Custom Cardboard Boxes

Design and personalize your custom cardboard boxes with our extensive options in size, stock, printing, coating, and add-on choices to create the perfect packaging solution for your unique needs.

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


Add Allure to Custom Cardboard Boxes for Customer Loyalty

As a modern-day business owner, you want your products to arrive in style at the customer’s doorstep. You want the product to appear diverse with a personalized custom cardboard box. Moreover, it will protect the item during transportation too. In short, you need an attractive, stylish, and durable mailbox made with skill. The question is, from where? Custom Box Solutions has invested in modern equipment and updated practices for customer satisfaction. The packaging is available in different styles and sizes that are made from excellent cardboard at affordable prices.

Custom Box Solutions does not compromise on quality. We stick to the client’s budget while ensuring everything looks great. The color stays vibrant, and the customer is impressed by the attention to detail. With Custom Box Solutions, the client experiences high-quality and reliable services. The customized boxes are shipped and arrive at the address on time. Here are a few reasons to hire us for personalized cardboard boxes:

Witness premium cardboard for your packaging needs

Custom Box Solutions has a versatile portfolio of using premium cardboard for small businesses to large industries. The boxes use high-quality material to showcase your brand and the products on selves at the retail stores. The premium quality will beat the competition because your packaging stands out.

Update your brand with high-quality cardboard boxes

The customer sees the box before they spark an interest in the product. Therefore, external packaging is essential to making a long-lasting first impression. When clients hire us for an excellent-looking cardboard box Custom Box Solutions feels proud to modernize the packaging. As a result, you target the key demographic successfully. Thus, boosting your sales. Create extravagant packaging with Custom Box solutions with our competitive pricing and quick turnaround. You can also consult with our free design support.

Get inspired with custom printed cardboard boxes

Custom printed cardboard boxes are constantly in demand by online businesses such as retail outlets and event planners. You will also notice customized cardboard boxes at extravagant wedding parties. Custom Box Solutions eliminates the time-consuming process of designing packaging. Our experts send the ideal design with prescribed dimensions to the printers. The latest equipment can print thousand of pieces very quickly. Modern technology has made budget printing a lot easier.

Design your personalized printed boxes with Custom Box Solutions

  1. Custom made cardboard boxes are used for numerous reasons. When clients design their packaging, it implies the boxes will fit many roles, such as:
  2. An online business that seeks personalized boxes with logos to create an excellent impression.
  3. Secondly, an event planner will also use printed cardboard boxes with color blending for weddings, birthdays, and other milestones.
  4. A sunrise company can use personalized packaging to create a brand appearance. As a result, it will make their employees and customers feel welcome.

Do you wish to wow the clients and generate referrals? When the boxes reach the address with your logo on them, it creates excellent. The businesses, through packaging, offer value to their customers. As a result, it makes the entire wait worth it. Customers are more likely to shop again from the brand. Customized cardboard packaging leaves a lasting impression on the customer’s mind. They will slowly link the brand to the packaging.

Call us today

Custom Box Solutions offers packaging of all sizes to international clients. Our customized packaging meets small and large box logistical and industrial standards. Contact us today if you have a home-based business so we can eliminate your financial stress. Visit our website to request a quote for large or small orders. We will also provide you with delivery dates.

Custom Size Cardboard Boxes offer logistical ease

Custom Box Solution’s wide range of custom sized cardboard boxes is exemplary. Our clients can choose from a wide list of sizes, colors, shapes, and finishes. Let us guide you in discovering the perfect type of packaging for your business, clients, and customers.

How is packaging with custom size helpful?

Packaging with a custom size is extremely valuable to a company. The clients can use it for their customers, storage, or delivery. Personalized packaging is crucial for market presence. Unfortunately, it is frequently overlooked because numerous companies do not focus on packaging. Therefore, Custom Box Solutions is dedicated to celebrating the importance of packaging of all designs, shapes, and sizes.

Customized Cardboard Box with bespoke details

Cardboard boxes are ideal for delivery and storage. Clients can request a box of any size and shape to launch unique packaging when they hire us. We offer diamond and hexagonal boxes with lids and handles.

Fast delivery and reliable shipping

Cardboard boxes for shipping are available in different shapes and sizes. However, you can design a customizable size for a ring or a pair of shoes. Custom Box Solutions will create the packaging for all items. Our drag-and-drop interface has simplified the design process.

Safe Delivery

Custom cardboard packaging must be durable and secure. Otherwise, the customers will not shop from the brand if the items arrive broken or flawed. In addition, the packaging must also be strong enough to withstand the throwing force of fulfillment centers and driving vans.

Revolutionize your market strategies with custom cardboard display boxes

When companies search for custom display boxes cardboard is a newer material to conventional packaging. However, cardboard display packaging has quickly become popular among businesses because it catches customers’ attention easily. Moreover, it increases sales. Personalized display boxes ensure the product stands out on the retail shelves. The display packaging brings the product forward when the customers enter the store. Therefore, the demand for display boxes has increased in the USA.

Witness professional minds create innovative product display boxes

Display boxes made from cardboard are an innovative strategy for retail stores and shops. Because the products are displayed in an open-flap box, the customers can engage with the product. The box will securely hold the product and also be hung on walls/doors. These display boxes ensure that customers immediately notice the products. Moreover, they are easy to move around the shops. The increased level of interest is advantageous to companies selling a single product. Since the box is made of long-lasting cardboard, it delivers a strong message about the product and the company.

