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Buy innovative Custom Gable Boxes at Custombox Solutions. Perfect fusion of style & functionality. Enhance unboxing experiences & brand appeal.

Size / Dimensions: Available in all Custom Sizes and Shapes

Stock: Can be ordered on 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt & 24pt White SBS, Corrugated, C1S C2S

Printing : CMYK, PMS or No Printing

Coating options: Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV

Add on choices: Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink

Shipping: Turnaround time 5 to 7 business days with the option of Rush Production (3 to 5 days).

No Minimum quantity required.


Gable Boxes – An Intelligent Solution to Reflect Brand Identity

Buyers, potential customers, and individuals interact with businesses daily. Sometimes, they do not think twice about purchasing from the brand. On the other hand, the customers might argue and weigh the benefits of buying from certain companies. One of the reasons that the purchase is taking too long is the packaging. When the exterior is not the start of the show, customers are rarely impressed. Excellent packaging will improve the customer experience. It results in more interaction with the brand and the products. Therefore, the companies must be mindful of the packaging after studying all the options.

A trending packaging idea today is gable boxes. They are unique in their look and functionality. You may have interacted with the packaging without knowing what it is called. Gable boxes are made from sustainable and recyclable material with a closure that becomes a handle. Gable boxes have a rectangular base that the vendor can personalize. They can also pick the shape and size. Sellers place gable boxes bulk orders with partitions as well. As a result, they can sell glass items and other products with proper separation and transit safety. Other products found in gable boxes are gifts, wines, sodas, beverages, oil, pastries, and food parcels.

How are brands utilizing Custom gable boxes for profit maximization?

Maximum engagement

Custom printed gable boxes are essential for increasing engagement with the brand. The seller can use cardboard or kraft paper boxes for excellent results. Companies usually print logos and business names so the customers learn about the brand. It brings attention to the product after the gable boxes are taken home.

Product visibility

Gable boxes also ensure brand visibility, which is a different concept. The exterior speaks to the item’s quality and durability. Moreover, the brand can also pick a unique color, style, and pattern to represent the company’s status. It is a huge marketing opportunity for businesses that are struggling to compete in the market. It will improve the customer experience.


Bespoke gable boxes convey power through creativity and customization. The brand can personalize printing and the closures. Furthermore, gable boxes have handles that make their use essential in the food industry. The design will impress the consumers for repeat business. It will result in word-of-mouth goodwill as more individuals learn about the brand.

Constant promotion

Gable boxes are excellent parcel boxes that continue representing the brand until the consumers take it to their homes. They are not made from toxic materials or synthetics that can harm the food items. Furthermore, the materials keep the food warm without sweat. It does not lose taste or texture.

Competitive advantage

When new brands step into the market, they fear survival and competition. Gable boxes allow the customers to recognize the new companies through the useful information printed on the exterior. The customers pay close attention to the retail item while also admiring its beauty and innovation. You will notice the product is unable to stay on the self!

Dominate the competitors with kraft gable boxes


Kraft paper gable boxes are environmentally friendly. Brands prefer using the material because it is sustainable. The material has a magical structure, which the vendors highly appreciate. When the customers learn about the material, they are impressed with its attributes. As a result, the material establishes a long-lasting bond between the customers and the vendor. Everyone is proud of their contribution to the safety of the planet.

Scaling your business

A gable box made from kraft paper has many diverse uses. Small business owners can use them to ship handmade products such as sensual candles or wraps. Secondly, kraft gable packaging is also excellent for jewelry items. The seller can transport bangles, earrings, and bracelets easily. You can collaborate with Customboxsolutions to design unique gable packaging to match the brand’s uniqueness. You can customize the images, prints, and artwork that goes on the exterior to make the box more striking.

Excellent Quality

When gable boxes are made from kraft material, no one can deny their superiority. The kraft material is an excellent choice to combat harsh climatic scenarios. The material can withstand extreme heat and moisture. Moreover, it will absorb shocks and mechanical jolts during transportation. Kraft gable exterior will ship delicate items without damage. The brand loyalty is established for the long run. Customers are pleased with the items, which can lead to referrals and more sales.


Gable boxes made from kraft material are quite affordable. They will not disturb the packaging budget or increase shipping expenses. At Customboxsolutions, the client can pick the design, shape, and colors of the packaging at unforgettable rates. The seller can invest the leftover funds in expanding the business internally, such as the latest machinery or better quality raw materials.

