Custom Die Cut Boxes

Order custom Die Cut boxes in the US. Tailored sizes/shapes. Options: CMYK, UV, Foiling. 5-7 days delivery, rush available. No minimum order.

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


Enter the new markets easily with die cut boxes

A die cut box is super easy packaging to protect and showcase the product from all aspects. It is a versatile product box that will make the brand popular. With intense competition and new brands entering the market daily, retailers rely on Custom Box Solutions for innovative packaging. As a result, the customer response is positive. Customers are attracted to printed die cut boxes because they can immediately link the packaging with your brand.

Custom Box Solutions matches the print of the brand’s color scheme and logos expertly to generate brand awareness. The strategy creates appeal, and the brand attracts customer attention. Therefore, presenting the product creatively has numerous market benefits. If your brand presentation is lacking, it will negatively influence sales and market presence. Therefore, collaborate with Custom Box Solutions to witness a sales boost with innovative die cut packaging.

Personalize die cut boxes with amazing details

Modern-day retail packaging has logos and details to captivate customers. Printing marketing details on the packaging, such as taglines and descriptions, is an industrial standard. No one will purchase from a plain cardboard box anymore. Packaging is the way to go if you wish for the brand to stand out. Custom Box Solution will personalize packaging according to size, label, dimensions, and color.

Custom Box Solution offers endless die cut designs and box-making ideas. These options are available with just a few clicks. The experts will make the product famous and viral on social media regardless of the industry it belongs to.  In addition to the dimension and size, Custom Box Solution lets the clients pick the material. The option directly impacts sustainability and long-lasting results. Get inspired by creative designs, vibrant themes, and colorful patterns. It will improve the overall presentation immensely.

Hire Custom Box Solutions for die cut packaging

You will find the right packaging after hiring the right company—Custom Box Solutions. The packaging company has years of experience providing numerous brands with die cut displays. Visit the website to request a quote.

Transform ordinary to extraordinary with Custom Die cut Boxes at Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solution ensures that the die cut packaging has unlimited utility. In the initial phase of the design, the clients choose the style, shape, and dimension for the perfect exterior. The die cut packaging is created from specific measurements. At the same time, the architectural design will have eye-capturing graphics and ensure product durability. Custom Box Solutions will manufacture different kinds of die cut boxes. Take a look at the tucked packaging for food items. How about die cut parcel containers for delivering food to loyal customers? Lastly, the auto lock boxes are perfect for cosmetic retailers.

In addition, the clients can pick the thickness of the material for logistical safety. Square, unique, circular, and irregular shapes are the die cut window options. Furthermore, Custom Box Solution uses PMS and CMYK coloring for logos and branding. Matte, gloss, and foiling are customization options.

Why hire Custom Box Solutions for personalized die cut packaging?

Quick turnaround

Custom Box Solutions will not delay your new product launch or marketing strategy. The boxes will arrive on time as promised. The packaging company has one of the best turnaround times in the industry for creating and processing boxes. Everything happens in less than two weeks, so you are not waiting for months!


Custom Box Solutions does not practice hidden costs. The clients pay for what they receive according to embellishments, choice of material, size, and dimension. Custom Box Solution has free shipping, and no additional processing charges are added to the invoice.

Quality Control

Custom Box Solution believes in strict quality control. The custom-printed die cut boxes are double-checked for defects and inconsistencies. The protocols ensure that the clients receive top-notch packaging. The boxes with pigmentation errors, die cutting mistakes, and printing lags are removed from the bulk. As a result, your product shines brightly on a market shelf.

Consistent packaging

Custom Box Solution personalizes packaging from each dimension. The shape is unique, with the perfect size to house the product. The closing and opening closures are created flawlessly for retail, food, and cosmetic items. However, you can use the boxes for gift-giving as well. The attention to detail is impeccable because Custom Box Solutions is dedicated to excellence.

No minimum order ceiling

Custom Box Solution will produce custom packaging even if the order mentions one box. The exact amount of packaging makes it easier for the clients to manage their orders. The retailers also save on storage expenses, whether 20 or 20,000 boxes. Custom Box Solutions has your back!

