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Delight guests with Custom Favor Boxes from Custombox Solutions! 🎁 Add a personalized touch to special events. Create lasting memories & stand out!

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


Create Elegance with Custom Favor Boxes

Are you thinking of starting a business? Are you expanding operations as a manufacturer? There are many things to consider. The owner is constantly thinking about ways to ensure they deliver the best product. They hope to attract more customers with outstanding service while keeping the present buyers happy. Unfortunately, the manufacturers overlook favor boxes.


Custom favor packaging boxes carry a huge influence in the market. These are small boxes with custom gifts inside. The favor boxes are distributed among the customers. However, hosts can give them away to the guests. They are part of the décor at different events such as weddings, birthdays, and farewell parties.

Promote the business

Common favor boxes contain promotional items such as samples, coupons, discounts, and similar materials. However, the emotions overtake the item’s importance because the recipient is so surprised with the favor box.

Show some love

It is an excellent way to show you appreciate the guests, attendees, and the customers. A favor box will result in goodwill and brand loyalty in the long run. Moreover, the boxes will promote the products the brand is offering successfully.


Favor boxes are available in different shapes and sizes. However, they have one mutual element. The design must be attractive and unforgettable. The client can also print a logo, tagline, and other branding elements to advertise their business. You want the customers to remember the thought and care you put into the favor box.


Favor boxes cost very little. Yet, the returns are very high. The client can place a bulk order to lower costs further. As a result, they avoid shipping charges because the favor boxes are very lightweight. Moreover, the flattened packaging does not consume too much space during shipment.


After using the boxes, the recipient can recycle them. These boxes are made from organic, lightweight cardboard material, which is quite environmentally friendly. Cardboard will decompose without burdening the planet and overfilling the landfills.

How to design user-friendly and unique party favor boxes?

Creating custom party favor boxes is an excellent idea to appreciate the friends and family at the soiree. You can use the boxes for bridal showers, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special favorites. Here are a few tips to design an appealing favor box for an ever-lasting impression

Pick a theme

Before designing a favor box for the party, the individual must decide on a theme. It will quickly narrow the choices and make the decision-making process a lot simpler. Furthermore, they can also decide on the decoration and embellishment. If the theme is rustic, the client can choose a fall color scheme. The soon-to-be parents can match the color scheme according to the gender of the baby. The next step is choosing the material to create the favor boxes.

Make them distinctive

Do you wish the party to be the most memorable night of the century? The hosts can print the names of the guests on each favor box. However, it is an expensive strategy. If it does not match the budget, you can use the first name or the initials. Moreover, the hosts can add stickers, artwork, and images. They can play with unique textures and customized hues for outstanding results.

Pick size and dimension

A favor box becomes difficult to manage if it is too big in size. Therefore, the client, seller, vendor, or hosts must decide on the perfect dimensions. It will ensure that the boxes are special and not overbearing. If you are unsure of the size, contact the team at Customboxsolutions. They will recommend the ideal size according to project, the intended recipient, and the material.


Bespoke favor boxes are usually made from cardboard, kraft, or corrugated material. These choices keep the costs low, so you plan the party according to your expectations. The hosts do not overspend and manage to make the night day very special. It captivates the attendants. They will be talking about your hosting capabilities for a very long time.

What to put in custom favor boxes?

Favor boxes at different events are an idea you cannot go wrong with. It allows friends and family to deliver a unique message that cannot be expressed in words. Here are a few items you will find in thoughtful favor boxes from the loving guests

Children’s party

Custom printed favor boxes for a children’s event are very easy to personalize. The parents can add inexpensive small toys for the child’s friends in small party favor boxes. In addition, candy and other sweet treats are excellent recommendations. In the end, wrap the favor box with a bow to complete the look.

Pre-wedding celebration

Bottle openers are ideal for pre-wedding festivities. For such events, close friends can add engraved trinkets to the favor boxes. They can say the name or the date of the event. The bottle openers can be used at different parties for a showstopping conversation.

