Custom Bakery Boxes

Elevate your bakery’s brand with custom bakery boxes that showcase your delectable treats. Personalized packaging that leaves a lasting impression. Order now!

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


Bakery Boxes | High-quality material, food-safe boxes at fair prices

Custom Box Solutions bakery boxes allow decorative cakes, biscuits, and cupcakes to appear grand. Everyone will not resist the customized packaging as soon as it is placed before them. Custom Box Solution will design bakery packaging for individuals, vendors, suppliers, and wholesale businesses.

Custom dimensions

When the client hires Custom Box Solutions, the client can use fun colors to represent cake flavors. Furthermore, the boxes are available in custom shapes to fit the dimensions of the bakery treats. Do not worry! The boxes will not cost much because Custom Box Solution manufactures bakery packaging with affordable, high-quality, and food-safe material.

Planet-safe ink

Furthermore, Custom Box Solution lets the clients choose between water-based and soy-based ink. The cartridges are based on a sustainability initiative to promote environmentally friendly practices. In addition, the boxes are assembled with eco-friendly glue to maintain the taste and texture of food treats.

Food-grade packaging

Custom Box Solution manufactures packaging with recycled material and food-grade properties that do not ruin food after contacting it. You can place the boxes from the packaging company in a freezer or fridge. You can leave them out at room temperature, too, without worrying.


Custom Box Solutions’ boxes for the bakery are easy to use. The baker/artist can directly place the cakes, pies, cupcakes, and other treats into the box. However, you can also use food-grade papers or pads to cushion the bakery items.

Why choose Custom Box Solutions?

Custom Box Solutions is the best packaging provider to advertise your business. The company offers the best prices in the packaging industry. As a result, your business shines. The client can attract a bigger market share with innovative and creative packaging. Furthermore, client satisfaction will rise too. Custom Box Solution offers free shipping and no additional charges. It is a one-stop shop for all your packaging needs. The materials are strong and durable enough to withstand long journeys. Custom Box Solution also provides mind-blowing discounts on wholesale orders. Thus, the client gets the most of their money because the packaging is an investment that pays off in the short and long run.

Custom Box Solution uses the latest high-tech equipment for printing and quality assurance. You can choose where to place the bakery name, logo, date, barcode, and order details. In addition, you can also customize the bakery packaging according to size, color, design, and embellishments. Let Custom Box Solution deliver the company message perfectly to engage the target audience. Email for free design consultation, advice, and price estimate.

Safeguard the Sweet Items with Custom Bakery boxes

If you belong to the food industry, you know packaging is essential to wrap the products to increase their life. Bakery sweets are very time-sensitive. They are the result of hard work and patience. Therefore, personalized bakery boxes are an excellent choice to prevent food from being damaged. Brownies, cupcakes, and cakes will keep their original shape. Custom Box Solution is the ideal vendor for unique packaging with attention to detail.

Personalized bakery boxes with logo

Besides being engaging, the baking boxes are made from top-quality materials at Custom Box Solutions. The client can print a logo onto the box to make it unique from the competitors. The clients can choose the logo placement and the texture to befit their needs. Custom Box Solutions appreciates the details in packaging because it shows the brand cars. It ensures customer satisfaction.

Make everything more memorable

Custom printed bakery boxes will make the live milestones more unique. They will instantly grab the attention of the buyer and the customer. Custom Box Solution offers colorful packaging for cupcakes, pastries, brownies, biscuits, and other bakery items. Birthdays, anniversaries, and events are incomplete without these sweets. Personalized bakery boxes will make everything look extraordinary.

Custom size and design

Are you worried about the size of the bakery packaging? Custom Box Solution allows the client to choose the size and dimensions of the box. Furthermore, specialists are also available who will propose the measurement after studying the bakery item. Customized packaging will make the business successful because of customized shapes and layouts.

Print artwork on the box

Custom Box Solution is dedicated to delivering unique packaging. The company uses the latest printing technology to ensure color vibrancy. The soy-based ink results in high pigmentation. The shades do not fade. Custom Box Solution ensures the business theme is represented in the packaging. If you want a custom shade, pick one from the color wheel. Yes, it is that easy!

Experience top-quality services at Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solution believes in trust and transparency. The company does not compromise on quality. Vendors, suppliers, and clients from all industries rely on Custom Box Solution to make their products appear stronger. The innovative packaging will keep the food items safe until greeted by the customer. Feel free to discuss matters with experts via email. You can customize the inserts, layout, size, and shape at Custom Box Solutions at excellent rates. Keep visiting the website for updates.

Bakery Boxes with Window boost sales with impulse buying

Do you aim to fascinate the customers? If so, then Custom Box Solution suggests window bakery boxes. The window design will increase engagement. Custom Box Solution creates a window at the front of the box so the buyer can admire the bakery items easily. The strategy boosts impulsive sales because of curiosity.

Pick the best material.

Bakery window boxes create appeal for sweet items, resulting in high engagement. Custom Box Solution manufactures boxes with windows from high-quality material. The well-crafted cakes, cookies, and cupcakes will not lose their taste/shape. The client can pick non-corrugated and corrugated materials that suit the bakery’s needs. The smart packaging has a clear window so the customers can see the items.

Custom color and size

Bakery packaging with windows is available in many shapes and sizes. The clients can customize the box to an event, holiday, and décor at Custom Box Solutions. You can also order them in plain white or pink color. Customized bakery packaging is also available in fun patterns. Customize a box according to Valentine’s Day, gender reveal, and pre-wedding celebrations. The materials are environmentally friendly for customers that celebrate sustainability. The packaging is durable and will not be damaged in transit.

