Custom Pillow Boxes

Discover exquisite custom pillow boxes for your products. Personalize and impress with high-quality packaging. Order now for a unique touch!

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


Captivating Pillow boxes for Product appeal and customer satisfaction

The competition increases every day because new brands enter the market. When retailers search for packaging involving a box pillow packaging is at the top of the list. As a result, vendors can showcase the product in a stunning design. These boxes are ideal for cosmetics, shops, and gifts. Custom Box Solutions pillowcase boxes are very attractive. The packaging targets the demographic because the customers find the unique properties captivating. The pillow packaging will result in differentiating your brand. The boxes are easy to handle and create an unboxing memory.

Boost sales with pillow packaging

The primary reason for custom pillow packaging is increasing sales. Therefore, Custom Box Solutions will let you choose the box’s size, color, dimension, and embellishments. As a result, the pillow packaging looks attractive to grow customer base. Furthermore, Custom Box Solutions prints brand names and logos to promote the product. The customers can immediately link the item to a specific vendor/retailer because of their social media campaign. The packaging will create a splash in the market with creative branding from Custom Box Solutions.

Choose your material

Custom Box Solutions offers a wide variety of list of materials. Thus, the product stays in the best option. The materials are durable and offer long-lasting results. Retailers can pick kraft, cardboard, corrugated, or rigid options for the best outcome. The materials have undeniable strength to withstand pressure. They can sustain hot and cold temperatures to ensure harm-free delivery. Furthermore, the materials also recycle. They biodegrade and do not become a burden on the planet.

Sophisticated add-ons for an elegant design

Pillow packaging is exceptional because of its many advantages. However, to seal the deal with customers, Custom Box Solutions suggest using add-ons to catch attention immediately. Vendors can emboss, de-boss, foil, stamp, and laminate their packaging. Consult with the experts to decide the perfect texture that complements the packaging.

Custom Box Solutions | A reliable packaging company

Custom Box Solution is an experienced, trustworthy, and credible producer of custom packaging. The vendors can customize the packaging and take their market domination to the next level. When you hire Custom Box Solutions, you work with graphic and packaging experts. These are geniuses who will make the exterior most attractive. The staff is active day and night to deliver orders on time. Email Custom Box Solutions today for order placement.

Print handmade art on Custom Pillow Boxes for an exclusive look

The adjectives that describe custom cardboard pillow boxes are sophisticated, simple, modern, and easy to carry. These uncountable benefits make pillow packaging popular among vendors for delicate products. These boxes are curved and long, so they look like a pillow. The shape of the packaging is unique. It increases sales and grabs customer attention.

Everything to know about Pillow Box Packaging

Colorless and brown pillow is very basic in orders. Therefore, Custom Box Solutions suggest adding the logo and names of the brands. It makes the packaging look professional. Personalization allows the vendors to target the market successfully. The clients can choose different colors, fonts, and dimensions at Custom Box Solutions. The packaging will also match the theme. For example, a wedding pillow will represent the color scheme.

High-quality material

Kraft pillow boxes at Custom Box Solutions are made from high-quality material. The material makes the boxes strong so they can withstand logistical challenges. Vendors and clients are attracted to durable packaging because the items reach their addresses safely. Kraft will safeguard the item from external and internal damages. Therefore, kraft packaging is ideal for jewelry and intricate items that require a trendy appearance. Retailers enjoy increased sales with pleasing packaging.

Easy to transport

Vendors emphasize that it is crucial that the packaging is easy to carry. Retailers prefer these boxes because they have handles. Custom Box Solution allows the clients to choose the handle placement according to the package design. You can also use a ribbon as an embellishment to add appeal.

Personalized like never before

Pillow packaging opens the mind to creativity. This is because their design is unique, and the customization options at Custom Box Solutions are endless. You can choose the color scheme, design, dimensions, and other elements to generate brand awareness. It improves your reputation in the market.

Different varieties

Pillow packaging is available in different kinds at Custom Box Solutions. Vendors can opt for a front window for a product display. You can order large pillow boxes for multiple product packaging. You can also order pillow boxes for gifts. A side display with a colorful front makes the buyer curious about the product. The retailer packs the product beautifully. As a result, they are likelier to purchase it. At the same time, they protect the item from humidity, dust, and malicious use.

Whom to hire for the best pillow packaging?

Custom Box Solution has the latest technology to deliver custom pillow packaging to satisfy your branding needs. The company’s creativity is meticulous, with flawless designs. Visit the website to pick trendy designs and colors for high-quality boxes.

Unlimited Design and Size Options for Pillow Boxes Wholesale orders

Custom Box Solutions is an expert in fancy pillows, tuck-end, die-cut, and large pillow packaging. Moreover, the client can also choose a design and personalize it with endless options. If you do not know which shape to pick, contact Custom Box Solution experts for suggestions. The company also offers wholesale pillow boxes. Yes, you read that correctly. Now is the best time to place an order and experience unbelievable discounts. Marketing your business is now an easy task in today’s competitive market. It requires effort and dedication.

Allow Custom Box Solutions to help you out in this situation. The company will print logos, captions, and taglines on the pillow packaging. Custom Box Solution offers wholesale rates and free delivery. The audience will recognize your brand very quickly. The client can also pick the size, color, dimension, and other elements. As a result, the product’s glamour is improved. It contributes to customer appeal. Personalized pillow packaging boost sales. The target audience interacts with the cases because customization makes them unique.