Sweet sixteen

Sweet sixteen is a much-awaited celebration in any girl’s life. Therefore, the bespoke favor boxes must represent the big day. The friends can add cute bracelets made from beads or jewels. Moreover, they can add special memorabilia that represents childhood friendship.


You have spent decades with your partner. Even though every day is special, anniversaries hold a special meaning to the heart. Whether it is your 30th or 50th wedding anniversary, you can never go wrong with favor boxes. It is an excellent idea to show the guests that you value their attendance. You can distribute the boxes with seed packets that represent love and growth with your partner.


The gold years are here! Congratulations on your major achievements throughout your career! However, it is now time to rest. The colleagues are hosting a going away part with favor boxes. The items inside include a corkscrew and pictures. The team can add special thank-you notes for the times you helped them out.

How do businesses benefit from favor boxes wholesale orders?

Always available

As a manufacturer, you will always need boxes to package the product all year round. Placing a bulk order means having sufficient inventory that will not disturb the logistics. The orders are not delayed because the boxes are easily available. The process saves time. It does not add stress. The processes are not disturbed if the company is experiencing high sales or operating in high seasons.

No wastage

Custom favor boxes wholesale orders are never wasted. Most manufacturers assume the packaging is wasted or donated. However, they can reuse the bulk orders for Christmas and holiday shipments. The wholesale orders will not decay or compost from fungus. They are used in the same year, and the items reach the doorstep in minted condition.

Customer loyalty

The second element the customers ponder over after quality is timely delivery. If the order is delayed, they are dishearted and unmotivated to purchase from the brand again. In short, they do not enjoy waiting. Bulk favor box orders will avoid delays and distrust. If the customers receive the same item from a competitor on time, they will not purchase from your brand again. Therefore, having bulk packaging means the company ensures quick delivery. It shows that the brand cares about the customers. It establishes loyalty.

Celebrate the big day with awe-striking, beautiful wedding favor boxes

On the day of the wedding, you are giving yourself away to a special, promised someone. It is a celebrated milestone which marks the start of a new life. With so much meaning, everything has to be perfect. So, many couples take months and years to plan their perfect celebration. They argue about choosing the best venue with a dreamscape theme. The couple wishes the items to stand out. One of the ways to make the day more unique is with personalized favor boxes. They give the guests something to look forward to. At the same time, the boxes compliment the décor. Here are a few reasons to invest in favor boxes at your wedding


You can add style to the big day with wedding favors boxes. These boxes turn into functional items on the big day. The couple can add cookies, candies, and other sweet treats so the guests enjoy the reception. Moreover, some couples add maps for the guests to browse the venue, city, or town. Other small items include keychains and bottle openers. The guests will remember your wedding for a long time to come.


Custom wedding favor boxes are available in different styles and sizes. Thus, the couple can convey creativity in many designs. They can choose the colors and patterns to match the outfits. Moreover, they can keep a traditional approach with ribbons, embossing, and engraving. Regardless of the style you choose, the boxes will be a hit because it is your special today. You can place the favor boxes on the tables to make them more stylish and attractive.

Heart-warming feeling

After thanking the guests for attending the wedding, you can present them with the favor boxes to win their hearts. They are honored to be part of the celebration. Whenever they look at the box, they will be reminded they were at the venue, and it will bring them immense pleasure.

Experience perfection at Custom Box Solutions

Customboxsolutions is the ideal place to order favor boxes in bulk or small amounts. The packaging provider has not set a ceiling on the order amount. You can design attractive and long-lasting favor boxes that will prove beneficial to your business. Customboxsolutions dedicates time and energy to designing gorgeous favor boxes that are tailored to the client’s needs and concepts. At Customboxsolutions, you can order favor boxes of any size and shape. They are perfect for hosts, start-up companies, and business owners. Moreover, you can pick the color, patterns, and logo placement.

The designing process is very straightforward. If you seek more information on the advantages, use, and design of favor boxes, contact the customer support team today. The experts are active day and night to fulfill your packaging needs. You can email for an instant quote before placing a favor box bulk order.


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