Boxes for every client

Whether the bakery is shipping pastries, pies, or cupcakes, the boxes will window will deliver the results you are looking for. Custom Box Solution suggests the clients stock on the packaging because the company offers excellent discounts. The window packaging is ideal for bakeries, pizzas, restaurants, and other food-related businesses.

Improve your brand presence with custom design.

If your bakery sales are dropping and you cannot beat the competition, your business is lacking the wow factor. Custom Box Solutions will customize the windows according to the bakery. The packaging provider has excellent window designs with cut-outs to penetrate the intense competition. The adhesive on the windows is environmentally friendly, so the bakery items are not harmed. Custom Box Solution ensures that each box is free from mistakes. The box design will make the items appear more elegant.

Sustainability and eco-friendly

Custom Box Solutions material for window boxes is a hundred percent eco-friendly. The packaging is free from contaminants with its food-grade qualities. The box’s inner walls are laminated so the packaging does not absorb the oil. Cakes, biscuits, and cupcakes are not deformed.

Place an order with Custom Box Solutions.

Order now by emailing a customer representative with a sample design and box amount. The packaging company offers reasonable rates. Invest intelligently in bakery packaging with Custom Box Solutions.

Bakery boxes wholesale clients witness huge discounts and save money.

Have you ever thought in detail about what bakery boxes are? It is an essential component that keeps the cakes fresh. The material does not ruin the frosting. It remains buttery and yummy. In short, bakery packaging will make the delicious treats look their best. However, the packaging must be unique to present the store’s appeal. If the packaging is the best, the likelihood of sales increases manifolds. Wholesale bakery boxes focus on convenience. The material will keep the items fresh and delicious. They are protected from the contaminated outside air.

Furthermore, custom bakery packaging also allows sufficient ventilation. Thus, cookies, cakes, pies, and cupcakes stay cool. The customers appreciate the fresh-tasting bakery items that seem like they just walked out of the oven.

Design and sizes

Such features make the customers confident in purchasing from the bakery. It also pleases the investors that the bakery offers excellent protection for delicious items. Custom Box Solutions offers easy-to-customize boxes according to shape, size, and form if you want to achieve these benefits.

Great value

When designing bakery boxes bulk orders at Custom Box Solutions get you the most out of the investment. The packaging company will deliver outstanding packaging. The delicious confectionaries will not be harmed with Custom Box Solution packaging. The treats will last longer, a quality unavailable in traditional packaging.

Brand presence

A wholesale order at Custom Box Solution will save you the trouble of repeatedly ordering personalized boxes. The packaging provider will print logos and match the color scheme so your bakery instantly generates brand presence. Your business will shine as an entity that delivers outstanding services. At the same time, Customers will appreciate you putting so much effort into the packaging. The attention to detail will positively impact the marketing. The customers, shareholders, and individuals will respect the hard work that has gone into the packaging.


Regarding food packaging, Custom Box Solution does not compromise health. Hyenine is fundamental in bakery foods. Therefore, the company will use a material that is easy to clean. The interior and exterior are sanitized easily. There is sufficient space inside the box for each cake slice so it won’t rub with the edges.

Hire Custom Box Solution because…

Sweeten the customer journey with bespoke wholesale packaging at reasonable rates. The logo printed on top of the box will improve brand presence. Its simplicity will attract customers. You can pick the box’s color, size, dimensions, and finishes at Custom Box Solutions. Design boxes with windows, handles, or inserts today!

Highly Customized Bakery Gift Boxes at Affordable rates

There is no better way to walk into a gathering with a yummy cake wrapped in a gift box. The packaging creates a unique brand presence in the market. There are so many bakeries in the market have the same kind of product. And the number is increasing. Do not worry because Custom Box Solutions is by your side, so don’t worry about packaging. The company offers excellent gift boxes that accommodate retail and wholesale demands.

Custom Box Solutions has been manufacturing bespoke packaging for all industries for a long time. The packaging company is proud of its window and handle boxes. The user can pick the design from the online library. However, custom design support is also available for unique designs. At Custom Box Solution, you pick the size, design, dimension, and layout. You can pick the color as well.

The material

The material that goes into the gift box packaging is your pick. Custom Box Solutions will choose if you wish to greet bakery gift packaging made from cardboard. Heavyweight packaging is available in kraft paper. Kraft bakery boxes are a huge trend right now. They are durable, weigh less, and extend the food item’s life.

Latest tools

Custom Box Solution has the unique talent to create aesthetically pleasing bakery boxes. It impacts the customer’s decision significantly. Custom Box Solution invests time and effort into personalizing packaging. The company has the latest printing technology for high vibrancy and excellent patterns.

Competent staff

Furthermore, the design experts at Custom Box Solutions are very competent. They listen to the client’s requirements and study the item before proposing changes. The specialists will add a glimpse to the packaging with artwork to engage the buyer.

Corresponding theme

With Custom Box Solution, the gift boxes will match the event’s theme. The graphic designers will carefully craft the box with attractive add-ons. The client can also use custom finish, embossing, foiling, and embellishments. Pearls, stickers, lacers, and flowers create enticement. So, don’t forget to embellish the box.


The user may be carrying two bakery items inside a single box. Some customers like variety in their bakery orders. Therefore, Custom Box Solution will design gift boxes with windows and inserts. The partition will create an allure that will increase sales.

Why choose Custom Box Solutions?

Custom Box Solutions is an experienced team of skilled artists, specialists, and employees who are available to guide the client day and night. The provider also offers free design support for unsure clients. The free delivery and no extra charges also please the clients. Begin designing by picking material, dimension, color, and theme for your custom bakery boxes. After the initial consultation, the graphic artist will send a 3D mock to the client’s email. Do not waste a second and contact Custom Box Solutions immediately to gain a competitive advantage.


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