Custom Box Solutions is available for assistance

Custom Box Solutions will not waste the client’s time! Get ready to entice your customers so your product is their first choice. Email the packaging company for details on quotations and free shipping.

House the products beautifully with die cut cardboard boxes

Products of irregular shapes need cardboard die cut boxes with a smart mechanism. With the latest technology, Custom Box Solution offers die cut packaging in different shapes and sizes. The craftsmanship is also exemplary. The die cut boxes from Custom Box Solutions are long-lasting and adaptable to numerous environments. Custom Box Solution will personalize die cut packaging according to size and style. You can customize window placement, tabs, inserts, and handles to the product needs. The goal is maximum visibility of the product.

Top-quality material

The success of a retailer depends on the material for the packaging. Therefore, Custom Box Solutions offers the best materials to withstand bumps on the road. Pick from kraft, corrugated, cardboard, and stiff materials for high-precision results. As a result, the client enjoys crisp edges with a fascinating design.

Endless Customization

Custom Box Solutions does not implement a limit on creativity. After the retailers have studied the market, they can translate trends into their packaging. It makes the die cut exterior more relevant. Benefit from tuck-end, auto bottom lock, and two-piece diet-cut designs to make the product more appealing. If you are unsure which option to pick, consult with the packaging experts at Custom Box Solutions. The skilled designers are available anytime.

Latest technology

Custom Box Solutions personalizes cardboard boxes with offset and digital printing. The company uses RCB, PMS, and CMYK color schemes for excellent results. Moreover, the ink is also sustainable and soy-based. The artwork and graphics are not blurry. As a result, the die cut packaging is stunning. Consequently, your brand stays in the limelight.

Special Add-ons

Custom Box Solution offers additional elements according to the product type and the client’s budget. You can foil, laminate, emboss, deboss, and window pane. The add-ons will immediately grab the customer’s attention.

Why Custom Box Solutions?

Custom Box Solutions delivers the packaging to its clients on schedule. The boxes arrive as customized after the 3D model is approved. Custom Box Solutions will satisfy packaging requirements, so email the team today to witness excellent customer service.

Corrugated die cut boxes boost the product’s visual appeal

Die cut corrugated boxes are made from flexible material because they can be molded into different shapes and sizes. The shape of the new box is innovative. The innovation will solve all business and packaging-related problems in a minimum time. Custom Box Solutions has millions of options if you are interested in a creative and innovative design. It has revolutionized the product’s appearance and made it more attractive. Custom Box Solutions believe in delivering excellence each time. Therefore, consult with the experts for mind-blowing designs that benefit your business.

Die cut boxes with corrugated materials will make items noticeable

  • Custom Box Solutions offers die cut packaging with sleeves, packs, square and rectangular to fit the product. The shape is completely customizable. Experts at Custom Box Solutions respond positively to innovative ideas that translate well for the market. Specialists communicate with the clients after the 3D mock-up is created. Custom Box Solution’s die cut boxes are known globally.
  • The client can decorate the top of the die cut box with printing options to make the product unique. You can place the log where you like. Stamp it with silver, gold, or metallic foil for the signature Wow!
  • Custom Box Solution also uses digital and offset printing. It improves the picture quality and interests the consumer more. The packaging company has CMYK and PMS colors to apply texture. The company will also laminate the packaging for firmness. It protects the exterior from moisture, humidity, tearing, and water.

Work with Custom Box Solutions today

Custom Box Solutions offers competitive pricing and top-quality packaging. The company offers unique services you will find on any other platform. Free shipping, fast turnaround, and 24/7 customer support are additional bonuses. Custom Box Solution strives for client satisfaction and delivers packaging according to their requirements. The orders are dispatched most safely. Custom Box Solution takes full responsibility for damage in transit. Visit the website for more details.

Die cut packaging boxes made from premium material with embellishments

When retailers search for innovative box packaging die cut designs are at the top of the list. This is because packaging plays an essential role in the success of a product. The box with the right design and material will leave a lasting impression on the customers. Everyone is impressed with the finish and quality of the product! Personalized die cut boxes from Custom Box Solutions solve complicated packaging where traditional boxes fail. Custom Box Solutions offers premium packaging to match the retailer’s specifications and the product, such as shape, size, and measurements. The packaging provider strives to meet your expectations.