Display boxes save the planet

Unfortunately, the non-degradable items decomposing in the ground release toxic smells and material. It is destroying the planet and our health. Therefore, Custom Box Solutions manufactures packaging with eco-friendly cardboard, which is recyclable. Our company is dedicated to saving the planet. Our cardboard is completely biodegradable. The organic composition decomposes easily. Thus, your business contributes to preserving the planet for future generations.

Why Hire Custom Box Solutions?

Custom Box Solutions offers display boxes of all shapes and sizes with custom finishes. We aim to showcase the brand name with innovative thinking and an artistic approach. Call us today to learn how to display packaging can benefit your food and cosmetic businesses.

Custom Cardboard Box Inserts Are a Design Haven

Custom Box Solutions encourages clients to pour their souls into designing custom cardboard inserts for boxes. It increases the probability of elegantly showcasing the product design. Moreover, it also enhances the development and production phases. The “inserts” feature satisfies the customers while keeping the items safe. It is an essential feature in the design that safeguards the product mid-transit. With an increase in sales online, the design must have inserts to protect the items during sea, road, or train journeys. Companies focus on the last phase of transit to ensure the product is not damaged. It increases the business’s profitability and positively influences customer satisfaction.

Custom Box Solutions uses different inserts to ensure strength. Such as:


Packaging with velvet and silk inserts is appropriate for luxurious packaging. These are ideal for expensive items such as branded watches, jewelry, and cosmetics. The elegance in the design attracts the customer.


Plastic inserts are perfect for a professional appearance. The inserts are sleek and created with a vacuum to create a sleek look. Plastic inserts are customizable in terms of fit and size.

Cardboard inserts

Inserts made from paperboard or cardboard are lightweight. However, they stay erect. Furthermore, cardboard inserts can be used for compartmentalizing the design. The different layers keep the products safe from bumps. Furthermore, they stay organized.

Foam inserts

Foam inserts safeguard delicate items during shipping. They do not let the products slide and absorb the bumps perfectly. Foam inserts are usually used in electronics and other items that need long-lasting protection.

Molded pulp inserts

Such inserts are created from recycled cardboard or paper. These add an extra layer of security.

 Partner with Custom Box Solutions today

Custom Box Solutions’ expert designers will create innovative designs with inserts. The additional feature creates dimension and perfectly complements the product’s qualities. Call us today for more information.

Custom Cardboard Boxes No Minimum Limit at Affordable rates

The clients must not settle for standard packaging when CustomBoxsolutions offers custom size cardboard boxes no minimum size. Whether the boxes are for branding, customer loyalty, or shipping, it is time to take advantage of jaw-dropping low prices. With the smart interface, you can choose the material, size, colors, and the due time for order competition. Custom Box Solutions does not practice restrictions on quantity size. Custom packaging in small quantities is expensive.

Furthermore, custom packaging also needs cutting, affixing, and assembling. These processes are time-consuming and complicated. Custom Box Solutions eliminates these worries and offers a large order at an affordable price, including elegant and luxurious finishes.

Attract the demographic with innovative and custom packaging

With affordable prices, our custom boxes without order limits are durable. They are made of high-quality materials that add strength to shipping orders. The foundation keeps the items secure so you can ship internationally. Moreover, the boxes are also resistant to heat. Custom Box Solutions does not participate in animal cruelty. Custom Box Solutions offers excellent engraving and logo printing. We use vibrant colors and contrasting themes to make the packaging stand out. As a result, the brand matches the packaging.

Short-run boxes that save money

Custom Box Solutions will personalize pies, food items, wedding individuals, and make-up packages. The experts will create an engaging sleeve in different shapes at the lowest prices. The technology and latest equipment will deliver the promotional message perfectly.

Experience Glamor with Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solutions uses high-tech machinery and endless arrangement of colors to improve your brand presence in the market. The services are dedicated to customer satisfaction, client promotion, and innovative product displays. If you are searching for top-quality cardboard packaging without a limit on order, contact our experts via email. You can also follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

Save the Planet with custom cardboard shipping boxes

Companies strive to complete their orders with quality. It is their top priority to sustain a growing e-commerce market. Therefore, custom cardboard boxes for shipping will help businesses stay parallel with the demand. The clients will not need pre-made boxes that result in storage and maintenance costs. Shipping boxes made at Custom Box Solutions are of an accurate size. Businesses do not need to store and retrieve boxes from their warehouses. The clients enter the size and dimensions of the shipment boxes into the Custom Box Solution’s interface. The smart machinery will output a box according to the right size.

Eliminate material expenses and weight costs

Worldwide digitalization and the internet have boosted e-commerce. However, it is also caused a surge in packaging costs because the demand is more than ever. Yet, Custom Boxline keeps the costs low because we have access to top-quality material. With the right size, your business will save up space. In the next step, you can analyze the warehouse to streamline operations.

Greet optimal customer satisfaction

Custom Box Solutions packaging intends to simplify logistical processes. Workflow becomes easier to follow. As a result, the customer greets the products faster. It generates brand loyalty because the customers appreciate timely delivery. Furthermore, smart packaging also promotes environmental well-being.

Design cardboard boxes today

Custom Box Solutions designs and manufactures custom cardboard boxes for shipping in-house. Our efficiencies are unmatched and reliable. The experts oversee the entire process because we are not brokers or resellers. Our services guarantee increased brand presence and elevated marketing standing. Custom Box Solutions allows clients to design and create shipment boxes freely. Simply give us our vision, and we will use our technology to translate them into packaging. Don’t forget to request a quote for cost estimation.


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