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Get Custom Donut Boxes tailored to your needs! 🍩 Enhance your branding with unique & eco-friendly packaging. 🌿 Ensure donut freshness & appeal! 🎁 #CustomDonutBoxes #EcoFriendlyPackaging

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.

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Stylish Donut Boxes for your Products

Boxes of donuts preserve and present the delicacy efficiently. It keeps the item durable, and the boxes look beautiful as well. Customboxsolutions is committed to designing the best-quality donut boxes that can be personalized according to the needs.


As a client, you need a donut case for corporate, personal, and other events. Customboxsolutions designs boxes according to the client and its niche. You can customize the shape, size, and the style. It is up to the client to pick the color, pattern, font, and hues. The boxes are affordable but deliver excellent results. The client can also add images, artwork, company name, and donut ingredients.

Premium Quality

Donuts are the most famous desserts globally. The box will preserve the taste, freshness, and quality for a very long time. The client can recycle the box after use, which will not burden the planet. Customboxsolutions has simplified the manufacturing process with the latest printing techniques. You can place an order for a single donut or small boxes for multiple donuts. These are ideal for anniversaries, stag-dos, and birthdays. Customboxsolutions designs the boxes according to the client so you receive what you want.

Additional features

Customboxsolutions will bespoke the box further with more decorations. You can pick the thickness after choosing the material. Furthermore, there are many finishes as well, such as matte, aqua coat, glossy, and spot UV protection. Moreover, the client can also design donut packaging box with windows to display the item clearly. You can also add gold and silver foiling.

Custom Donut Boxes with Bespoke Colors and Fonts

Everyone likes eating donuts. They are the sweetest delight loved by all ages, especially the kids. Custom printed donut boxes are the best packaging solution to make the bakery a popular place to shop. They look forward to outstanding donut packaging with the necessary elements and add-ons. Adding features to the donut packaging results in an elegant presentation. It is a reason donut sells. Customboxsolutions sells packaging at affordable rates with plenty of options for customization, such as color, size, layout, and inserts.

Features of bespoke donut boxes

Cardboard is an environmentally friendly material for the packaging. It will not harm the climate. Moreover, it is not chemical as well. Cardboard is made from natural material from wood pulp. As a result, donut shops adopt sustainability to convey their eco-friendly practices.

Playful Colors

At Customboxsolutions, you can paint the donut boxes of any color. If a color is not in the wheel, you can personalize the hue. The cardboard is smooth, so each color shines. Moreover, the company also uses the latest printing techniques for outstanding results. You can print innovative designs, logos, and different shades of hues. Moreover, the packaging also creates a unique identity for a competitive advantage.

Diverse Use

It is very easy to design boxes at Customboxsolutions. You can contact the support team via email. The designers will welcome inspiration from the clients. However, you can completely personalize the donut packaging according to your needs. As a result, they become ideal for events or future bakery deals.

Donut Boxes Bulk Orders Save Money and Resources

Modern-day donuts are available in many shapes. Moreover, they are delicious too. Thus, the bakers order bulk donut boxes in attractive cases. It is to keep up with the fast demand of bakers who wish to market their business expertly.

Why is bespoke donut packaging important?

A bakery sells many different kinds of donuts. The flavors and shapes are on display. They are focused on getting the customer’s attention. Therefore, the bespoke boxes confirm a sale. It increases engagement because the box is made from different materials.

Value-added packaging

Bespoke boxes represent a bakery business. The customers are pleased with high-quality boxes. The beautiful exterior makes the sweet treat more rewarding and acceptable. You can pack the donuts as gifts during festive seasons.

Robust design

Anyone who loves donuts knows that selling them is crucial to the business’s success. Therefore, the seller must deliver them safely. Wholesale donut orders introduce innovation into the bakery and motivate the staff to pack donuts quickly.

Go green!

The bakeries must celebrate sustainability when manufacturing donut cases. It beats the rivals. At the same time, the cases save the environment. Customers appreciate businesses that are dedicated to saving the planet. Therefore, donut shops can invest in healthy packaging that limits earth waste.

Excellent visual promotion

Do you want to make the bakery famous in little to no time? Then, bespoke donut boxes will influence the buying decision quickly. You can print embossed logos, de-bossed fonts, and other features to convey the market story. As a result, the customers will remember the brand name. You can also print the bakery logo and slogan to grow the businesses.