Long-lasting boxes, excellent marketing

Custom Box Solutions is well-known for its unlimited designs of die cut packaging. Retailers can choose the perfect size and depth to store their products. The color scheme will represent the brand so the customers immediately link the purchase to your company! Custom Box Solutions’ die cut packaging is outstanding. It looks fabulous too. The boxes are manufactured with the latest technology to meet all client’s requirements. The most updated printing equipment and quality controls represent the core values of Custom Box Solutions.

Variety of Customization options

Custom Box Solutions offers various die cut boxes to make an ever-lasting impression. It advertises the products and their features successfully. The boxes are stylish and versatile because they can fit products from all industries. However, the most surprising part is that the boxes are very budget-friendly. You can personalize the packaging according to size and dimension. Retailers can enjoy embossing, stamping, and patching. The cuts outs create an innovative design to catch the customer’s attention.

Key Features of Die cut Boxes at Custom Box Solutions

  • The client can personalize tuck-end closures of die cut packaging.
  • They are made from premium material
  • The packaging will expose the product to new customers and markets
  • The retailers can customize the box fully.

Contact Custom Box Solutions for customizable die cut packaging. Visit the website to request a quote.

Stay in the spotlight with die cut gift boxes

Personalized die cut boxes are preferred for shipment by retailers. These are high-quality boxes that Custom Box Solutions offers at affordable prices. Moreover, the boxes are very easy to assemble. They can withstand shipping challenges to keep the products from breaking. Custom Box Solutions is an innovative packaging company that promises to impress customers with outstanding packaging. Gift boxes with a die cut design will ensure your brand stays relevant regardless of the market conditions.

Of course, packaging has taken a modernized route in the past few years. However, the demand for packaging stayed the same. It must be unique so the brand is distinctive among the competitors. These colorful, engaging boxes made from cardboard use the latest soy-based inks because Custom Box Solutions is dedicated to sustainability. Moreover, the material is also environmentally friendly.

Features of a sophisticated die cut packaging

  1. The boxes are used for shipping.
  2. The gift boxes with die cut designs will improve the product’s appearance. The customer can have a look inside the packaging easily.
  3. Custom die cut gift boxes are very popular in the cosmetic industry. However, they are also frequently used in medical and pharmaceutical.

Custom Box Solutions has die cut gift packaging in all sizes and forms. The vibrant PMS and CMYK coloring keep the pigmentation bright. Custom Box Solution also encourages the clients to pick UV and other protective coating to make the box durable. As a result, you will attract the target customer successfully. Custom Box Solutions will print images, logos, product descriptions, and taglines on all sides of gift boxes for brand awareness. The packaging is an excellent investment to increase engagement in stock building, apparel, and postal realms.

Rely on Custom Box Solutions for excellent packaging

Custom Box Solutions allows clients to customize gift boxes according to the size and shape of the product. The measurements are exact as the 3D mock-up, which goes into production after client approval. Email for queries.

Die cut Boxes Wholesale Orders are available for large-scale vendors

Die cut packaging box wholesale orders are customizable boxes that enhance the product’s features. Sometimes the items are fragile or too unique. Therefore, they must be safely placed inside the packaging to prevent breakage or harm. Custom Box Solutions will produce die cut boxes of all styles, shapes, and materials to match the vendor’s requirements. Custom Box Solution does not compromise the quality of the material.

The personalized die cut boxes are made from premium cardboard or kraft stock paper. The materials are lightweight and do not contribute to additional shipment costs. Moreover, the vendor can also mold the material and print whatever they want at Custom Box Solutions.

Benefits of Personalized die cut boxes

Unique die cut boxes result in increased sales. This is because innovative packaging attracts customers from new markets. After seeing the stylish packaging, the customers browse the packaging and learn about the brand. They will follow the vendor’s social media, increasing the brand’s online engagement. Depending on the product, Custom Box Solution will suggest the following packaging.

  • Die cut packaging with windows
  • Diet packaging with sleeves
  • Die cut display boxes

Order wholesale amounts at Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solution accepts wholesale orders at an affordable price. Email is the best time to reach the company. Contact customer support to learn more about the price mechanism. Custom Box Solution offers free shipping and 24/7 customer support.


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