Custom Cookie Boxes

Discover unique Custom Cookie Boxes tailored to your taste. Elevate gifting & branding with our personalized packaging. Perfect for every occasion!

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.

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Get Personalized and Custom Cookie Boxes for Your Delights

Custom Box Solution offers lightweight and excellently designed so your brand is the clear winner among the competitors. The company offers enhanced printing, material options, and a wide range of sizes for custom packaging boxes. Here are a few reasons to hire Custom Box Solutions to fulfill your dreams.

Expert minds

Custom Box Solutions hires smart artists and intelligent professionals to bring the client’s visions to life. The provider will ensure the cookie packaging is the right size to keep the products safe for transportation. The experts have the skills to surprise the vendors with outstanding cookie boxes.


Custom Box Solutions’ boxes are budget-friendly, so your customers can enjoy cookies at affordable rates. We have a quick turnaround time and deliver the orders in less than ten days. You can also submit rush orders for a special fee. Regardless of the type of order, no shipping charges apply for the cookie boxes of your choice.


Custom Box Solutions designs boxes for cookies with sustainability in mind. The provider promotes planet-friendly practices that are constantly evolving to make the earth a safer place. Custom Box uses soy-based ink and eco-friendly kraft material that is recyclable. As a result, the client’s brand reflects excellently in the market.


Enjoy unlimited creativity at Custom Box Solutions. You can customize the shade, the layout, size, and design. Moreover, the client can also pick CMYK colors for vibrancy. The cookie packaging will come out beautiful. The brilliant design for your cookie boxes will place the brand as a leader.

24/7 assistance

Custom Box Solutions is with you every step of the way to design innovative and outstanding cookie boxes. The service has eliminated the need to use unsatisfactory tools. The experts guide the client from order placement, design, manufacturing, and delivery. Custom Box Solutions has a seamless design process that will not cause stress.

Let’s get started!

Are you ready to design the ultimate cookie boxes with Custom Box Solutions? You can pick the design, color, and dimensions of the box. Add as many inserts as you want. You can also generate appeal with foiling options. Visit the website to place an order.

Sturdy Cookie Gift Boxes for Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Graduations

Custom Box Solutions lets the clients pick the box’s size, weight, shape, and dimensions according to the baked treats. The company is a reliable and credible seller of cookie packaging in different shades and patterns. You can design the perfect gift boxes for cookies to take with you on birthdays, graduations, and get-togethers to wow the attendants. Custom Box Solutions will add inserts into the design with a classic style. You can opt for a straight tuck end box that is easy to assemble.

Moreover, it is easy for the recipient to open, making matters much easier. However, there are other options available too. You can pick a reverse tuck end box. Choose an auto-bottom box with a lock and snap feature. If you are unsure which kind of gift packaging to pick, contact the specialists at Custom Box Solutions for their input. Their assistance is completely free, and so is the shipping, so the client enjoys the packaging with maximum benefits.

Folding gift boxes for Cookies

The folding gift boxes are made from thin material. Its inside is lined with linen, which is excellent for sweets and baked elements such as cookies, macrons, pastries, and biscuits. You can also pick the folding gift box for cosmetics, soaps, and medicine.

Corrugated gift boxes for Cookies

The team at Custom Box Solutions proposes corrugated boxes for gift-giving. The material is ideal for perishable items that may get damaged during transit. The corrugated boxes are perfect for large cookie orders that add weight to the packaging. You can display the corrugated packaging at the party to make a name for yourself.

Rigid gift box for Cookies

A rigid gift box will amplify your brand. The material has an outstanding finish whose qualities are amplified with the right design. You can use it to gift chocolates, cookies, and smaller desserts. Email Custom Box Solutions for details about order placement. You can choose the design, color, dimension, and size best suited for your brand. It is time to create the perfect gift box for desserts!

Custom Cookie Boxes Build Brand Recognition and Customer Loyalty

Custom cookie box packaging will make your retail product appear more luxurious. Moreover, it will also have retail appeal. You can amplify the packaging with different features to impress the customers when they walk by the shelf. Custom packaging for cookies is excellent for other treats, too.

The retailers can use it to ship cookies, pastries, and macrons. Custom Box Solution manufactures boxes with high-quality material and additional layers to ensure safety. As a result, the treats reach the customer in their original shape. The additional material layers protect the items excellently while conveying the brand’s core values.

Custom Box Solution’s custom packaging for cookies is very impactful. It will protect the cookies from damage. At the same time, the treats will look premium and high-quality. You can work closely with the designers at Custom Box Solutions to represent your brand in a signature form. Furthermore, you can design custom boxes with logos so the customers immediately recognize your brand. Custom Box Solutions will design personalized boxes based on shape, size, dimensions, and ideas.