Features and so much more

No other custom packaging company will give the clients as many features and personalization options as Custom Box Solutions. The company is committed to delivering large wholesale orders timely to build trust with the vendors. Large-scale orders are the priority. Custom Box Solution uses premium quality material because the company does not compromise on quality. The pillow packaging is environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

Custom Box Solution serves a diverse list of clients

Custom Box Solution is a proud provider of all industries’ cases, packaging, and boxes. You can design customized boxes for family events, large parties, and other milestones. Custom Box Solution’s clients belong to the cosmetics, food, clothes, bakery, CBD, pharmaceutical, and jewelry industries. Contact the experts for a design consultation. The customer sales representative is available day and night to help with logo placement and other crucial details.

Make the milestone more special with pillow gift boxes

Pillow packaging for gift-giving is used frequently nowadays. Individuals pay more attention to the outside of the gift because it looks presentable. Custom Box Solutions will make your gift more engaging, lively, and unique. In addition, the gift pillow packaging is also made from sustainable material, attracting everyone toward it.

Endless customization

Custom Box Solutions offers many options to make pillow packaging more appealing. Custom Box Solution offers matte, gloss, and spot UV, which enhances the gift box. The client can also choose from different foiling colors and textures. Embossing and de-bossing are also popular. PVC windows are trending. The client can also add glitter, gems, flowers, and other features.

Quick order placement

Pillow packaging is easily customizable at Custom Box Solutions. Therefore, you do not need to stress about the design and shape. If you are unsure about the elements, consult with the experts. After studying the product’s shape and market trends, they will give the right answers. Feel free to email Custom Box Solutions to place a pillow gift box order of any size.

Free shipment and quick delivery

Custom Box Solution is proud of its timely shipments. The company delivers packaging locally and internationally, as promised in the initial invoice. Custom Box Solution cares about its customers. Therefore, they offer free shipping and no hidden charges. The pillow packaging will reach your doorstep in just a few days.

Recyclable material

Gift pillow packaging is manufactured from kraft, cardstock, and cardboard. These materials are very easy to sculpt. Furthermore, they also support designing, artwork, images, and logo printing. The colors remain vibrant. The clients can customize the exterior according to the event.

Contact us today

Custom Box Solutions offers pillow gift-giving cases in different shapes and styles for client satisfaction. Vendors can personalize the boxes according to color, inserts, and embellishment. The product stays safe throughout its journey. Email Custom Box Solutions for details.

Who will win in a game of peek-a-boo with Pillow Box with Window?

Are you looking for something unique so the customers cannot refuse your product? Do you wish for the customers to see the shape and color of the item they are purchasing? If so, then pillow packaging with windows is the right answer! Custom Box Solution offers packaging in shapes, dimensions, and sizes. You can design the packaging for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other milestones. Here is everything you need to know about the extraordinary, budget-friendly pillowcase packaging at Custom Box Solutions

Fully customizable pillow packaging

Custom window pillow boxes are easy to carry. They are very useful in picnics and nature trips with your family. The cases are designed so the products are not damaged in their journey. It keeps the items free from damage and cracks. In addition, pillow packaging with windows is also used in candies and chocolates for a fun look. They are accurate for delicate cosmetics and jewelry. Custom Box Solution uses CMYK and PMS coloring for bright results.

One of the most popular pillow packaging with windows is red in color. They make the ideal wrapping for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Furthermore, the vendor can also print logos, pictures, and other engaging artwork. Custom Box Solution also offers lamination, foiling, and coating options.

Keep the environment clean!

Custom Box Solution is playing an active role in combating the climate problem. The company cares about the planet. Thus, uses sustainable materials made from wood pulp. The durable and strong design is amplified with buttons, ribbons, and metallic foiling to make it look attractive.

100% Client retention rate

At Custom Box Solutions, the company pays close attention to client satisfaction. It is dedicated to a high client retention rate. Custom Box Solution works with highly skilled graphic designers to turn dream packaging into reality. The customer service team is also available day and night. The staff is proud of the quality standards and timely deliveries.

Hire Custom Box Solutions today

Custom Box Solution ships outstanding packaging with free shipping. The company looks forward to entertaining orders from individuals, vendors, and retailers. Do not wait any longer! Email Custom Box Solution today for price and order queries.

Enter the modern era of packaging with printed pillow boxes

Vendors are constantly developing new ideas to remain relevant among their competitors. Mostly, their answer is distinctive and new packaging to improve the customer experience. The pillow packaging holds unlimited importance. Therefore, Custom Box Solutions emphasizes the use of custom-printed pillow boxes. They are distinctive and top-quality. Custom Box Solutions offers various personalized packaging, so retailers remain popular for many reasons.

The pillow packaging is lightweight and manufactured from environmentally friendly material. Moreover, you can also pick the size, shape, dimensions, and inserts for the packaging to befit the product. Pick a unique shade from the color wheel too!

Improve product appearance

When you purchase pillow packaging from Custom Box Solutions, you will notice the purchasing power of your items. As a retailer owner, you have invested a lot into your packaging. Custom Box Solutions ensures a high return with a bigger market share, increased revenue, and more sales. Therefore, the clients are encouraged to choose the best options that result in an outstanding appearance. In addition, the packaging will also ensure that the product is secure and durable. You can create the desired pillow packaging with custom color, design, and inserts at Custom Box Solutions.

Credible packaging for everyone

Custom Box Solution will design boxes for independent retailers, store chains, or commercial vendors. Excellent packaging builds network opportunities. It appeals to existing customers and attracts new customers from foreign markets. Custom Box Solution customization is not limited to artwork. The company offers unique finishing, colors, and embellishments at reasonable rates. Everything is done in-house. Feedback is welcomed to improve the design services.

Why use Custom Box Solutions?

Custom Box Solutions offers excellent packaging with bespoke embellishments. Printing, designing, mock-ups, and foiling are in-house operations at Custom Box Solutions. There is no third-party interference. With many years of experience and free delivery, email Custom Box Solutions to witness excellence.


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