Witness effective branding with Wholesale donut boxes

When designing donut boxes wholesale order is an excellent idea to promote the item. They are excellent for the economy, market, and the environment. Moreover, the boxes are durable. You can insert information cards, sticker labels, and other information to ensure the boxes serve their purpose.

Wholesale results in successful marketing

Donut packaging is excellent for numerous reasons. They introduce comfort and utility. The appearance is welcoming as well. The bakeries can use it as a medium to create a unique presence with different color schemes. You can use apply a glossy, UV, or matte finish. It increases the box’s durability and prevents it from moisture. The donut stays fresh.


Donut packaging is an excellent way to promote the business. They keep the sweet cravings affordable and long-lasting. The cardboard is made from top-quality raw material, which protects the bakery item. You can hire Customboxsolutions will print don’t packaging with colors and different patterns. The packages are made from light material, so they ship and store easily. Moreover, you can also recover from the initial cost as well. The client can customize the packaging according to quality and budget but still benefit from a competitive price. In the end, you can compose or recycle the boxes. It reduces the impact on the environment.


Bespoke donut cases will promote the bakery without ruining the budget. The product’s health will not deteriorate and promote the bakery at the same time. Customboxsolutions creates appealing and practical packaging to deliver unforgettable experiences. The bakeries are encouraged to find their target buyer and compose a marketing plan. The bakeries’ top sellers are donuts. You can modify and personalize the designs. It will result in brand generation and increase sales volume. The bakeries must factor in the preferences of the target buyer and their demands. The client can pick a design from the online library at Customboxsolutions. They are sustainable as well. You can pick the material, single, and sizes.

Easy to create

Whole donut cases are easy to design and promote the business. They are available in different styles with a bespoke logo. It will result in in-person, service, and online marketing. The bakeries can use fonts and favorable color schemes for the design.

Donut Packaging Boxes is the right fit for Sweet Treats

Customboxsolutions is ecstatic to deal with ambitious customers who recognize the effort that goes into designing boxes. The experts recommend the best design, material, and shape. Moreover, the opening and closing procedure is also simple for the customers.

Top-quality printing

Customboxsolutions uses top-quality printing technology and color combination. Furthermore, donut boxes packaging can also be created from the online library. Clients can discuss inspirations with the design team to ensure everything they want is mentioned on the box. It will complement their branding strategy perfectly.

Latest equipment

Customboxsolutions understands that the packaging industry is very competitive. It is difficult for new bakeries to make a name for themselves with full boxes. Therefore, the packaging company offers insight to captivate the audience. The design team uses the most updated tools and equipment to save time. It also improves the quality and reduces the manufacturing time to hours. As a result, wholesale and individual orders are delivered on time.

Trained experts

Customboxsolutions delivers excellent boxes thanks to a professional team. The experts offer practical solutions after studying theoretical data. Customboxsolutions will design outstanding custom cases according to print, size, and shape. No novices are involved in the process.

Focus on the customer

Most packaging companies use pre-designed templates with the most advanced processes at each step. However, Customboxsolutions believes in bespoke services to please the customer. The experts are knowledgeable in design trends, regardless of the client niche. The company will print small and large orders. The collaboration results in durable boxes. Lastly, the support team is available day and night for your queries. Contact today!

Budget-friendly prices

Customboxsolutions motivates the clients to step outside of the realm of traditional packaging. The clients can always rely on the services the company offers. Customboxsolutions does not believe in hidden charges or additional fees. There are no plate charges or dye expenses. Customboxsolutions will deliver excellent results even if the brand is on a tight budget.

Sustainable, greener, and eco-friendly cardboard boxes for donuts

Cardboard donut cases are easy to assemble and disassemble. Furthermore, they are lightweight and easier to carry. Their use is simple, and they offer a nice look as well. Cardboard cases are easier to install and do not require much effort. You can use it for special gift-giving purposes to display the treats beautifully. The cardboard is a practical and durable option for functionality purposes.

High-quality material

Customboxsolutions does not believe in low-quality donut packaging. As a result, the bakery will lose customers. Therefore, the packaging provider manufactures boxes from food-safe and cardboard boxes that do not compromise the taste. Stale donuts will not yield the same excitement as customers only want the fresh version.

Secure Cardboard

The packaging keeps the cardboard safe because food items are usually delivered by hand. The courier is responsible for preventing the cupcakes from bumping into each other or the walls. Cardboard boxes are high-quality solutions for durability. You can design the boxes in different shapes, sizes, and styles at Customboxsolutions. Moreover, you can place inserts for two or a dozen donuts in an empty donut box.


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