Large Gable boxes wholesale orders save costs, time, and resources


Wholesale gable boxes in large sizes will house many products. As a result, the brand does not need to order different-sized gable packaging. Whether it is a kitchen brand, clothing retail store, or a food outlet, gable boxes never disappoint. They are ideal for cake transportation as well. Large gable boxes have inserts that maintain the integrity of the item throughout the journey.


Some companies believe large gable boxes in wholesale amounts are not as reliable. However, they are made from the most flexible and durable material that protects the item fully. You can pick different materials at Customboxsolutions to represent the brand image. It will extend the product’s life, improve the shipping logistics, and ensure safe transportation.

Versatile use

Large-sized gable boxes are a lot more beneficial than small-sized alternatives. These boxes are useful throughout the year, depending on use and season. You can pack jewelry items and utilize the boxes for gift-giving purposes. Your present will immediately stand out during the holiday season because of gable box packaging, which suits all products equally.


In addition, a wholesale order for a gable box is a cost-effective option. Vendors worry that a large-scale order is expensive. However, it is the opposite in reality. A bulk order is affordable and introduces efficiency into the logistics. The company can pack multiple items at the same time. Thus, the brand experiences wide-scale advertisement. It increases the sales and enhances the brand image.

Showcase the items

Brands can use large-size gable boxes to display their products professionally. You can actualize marketing goals in the short and long term. The company can establish a brand identity with a logo and company name. Furthermore, the large-scale gable boxes can tell a story or a message. The colors catch the customer’s attention.

Gable boxes with window increase market share with skyrocketed sales

Introduce elegance and sophistication to the exterior

If you are looking to step ahead of the competitors, the company can pick a gable box with window. These are ideal for branding and establishing equity in the market. It will present the brand’s value and aesthetic in a truly unique manner. The gable box can talk about the core values. The brand can print a logo on the exterior. The environmentally friendly attribute also pleases the customers. At the same time, the gable box looks stylish and beautiful.

Study the need

The brand must think about many elements when designing gable boxes. The most important element is to think about shipping. The product arrives in excellent addition thanks to the excellent material choice. As a result, the item is displayed in proper condition. The window-based design showcases the product without compromising the design. The quality of the constructions speaks to the brand’s promise to research. The brands can pack expensive items such as jewelry, scented candles, and other delicate items so they are not damaged.

Excellent product visibility

The gable packaging with windows enhances the brand’s visibility among the competitors. These are ideal for cosmetics and food businesses to maximize engagement. They are available in different styles and colors. Window-gable exteriors are perfect for candies and chocolate. You can personalize the dimensions, design, and style at Customboxsolutions. The packaging provider will study the weight of the product. It is perfect for tiny and weightless items. You can pick vibrant and digital printing with a modern design rather than a traditional look.

Which industries are using cardboard gable boxes every day?


Gable boxes made from cardboard are an excellent choice for presenting gifts to special loved ones, family, and relatives. The design is elegant, and you can embellish it with custom features to please the recipient. The gift packaging industry is worth a lot today because the senders are constantly thinking about reasons to send gifts on specific occasions or days. A gift that is not wrapped properly defeats the purpose. Therefore, you can use gable boxes made from cardboard for an ambitious look. You can add unique items inside to captivate the receiver.


Another industry that most commonly places Custom cardboard gable boxes wholesale orders is the cosmetic realm. This is because the material and dimensions are compatible with the different types of products. The lipsticks, powders, and other products are not damaged mid-transit. Furthermore, make-up vendors can also use attractive designs to attract more customers. They will appreciate the coating, finishes, and decorations. Furthermore, the brand can also study the latest cosmetic trends and change the requirements to match customer preferences.

Fast-food outlets

In addition, the food industry also uses gable boxes that are made from kraft material. The material is suitable for fast-food restaurants because of its shape. It will prevent the zingers, fries, and burgers from going soggy. Moreover, you can enjoy the delicious food from the takeout menu at picnics or outdoor events.

Order gable boxes at Customboxsolutions

Customboxsolutions is a specialist in envisioning packaging that benefits the brand through design. The client can pick the color, size, and layout of the gable box. Moreover, they can also pick different finishes and add-ons to make the box more entertaining. Visit the website today to browse the gable box design library. You can also email the customer support team for quote estimation. Get ready to enjoy free shipping, excellent recommendations, and tailored services. There are no hidden or shipping charges.


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