning the item in detail. It will have installation instructions and disclaimers for safe use.


The last item on the list that arrives in Kraft mailer boxes is medication and health items. Female hygiene and healthcare products are strategically packed in Kraft to ensure privacy. Individuals are very concerned about who sees their prescriptions and invoice. Therefore, Kraft mailer boxes hide the customer’s identity. Kraft material also ensures a consistent temperature so the medicines remain safe. AKraft box carrying healthcare items can be transported multiple times. They are also used in delivering medication and supplements. Fitness enthusiasts usually share unboxing snippets on their social media. The videos involve Kraft boxes that promote the brand.

Hire Custom Box Solution for Kraft mailer boxes

Custom Kraft mailer boxes are committed to providing customized packaging to all industries. The packaging company uses the highest-quality material to build long-lasting client relationships. Custom Box Solution is transparent about its operations. Everything is done in-house to maintain top-quality services. Email the company today.