Custom cookie boxes with logos stimulate the brain because the customers perceive it as a reward system. It will increase sales and maximize engagement with the brand. Sometimes, a brand on the box is the only difference between the customer purchasing from the company and placing the product back on the shelf. Custom Box Solutions’ team is compassionate about the client’s marketing needs.

The cookie packaging is based on maximizing sales while keeping a cost-effective approach. Personalized cookie boxes will transform your business, be it a home-run, small, or large-scale company.

Hire Custom Box Solutions

The clients can pick the shape, size, color, and dimensions for your cookie boxes at Custom Box Solutions. You can create a custom shade from a color wheel. In addition, you can customize the box from scratch if the designs from templates do not suit you. Email for details.

Greet the treat with Cookie Boxes with window

Window cookie boxes are a smart way to pack your biscuits and other baked treats. The window allows the customer to admire the cookies from outside the packaging without ruining the product. They can pick the right flavor and shape of the cookies for purchase. The window cookie packaging will ensure the product looks most appealing regardless of the lighting.

Moreover, a window box will keep the product fresh longer because the treats are not cooped up in sealed packaging. A box with windows is durable and versatile.

Additional elements

The clients pick the initial elements of a personalized box, such as material, size, and dimensions. In the next step, they can choose from additional elements to make a grander impact. Custom Box Solutions offers foiling, embossing, and debossing. Window patching is also a trendy option.


Custom Box Solutions has the elements to ensure the safe transportation of baked goods. The client can add inserts within a box. Secondly, a plastic handbag to transport the box. Lastly, Custom Box Solutions also offers an adhesive strip that prevents the air and humidity from contaminating the treats.

Work with Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solutions has a super-easy design process. Moreover, the company also offers free shipping and 24/7 customer support. You can visit the website to consult with experts and exchange package-related ideas.

How to pick the perfect cookie packaging boxes with Custom Box Solutions?

Cookies are a salivating treat worldwide. Their taste is amplified with unique packaging. Clients can decorate the boxes according to their demographic at Custom Box Solutions. As a result, your brand stands out among the competitors. Here is how to create the ideal dessert box

Choose dimensions

In the first step, the clients at Custom Box Solution will pick the perfect size for baked treats. Larger cookies need a bigger box so the treats do not bump the walls. On the other hand, smaller cookie box packaging is appropriate for small cookies.

Choose a design

In the second step, the clients can design the boxes after picking the size. The clients can come up with creative ideas to build engagement with the brand. They can apply illustrations and photos to make the packaging unique. In addition, you can also pick solid colors and patterned boxes. Custom Box Solutions ensures that the design is engaging and distinctive.

Make it engaging!

Lastly, the clients can add elements relevant to the brand. The personalization elements include a logo, brand name, signature, and taglines. Some cookie brands also add a recipe card to the box. As a result, the consumer can try the recipe at home.

Hire Custom Box Solutions

Clients can pick the cookie cases’ design, dimensions, and size at Custom Box Solutions. Moreover, they can personalize colors to represent their brand. Visit the website to submit a quote.

Celebrate the Holidays with Christmas Cookie Boxes

Christmas cookie gift boxes will deliver delicious treats to your friends, family, and work colleagues this holiday season. Custom Box Solutions offers gift packaging in different sizes and shapes. As a result, you can ship flavorful, gluten-free, and sugar-free cookies easily. Furthermore, you can also add inserts to separate the different types of cookies

Create an impact

Add Christmas cookie packaging to your holiday list to make a giant impact. The consumer will enjoy high-quality festive cookies filled to the brim of the box. You can design different sorts of boxes to match your latest collection of cookie boxes at Custom Box Solutions.

Make memories

Our cookie boxes are beautifully crafted and well-decorated to get everyone in the holiday spirit. You can add relevant artworks such as sleighs, reindeer, tensile, and other elements to celebrate the holidays. Moreover, the client can also add ribbons, embellishments, and foiling for your next cookie delivery.

Ship holiday-related cookies

Christmas packaging for biscuits will sell exclusive holiday cookies. Common examples are chocolate chip and sugar cookies. Furthermore, there are also ideas for Santa-shaped treats for kids. The packaging ensures a timely delivery at a gathering. Our customized designs for cookie boxes will add to the pleasure.

Order Christmas boxes today.

The clients can pick the shape, size, dimension, and material for a Christmas box for cookies at Custom Box Solutions. You can pick the signature green and red colors to match the holiday season. On the other hand, step outside of the box with an unconventional shade. Unleash your creativity at Custom Box Solutions.


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